The Wolf Of Wall Street Review

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Leonardo DiCaprio despite being very famous and rich often gets so much stick. People often overlook the fact that he is a great actor. He has given loads of great performances over the years and  now he has reunited with director Martin Scorsese to make The Wolf of Wall Street. It may shock many people after watching the movie that this is based on a true story and if you Google Jordan Belfort you can find interesting and shocking interviews about the time he was on wall street.

First of all I will say that this is an odd film for Scorsese to make. Recently he made Hugo which was a children’s film and The Wolf of Wall Street is far more adult but it seems to have a very different tone from his other films. I did question if Scorsese was the best choice of director for this project but he does a great job regardless of what I think. Scorsese is a great director and he has the influence and the fame to do what he wants. A criticism of the film is that it is long running at 179 minutes and Scorsese allegedly had editing issues to cut it down to that. The length is an issue with this film in my opinion, some claim that it flies by but despite the film being entertaining I do think people are very aware of the time passing as they watch it. I do think the film is really well made and I would go as far to say this is an iconic piece of cinema. However the opening of the film which includes Photoshopped images and the visual effects seem very sloppy and unfinished. Some people may think it looks great but during the boat scene I could tell that all of it was visual effects.

DiCaprio really throws himself into the role of Jordan Belfort and the fact that he was able to use Belfort’s book as well as the person himself for research the role is really genuine. Despite some really crude and extreme scenes this may be one if not the best performance DiCaprio has ever given. I know DiCaprio is a really good actor but I am suprised at how much of this role he embodied. Belfort does break the fourth wall in the film and narrates a great deal of it which I don’t think was the best thing to do. It works out at the end as it appears

The supporting cast is also great, Jonah Hill has really changed as an actor and really delivers in this film. Hill started off in comedies and despite this being a dark comedy it is a more serious film than people think. Like the Golden Globes class this film as a comedy. Jon Bernthal also gives a great performance but I felt he was underused a great deal. Jean Dujardin also has a small role in the film and it is good to see him in bigger films after having done nothing that noteworthy after winning an oscar for The Artist. Rob Reiner also has a small role as Belfort’s father. Margot Robbie who plays Belfort’s wife in this in my opinion is a weak point. I did not think she ruined the film but I felt she was nothing special. That may be jsut because she is not really the focus of the movie but as I said Jon Bernthal and Jean Dujardin have small roles but they are more rememberable than her.  I am sure that this film will allow Robbie to have a greater career and well done to her.

Overall this is a solid film with a great director, a great story, a great ensemble and a great leading man. DiCaprio also picked up a Golden Globe for this role and may even go on to get an Oscar nomination and maybe even a win. However it seems that the academy awards hate him for some reason but we just need to wait and see. I do think that the length of the film will put people off and cause many people to wait for it to be released on DVD and Blu Ray. If you don’t mind sitting in the cinema for over 3 hours as there will be adverts check out this film.


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Les Miserables Review

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Director Tom Hooper gave us The King’s Speech as well as the miniseries John Adams which were both fantastic. You would think that as he has directed on a large scale with historical context you would think he would be able to make a great film with Les Miserables. This is a musical film and I knew that going in but the cast and the director gave me hope watching it. I don’t think all musicals are bad but it is something that I don’t really watch because it just doesn’t appeal to me.

This is the first time a musical did live recordings of the performances. Usually they would record the soundtrack in the studio and then lip syncing on the set of the film. I did think live seeing added something but that hardly saves the film. I am glad that Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter feature and provide the much needed comic relief to the film. I think it would be too dull without something to break up the drama. I don’t think any of the cast are bad singers at all but I feel that they deliver forgettable performances. I expected a lot more from a cast of such talented actors.

I don’t like long films and if they are long they need to be interesting. I am sure this film is interesting to some but it wasn’t for me. After and hour I was checking the time. I remember joking to my friend about 20 minutes before the film was due to end that there was another hour and a half to go. He said’ You’re f**king kidding me?’ I think that proves how boring the film is. My friend had lost his sense of time and was annoyed when he thought it was no where near the end.

