Marvel 4 Live Action Series Deal With Netflix

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I have spoken about Netflix before on my blog and I have talked about how this is revolutionizing television and will likely be the future of the television industry. New Media is making a large impact on our everyday lives and it makes sense that television and films are moving from the silver screen and the small screen to online viewing.

Academics argue why this is but I don’t want to go into that now. Like HBO and the BBC charging viewers a fee and allowing unlimited access to their broadcasting seems like a better idea. This takes advertising out of these TV shows and it would be better.

By 2015 Marvel aims to start 4 live action TV series. They will start with a Daredevil TV series and they want to lead it to ‘The Defenders’ mini series. The three other series will follow Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. I am excited to see these TV shows and to see how they turn out however I do have my concerns.

I have not seen Agents Of Shield but I have heard many mixed reviews and I feel that Marvel may only be able to sustain quality in motion pictures and should not focus on television series. The Daredevil film that was released was slated by the critics so maybe being able to explore the character of a longer period of time will help the audience enjoy the character.

Some of these characters are not that mainstream and I am sure that people would rather see other characters on the the small screen. However Marvel may be using these characters as a test and depending on how well these shows do this may green light more and more TV series. I will be optimistic however I do think Marvel should stick to motion pictures. I would like these shows to do well as TV shows do allow more character development and more investment in characters.

So are you excited about this news? Is there another character you would rather see a TV series on? Please comment below and thanks for reading.

Justice League Movie. Will It Happen?

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Studios always look to make money with big budget motion pictures which will usually make hundreds of millions if not cross the billion dollar mark. In recent years comic book movies have become popular and keep getting made. Marvel is currently in phase two of its film plan with the success  of phase one which included Iron Man, Captain America and now the highest grossing film ever Avengers Assemble. They have now moved on to Phase two which is including Iron Man 3, Guardians Of The Galaxy and Avengers 2.

DC comics and Warner Brothers also had success with Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. With the success of its own films and the success of Avengers Warner Brothers is now developing a Justice League movie.The Justice League movie is being set up with Man Of Steel and initially Warner Brothers wanted Nolan’s Batman in the Justice League.

I am glad that Nolan’s Batman will not be in the Justice League as that version of Batman was grounded in reality and could not exist in a wider universe. I do personally think that Nolan’s version of Batman being in the Justice league would ruin the lore of the trilogy. I do think that Man of Steel was the perfect set up for the Justice League movie but now it has to be handled in the right way.

I do not think that they should make a Justice league movie for the sake of competing with the Avengers, I think that will be a big mistake and it will be far too rushed. Warner Brothers want the film out by 2015 however I reckon it wont get made until 2017 at the latest or maybe not at all. At first Zack Synder did not want his version of Superman in the Justice League and having now given in he has still said he would want a second Superman film before a Justice League movie to explore the character more.

And the way Marvel did it was to introduce all the characters in their own films first and then bring them all together. Rather than just copying this Warner Brothers and DC need to go at a slower pace before tackling the Justice League Movie. Others have said we should get a second Superman Film, a new Batman Film and then Superman and Batman should team up at first. People feel it will be too unbelievable that all these superheroes have appeared coincidentally at the same time.

Its obviously up to the studios who would fund the projects but I think rushing the film will mean less sucess at teh box office and less appeal to people who would watch the sequels. If they take it slower a Justice League movie can work but I really don’t think they will wait that long before making the movie.

What do you think? Should a Justice League Movie be released by 2015 or should the filmmakers have more time to create and explore characters? Please comment and thanks for reading.