House Of Cards Season 2 Trailer

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2014 is going to be a good year I hope. One thing to look forward to is season 2 of House of Cards. For those of you who don’t know House of Cards is an exclusive Netflix show which has started the original content production for Netflix. Netflix is going to continue to produce original content as long as it has the money. I do think that original content for a streaming website is great as it makes the shows it produces special. I really look forward to seeing season 2 of House of Cards which will have every episode ready to stream on February 14th.

Releasing all episodes at once is good as it allows people to watch episodes back to back as if they already had the DVD box set but it may upset others as we have to wait another year after February 14th before season 3. At this time I don’t know if there will be a season 3 but I have no reason to think there wont be.

The trailer itself picks up with Frank Underwood played by Kevin Spacey assuming the office of Vice-president of the United States. However his actions do have consequences and it seems that some of his questionable choices of how he rose to power will come forward. Watch the trailer for yourself and see what you think. I certainly recommend anyone to watch season one of House of Cards before taking season 2 on as it will make more sense. You still have plenty of time to watch all the episodes before season 2 airs.

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Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Trailer Review

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Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes has been a highly anticipated film. Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes was highly popular and was a reboot to the series that was not necessarily needed but it worked. One thing that made the film work so well was Ceaser played brilliantly via motion capture by Andy Serkis. It seems this film or the trailer at least is going a different way. The first film had a great deal of focus on Ceaser and this sequel is not bringing back any of the previous actors except for Serkis. Clearly Andy Serkis’ portrayal was the strongest point in the film.

This trailer is very brief and although we get to see Ceaser it is simply a lingering shot of his face before him giving an order to attack. Despite Serkis being a strong point of the first film it makes sense to have more human characters fighting back. Gary Oldman features in the trailer and gives a voiceover about how humans have fought each other in order to survive and hopes that they will be able to rebuild their society.

Obviously a great deal of time has passed since the first film and this world is going to be a post apocalyptic world where society has collapsed and the world is now run by apes. I don’t think humans are slaves in this but I think they are being wiped out by the apes. Only time will tell. Other than Andy Serkis and Gary Oldman the film stars Jason Clarke, Keri Russell and Judy Greer.

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Godzilla Teaser Trailer Review

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Hollywood keeps on dishing out blockbuster movies with massive budgets and amazing special effects. Also There are lots of reboots in effect at the moment either due to be released or being developed. Some people say this is selling out and I do think it is unoriginal however due to the advancement in visual effects it is great to see stories retold with better visual and special effects.

Godzilla has been shown on screen a few times from films in the 1950s to the big budget film that came out in 1998 starring Matthew Broderick. Despite receiving mixed reviews Godzilla from 1998 left the story on a cliffhanger and people did want more. 16 years on we are going to get a new film. This is not a sequel but may have references to the previous film.

The trailer for me was really impressive. Despite this is called a teaser trailer I felt we got plenty of information. and we did actually get a good look at the monster. I thought the silence towards the end of the trailer followed by the iconic roar of the monster was really cool and I already know lots of people are really excited for this film just on the roar of the monster.

The teaser is made up of many different clips that don’t give the plot away but it is clear that Godzilla has come from somewhere and is wrecking havoc. Pacific Rim came out recently and dealt with giants monsters attacking cities but I know that was not well received at all. I have not seen Pacific Rim yet but I am sure Godzilla will be very different and be more appealing to the audience as this is a familiar story using a very iconic monster.

The film stars Arron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Ken Wantanabe and David Strathairn. The film is due to be released 16th May 2014 so we only have a few months to wait before seeing this iconic monster hit the big screen again. We will also get a few more trailers by then so those unsatisfied with the teaser will be able to see more before its footage before it is released.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Review

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Sony has given a few images of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 but we have not had a trailer until now. We did get the comic con trailer which was leaked but never officially released. I did manage to watch it but the quality was poor and I don’t think the trailer was that good. Well I did like it at the time but the new trailer that has hit the web today has me very excited. I am a little annoyed that we did not get a trailer sooner. The film comes out in 5 months time and I feel that we should have got a trailer before December. Anyway I am just glad to have it now.

Something people have been complaining about in the trailer is the special effects. People say you can tell what shots are completely generated and which are mixes. People are defending this as they say this will be fixed by the time the film is released. Special effects is one of the last things the filmmaker will do so I don’t think we need to worry. Personally I liked seeing the special effects in the trailer as they were very bright and bold. They may not be the most incredible ever but I personally don’t think they are as bad as everyone on the web is claiming.

The trailer has revealed more information about the plot and revealed a third villain who will be in the film. It was rumored for a long time that Harry Osborn played by Dane DeHaan would be suiting up as the Green Goblin. This is clearly confirmed in the trailer but I don’t know how he will fit in. People are angry at the use of so many villains but they also want to see The Sinister Six. The trailer also drops lots of hints at the sinister six and we get to see Vulture’s flight suit and Doc Ock’s arms on display. I really hope that if the sinister six is happening and more than three villains appear in the film they are simply cameo’s.