The film did manage to pick up some Oscar nominations and Anne Hathaway took away best supporting actress Oscar. This really was not deserved at all in my opinion. A lot of people liked her performance and think it was deserved but I felt it was too over the top at times and too subtle at other points. Also the fact that she is hardly in it makes me wonder why she got the Oscar. Even a supporting actress Oscar is too much praise in my opinion.

Hugh Jackman picked up an Oscar nomination for his role of Jean Valjean although he missed out on the win. I felt that this films only good bits had Jackman in them. It is good to see that Jackman can play an intense character other than Wolverine and he demonstrates his performance skills as well and a great deal of emotion. I don’t really know how this film could be improved at all. I know it is easy to criticize the film without giving solutions but I really have no interest in giving solutions for this film. I do appreciate that any motion picture has so much effort put into it and that is something to be proud of. But the film failed to keep me entertained but I don’t want to take away its success. Me not liking it is just my opinion.

Overall, this film does have some impressive sets and a decent cast but that cannot save the film from how dull the plot is. I don’t think fans of musicals would like this film that much either as it is so different. The film may have deeper meaning but it was lost on me because I felt the film was so boring and it was a painful experience to watch. Regretfully I have to give this a low rating. I think I am being generous but I did like Jackman’s performance but a lot more than one decent performance to save this miserable film.


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The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug Review

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After waiting a year for part two, The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug has been released in cinemas all over the world. I was really excited about seeing this film as I am a fan of the book and a fan of the films The Lord Of The Rings.

First of I will say something negative about the film. I first read The Hobbit before The Lord Of The Rings films. The middle earth I visited in my head when I was a child. After watching Lord of The Rings it did not match my vision of middle earth but when reading the Lord Of The Rings books I could not help put picture the visuals I had seen from the film. The Hobbit film is Peter Jackson’s interpretation of the book and not mine. I’m not saying it is bad but it is just very different.

Many people are angry with the fact that there is so much extra content in the film. I understand why they have done this beyond the fact to make more money. The Hobbit is a children’s book and at points does not go into great detail. Turning that into an epic would be difficult. We need to have more characterization and we need more gaps to be filled in. As the story has been split into three films each film needs to have a three act structure in order to be coherent. That is why I feel there are sub-plots that are not in the book. They do work well for what they are.

The film has a faster pace and is more action based. There is still plenty of story but I am happy that the film contains many set pieces which are visually stunning for the audience. Jackson has said in interviews that these films could not have been twenty years ago because the technology to create brand new worlds did not exist or at least did not look real. The fight scenes and the scenes in Erebor with mountains of gold and Smaug  looks so amazing.

I really did not know what to expect when seeing the dragon but I liked everything about him. Smaug does look incredible. His look and his voice are brought to life through the voice and motion capture of Benedict Cumberbatch. I do think that Cumberbatch’s voice is so perfect. It is the right tone or evil and it really adds depth to the character. Benedict Cumberbatch also voices the necromancer. There is a variation in his voice but it is still clearly Cumberbatch doing both voices. However The necromancer speaks mainly in black speech and is more like sinister noises and chants rather than audible language. The Necromancer sub plot was really good even though it was brief but I think that we will get to see a lot more in There And Back Again in a years time. I think that The Necromancer fight will be the set piece of the third film even over the battle of the five armies.

The film does contain a few sub plots that do break up the main story. We see character development of Bard the Bowman who in the book is a very minor character. We have the sub plot of the necromancer and this film introduces a love triangle between Tauriel, Legolas and Kili. The film has had no female characters and introducing  a love plot into the film was something that would allow the introduction of a female character and allow the film to appeal to a wider female audience. However the love triangle is very brief and in a film of this length if people are only interested in a female character and her relationship with male characters I would suggest seeing a different film.

The main characters in the film get plenty of development. We see Bilbo becoming corrupted by the ring slightly even though he remains pure. Thorin becomes more weary and angry over reclaiming Erebor. I thought that his change would be too quick but the film laid it out perfectly and believe his suffering and anger. Gandalf has less screen time I felt however when him on screen you are focused on what he is doing. Gandalf is such an interesting character and he has so much presence. You cannot help but be interested in what he is doing. Every action no matter how small feels important.

