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Premium Rush Review

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Despite this film was released in 2012 I only got round to watching it the other night. I did not really know what it was about I had heard of it but I didn’t know the premise. All I knew was it had Joseph Gordon Levitt in it and he rode around on a bicycle.

The film follows Gordon Levitt’s character Wilee who is a bike messenger who gets caught up delivering an important message which attracts the attention of a dirty cop. The film is fun, interesting and does contain a story of hope which is uplifting. The film contains many sub plots which show the motives of the main characters but this is not cluttered. They are all done really well.

The film is a lot more than that. I really loved it. The film uses flashbacks to show how the events of the film unfolded as well as using elements of real time which I enjoyed. The film is not particularly long either which I appreciate so much. A lot of films are over two hours now and even approaching 3 hours in some cases. It has become hard to sit in the cinema or put on a DVD for so long.

Back to the film though. The cast worked together really well. There was a real sense of ensemble whilst watching the film. Joseph Gordon Levitt does steal the show whereas Michael Shannon who plays a crooked cop and the villain of the film also gives us a notable performance. He plays a really creepy character and at some points this seems forced but I think that goes along with his characters personality of being a dirty cop.

The concept of the film was interesting and it gave me an insight into the world of bike messengers something I knew very little about and I assume they are a dying breed due to technology.

This film was highly entertaining and watchable. The concept may not be appealing to everyone but I watched it with an open mind knowing nothing about the film and I came away loving it. I do recommend this film for its entertainment value but it wont be known for being a classic film.