Norman Osborn also features in the trailer played by Chris Cooper and in a recent interview he said his role is small and will go onto bigger things. I think he will become a goblin creature in the next film rather than a man in a suit. Harry will likely take something that will make him superhuman and will be on the glider. I think Norman will become a Goblin creature because as we see in the trailer and hear in the first film that he is dying and Dr Connors’ research is being used to save him. Therefore he will likely transform into something similar to the lizard.

I do really hope this film is not cluttered with villains. To my knowledge Rhino is a cameo and from what I have seen in the trailer Electro and Green Goblin will be the main antagonists. Marc Webb did say in an interview recently that the film would not be cluttered with villains but people criticize Spider-man 3 for three villains and if this is setting up the sinister six it will likely feature a few more. As I said I hope if other villains feature they will be cameo roles to set up for the 3rd Amazing Spider-Man film.

The trailer also features Peter discovering more about what happened to his parents mainly his father. His father is seen in the trailer at two points. He is seen to have left a recorded message warning about Oscorp’s  evil plans to use his work and we see him fighting someone on a plane. Peter’s parents were killed in a plane crash and this film will likely show the death of Peter’s parents and reveal more about their involvement with Oscorp.

Overall this is an action packed trailer and really has me excited for the film. It is quite easy to pick on a film before it comes out and I won’t lie about my concerns. I am happy to wait and see how the film is handled and I really hope that the film delivers.

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Uncharted Teaser Review

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On the PlayStation 3 we got a new series created by Naughty Dog called Uncharted. I felt that the game greatly evolved and became a highlight of owning a PlayStation 3. With the new generation of console released we are guaranteed some brand new series but we also want to see the return of some of our favorites. Without a doubt Uncharted is one of them. I felt that the Uncharted series utilized the console really well and the graphics and the game play was amazing on them. Imagine what we will get from the Uncharted series on a newer and more powerful system. It is defiantly what people want.

We got a teaser trailer which obviously gives us very little to go on. So naturally people will start speculating what we will get in this new game. In the trailer we see the camera panning over an old map of the African coast leading up to Madagascar. We also get to see a Jolly Rodger. For those who don’t know what the Jolly Rodger is it’s the skull and crossbones which is usually on a pirates flag or at least seen in popular culture in pirate films and games. Many people think this can mean either two things. Firstly the story will involve pirates around Africa. And some even think that the story will be set during the age of piracy in the 18th century.  I think this is unlikely but the story will defiantly involve pirates in some form. Assassins Creed Black Flag has recently had the setting of the Caribbean during the age of piracy and the game has been well received. Maybe pirates are back in fashion.

There may be a chance that the characters jump from the past to Drake in the modern day but it will most likely follow Drake in the modern day looking for pirate treasure. The other games did not feature Francis Drake, Marco Polo or T. E Lawrence as playable characters in their times but maybe this game will introduce that. I reckon Nathan Drake will still be the main character and it will follow him looking for pirate treasure. I am not against the idea of jumping back and forth. in Uncharted 3 we did get flash back missions when Drake was a child so maybe having a second character story arc is the developers next step.

An unknown character contributes a voice over in the trailer and says Some chains can never be broken. I lost 15 years. Buried alive. Erased. You left me, rotting in that hell hole and never looked back. But you can’t out run the past. And when it catches up and all your lies collapse around you I’ll be there: sifting through the wreckage. You owe me.‘ Now I don’t know what to make of what this character says. It is completely out of context and this may not even feature in the final game. However it appears this character is angry about being abandoned and is looking for revenge. It is too early to tell if they are addressing Nathan Drake or someone else. Only time will tell.

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Magneto Assassinated President Kennedy?

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This year was the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination and to this day there is lots of speculation to what really happened. There are many conspiracies in the world and the JFK assassination is one of them. To this day people don’t know if Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone gunman or if he worked with others or if he was framed. New information and theories always come out but I guess we will never know. However in a marketing campaign, the X-men Days Of Future Past movie has stated that Magneto was involved. Obviously this is a fake story used to promote the film but it will likely attract lots of people to the upcoming film. People over the past week will likely be searching information about Kennedy being assassinated and when they search the internet for information they will likely come across the video. It will surprise some people and they may look into it further. Some people may even think this is real to start with.

From what I know about Days Of Future Past we see Magneto imprisoned by the government and assassinating the president would be a fair reason for his imprisonment in the story. I think that he will have been in prison for a few years until he is rescued by Xavier and Wolverine who need him to stop another assassination. The plot of Days of Future Past will involve the Wolverine going back in time to change an assassination of a prominent figure by Mystique. As the film is set in the 70s and JFK will be dead speculation is Mystique will attempt to kill Richard Nixon. Some state it will be Senator Kelly as it was in the comics but I think it is too early to tell.

Something interesting in the video is that Oswald claims to know nothing about the assassination. I think that Mystique took form of Oswald and fires the shots. Magneto either helped the bullet’s kill the president or as he claims in the trial that he was there to stop it. Maybe him and Mystique are not getting on at this point for whatever reason and Magneto was there in an attempt to save the presidents life. Only time will tell. The film will come out in a few months time and I hope that the marketing campaign releases more information like this to get fans excited.

