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Breaking Bad Felina Review

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Breaking Bad has now finished, no more episodes unfortunately. Breaking Bad came onto our screens back in 2008 and after 5 fantastic seasons it has come to a conclusive end. I am upset that the show has ended but I am glad that it ended well. It is good that the story came to a conclusive end rather than dragging out and ending by cancellation. The show has constantly delivered and surprised its audience and I’m sure the writers could have written more but I personally think that the show ended at the appropriate time. The show is one of my favorite shows due to its great stories and characters and I think that the show has left a fantastic Legacy and people who are not born yet will watch this show and it will be known as one of the greats.

This weeks episode starts off with Walt in New Hampshire breaking into a car and fearing he may be caught. Walt then arrives back in Albuquerque and confronts Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz.  Initially you think he is going to kill them but he gives them all of his money and asks them to set up a grant for his family. His family must not know the money is actually from Walt. in Granite State Walt sees the Schwartz’s on Charlie Rose talking about a trust they have set up to support people addicted to Meth. Walt believes that Skylar and Junior will accept the money from the Schwartz’s if they think it is from them. Walt says if they fail to do so he has hired two hit men to kill them if they fail to. Laser sights point at the Schwartz’s and they take Walt seriously. We later find out that Walt was just tricking them as the guys pointing the lasers were simply Badger and Skinny Pete. It is then established that after this Walt goes to the Denny’s to pick up the machine gun and back to his house to pick up the ricin.

Walt then confronts Todd and Lydia and says he needs money and wants to sell some new formula to create meth without methlamine. They reluctantly agree to Walt’s proposition but plan to have him killed as they know he is dangerous, wanted from the police and dying. Lydia then looks for more Stevia to put in her tea. The waiter hands her one from the table Walt was sitting at before he approached them. Walt then goes to see Skylar and admits everything he did was not for the family but for him, he said it made him feel alive. Walt  is then seen testing out a mechanism for the machine gun. He also gives Skylar the location of where Hank and Steve are buried and informs her that he is going after his old associates. Walt arrives at the Aryan compound at night and drives up to the club house. Jack and Todd tell him they are not interested in his proposition and are going to kill him. Walt shouts at them saying they did not kill Jesse and are now partnered with him. Jack is furious and brings out Jesse to prove they are not partners but Jesse is his slave. Walt attacks Jesse tackling him to the ground. As this happens Walt reaches activates his keys and the machine gun from his boot begins to fire and kill the Aryans.

Walt is then wounded by the gun and so is Jack. Todd avoids getting hit but in the aftermath Jesse kills Todd. Walt approaches Jack who says if he kills him he will never find the money. Lydia then calls Todd but Walt answers the phone. Lydia has flu like symptoms and Walt informs her he poisoned her with ricin and she only has a few days left to live. Walt simply shoots him in the head. Walt throws the gun to Jesse asking him to kill him. Jesse asks him to say that’s what he wants. Walt says so .Jesse sees that Walt is wounded and says he should do it himself if he wants it. Jesse then drives off crying into the night. Walt is left wounded at the compound and walks into the meth lab that he designed. The police can be seen arriving at the scene. Walt looks at his reflection which resembles himself when he lost his hair. He then falls the ground leaving a blood hand print on the container. Walt is seen lying dead on the ground and the police arrive in the room and surround his dead body.

For me the series has come full circle. Walt has achieved what he wanted to by leaving some of the money he made to his family. He was also able to save Jesse from the hell he had been living for a few months. He also avenged Hank’s death and secured Skylar’s name. Despite in his final moments Walt was Heisenberg it makes me think that Heisenberg is nothing but a name and the good man who is Walter White was always there. Walt had a difficult journey and although he was not able to leave his family all the money he had ever made he left them enough which was his original intent when he started cooking meth.

Jesse and Walt reflect each other in this episode in my opinion. They both look worn out and rough. They are both bearded and have longer hair. At the end they are equals. Jesse was now an experienced cook even though it was against his will. Also they both proved that they were good people. Walt saved Jesse and Jesse spared Walt’s life. I am very glad that Jesse did not kill Walt as I do think their inner goodness and their father and son relationship was stronger than vengeance.

Overall the show is fantastic and it came to an appropriate end. The show made me sad as well. I was so sad to see Walt admit he was selfish as well as seeing him accept his death. The show was emotional and it worked so well. I am glad too have watched this show and although the suprise will be gone I will re watch this show again and again for its brilliant content.A Saul Spin off is also being talked about at the moment but will be a prequel to Breaking Bad. I did like Saul as a character but I think his standalone story will not be as interesting as the Breaking Bad storyline. Breaking Bad is the best show on television in my opinion and I don’t know if anything will be able to replace it ever.

What did you think of Breaking Bad? Was the finale a good end to the story? Please comment and thanks for reading.