Here is the link to the official website.!/home


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The Walking Dead: Dead Weight Review

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As of last weeks episode we were able to have it all devoted to what happened to The Governor. This week is a continuation of that episode. I am really glad that we are getting standalone episodes that are following The Governor and not deviating on the group at the prison. I do think The Governor is one of the most interesting characters in The Walking Dead and I think that his character still has a lot more to offer. However I think next week’s episode will be the last time we see The Governor.

This weeks episode opens with The Governor and Megan playing chess and this scene inter cuts between this and when Martinez finds them in the pit. Martinez is intrigued to see The Governor. First he helps Megan out of the pit and then The Governor. Martinez lets him and the others go back to their camp even though there is some rejection.

When we cut back to the camp with Megan and The Governor he explains that his dad beat him when he was bad and Megan says her Dad beat her and questions if she is bad. When Megan makes her move she tells the Governor and he then says he is thinking. The shot before the credits will excite fans of the comic book as we see a long shot and The Governor is standing in between a trailer and a tank.

On patrol the next morning the Governor, Martinez and new characters Mitch and Pete who are brothers who are both former soldiers. When on patrol The Governor comes across a dead body with no head with a sign attached that says ‘liar’. Later they come across another that says ‘rapist’ and a third one in a hut that says ‘murderer’. The guy has killed himself and we assume he is the one who cut the heads off the others. They hear a walker in the hut but can’t see it so they assume it is stuck and go in to kill it.

As they are in the hut more walkers appear and attack all of them. The Governor saves them all by killing them with bashes to the head. They all stay at the hut that night and Martinez tells the Governor that he seems to have changed and if he was alone when he found him he would not have let him come with him. The brothers find beer and supplies in the hut and talk about what they previously did before the outbreak. Mitch explains when the outbreak happened he stole the tank.

Whilst away Lily has set up a nurses station and is treating someone a new character called Alisha. Alisha was also in the national guard. Tara comment on how bad the rifle she uses is and Alisha asks if she is full of shit. Tara and Alisha end up together.

When the Governor and the others get back they tuck into beers and most of them are drunk. Martinez reveals he has a surprise for the Governor and they go up to the roof of a trailer and start hitting golf balls. Martinez reveals that Shumpert died recently and maybe they could work together. The Governor then uses a golf club to bash him on the head. The Governor then drags his body to a pit and pushes him in to be eaten by the walkers.

The Governor then wakes up from having a bad dream. The next morning it is revealed that The Governor did actually push Martinez into the pit but the others believe that he fell in when he was drunk. It was interesting to see that despite all the development of The Governor last week and even in this episode he has not changed at all. Pete then elects himself as temporary leader and takes The Governor on another patrol to look for supplies.

Whilst on patrol they come across another group of survivors who have lots of supplies and Mitch wants to kill them for it or at least steal them. Pete objects to this. They return later and find that they camp has been ransacked and Mitch says they should have just killed them all anyway. The Governor says nothing in this scene. Mitch and Pete argue because Mitch kills a wounded guy and Pete claims he may have survived. It is clear that Pete has a conscious and will not break the rules even in a lawless world where as Mitch is very much a do what has to be done guy.

When they return The Governor tells Lily, Megan, Tara and Alisha they need to leave. They drive off in the night and they come across lots of walkers stuck in the mud. They decide to return to the camp. The Governor then makes a decision to kill Pete. He goes into Pete’s trailer and kills him brutally. He then goes to Mitch and holds him at gun point. He tells Mitch how he agreed with what he wanted to do back at the other camp. Mitch and The Governor join forces to run the new camp. The Governor then dumps Pete’s body in the lake. They lie to the others saying Pete was killed on one of the patrols.

The Governor discusses about finding a better place for all these people to live but Lily claims they don’t need to. Suddenly Megan is attacked by a walker and Tara is trying desperately to save her. Just before the walker manages to bit Megan The Governor shoots it in the head. The Governor then goes down to the lake and looks at Pete’s reanimated body. The Governor comes to the conclusion that they are not safe.

The episode ends with The Governor driving through the woods by himself until we see he has arrived at the prison. He can see Carl and Rick and then hears some movement. He goes in for a closer look and outside of the prison fences Michonne and Hershel are stopped next to a car chatting. The Governor gets his gun out and aims at Michonne.

This was another great episode and I really like how this season has explored both what the prison has done which was expected and what The Governor has been up in the period of time that has passed. It will be interesting to see what happens next week and I think it will be the battle that we thought we were going to get at the end of season 3. This was a really solid episode and I have enjoyed this episode and the previous one very much because they have followed The Governor.

This episode did have a lot of character development but I feel the characters will not survive or at least they won’t be followed in the second half of season 4. I may be wrong but I just have to wait and see. It looks like next weeks episode will follow the comic storyline but it wont be set in stone. I am really excited for next weeks episode and I am sure that it wont disappoint.

Here is the promo for next weeks episode which is the mid season finale and it it called ‘Too Far Gone’.