Overall this film is a major improvement from the first one and its tone and themes are more like The Lord Of The Rings. I do think that this film is good in its own right and that people new to it would enjoy it. I would not recommend seeing this without seeing the first Hobbit film but I would suggest watching The Hobbit series before watching The Lord Of The Rings. I am annoyed now that we need to wait another year for the conclusion and I hope by that time the series has not been turned into four films.


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Godzilla Teaser Trailer Review

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Hollywood keeps on dishing out blockbuster movies with massive budgets and amazing special effects. Also There are lots of reboots in effect at the moment either due to be released or being developed. Some people say this is selling out and I do think it is unoriginal however due to the advancement in visual effects it is great to see stories retold with better visual and special effects.

Godzilla has been shown on screen a few times from films in the 1950s to the big budget film that came out in 1998 starring Matthew Broderick. Despite receiving mixed reviews Godzilla from 1998 left the story on a cliffhanger and people did want more. 16 years on we are going to get a new film. This is not a sequel but may have references to the previous film.

The trailer for me was really impressive. Despite this is called a teaser trailer I felt we got plenty of information. and we did actually get a good look at the monster. I thought the silence towards the end of the trailer followed by the iconic roar of the monster was really cool and I already know lots of people are really excited for this film just on the roar of the monster.

The teaser is made up of many different clips that don’t give the plot away but it is clear that Godzilla has come from somewhere and is wrecking havoc. Pacific Rim came out recently and dealt with giants monsters attacking cities but I know that was not well received at all. I have not seen Pacific Rim yet but I am sure Godzilla will be very different and be more appealing to the audience as this is a familiar story using a very iconic monster.

The film stars Arron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Ken Wantanabe and David Strathairn. The film is due to be released 16th May 2014 so we only have a few months to wait before seeing this iconic monster hit the big screen again. We will also get a few more trailers by then so those unsatisfied with the teaser will be able to see more before its footage before it is released.

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review

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I actually read all three of The Hunger Games books before the first film came out and I am glad that I did. I did like the first two books a lot but Catching Fire is my favorite. I am not just saying that because I am reviewing the film. I felt the book was more interesting and I had a better vision of the world that this story is set in. I felt that this film would look great on screen. Firstly I felt that the visuals that we were going to get in this film would look far better than the first one. I always thought I would like this film and I am really glad to have seen it.

Jennifer Lawrence stars as Katniss Everdeen who has just survived The Hunger Games and is forced to support the president is controlling an uprising. Katniss feels she can not keep living a lie and despite attempts to convince people and mainly President Snow she is still causing an uprising unintentionally. Eventually Katniss is forced into the arena once again as President Snow sees no alternative in an attempt to kill her. The first part of the film follows Katniss trying to adapt to life after the games and the story of her and Peeta being forced to participate in the games once again. The second half of the film is the set piece which follows the characters fight for survival in a new arena. In the first film the arena is a forest but this time is is a tropical jungle and provides a more interesting threat as well and a more appealing sight for the audiences.

I do also think that the love triangle relationship between Katniss, Peeta and Gale is far more interesting a clear in this film. I also think that Lawrence gives a better performance as Katniss in this film. That may be because the story is more engaging but I also feel that The character has more pressure on her and therefore the performance would be more interesting as more skill is needed to portray Katniss in some intense and emotional scenes. Ill be honest the scene in the first one that featured Katniss crying over the death of Rue seems a bit put on. Where as in this film the emotion really comes out of Lawrence and the other cast members.

We do see the return of characters from the first film and introduction to some new ones. I did really like seeing Woody Harrelson has Haymitch again and I felt his role in this film was expanded from the first one and he had more depth and development to his character. I think that Donald Sutherland who plays President Snow was the perfect choice for the role and in this film he really gets to show off a darker evil side. We always know he is the bad guy but in the first film I felt his role was passive. He had a more active role in this film. A new character Johanna Mason a previous winner of The Hunger Games is forced to take place in the games again. In this she is played by Jenna Malone and even though her role was small compared to others I felt she had great presence on screen and was a really interesting character. I did think the casting of Finnick was quite poor. Sam Clafin plays the role and although I don’t think he ruined the role it was just very different from how I imagined him in the book. This is a minor issue and I am happy to let it slide.

I did feel that the length of the film was decent. Many people say it is too long and I could see it being cut by 5 or 10 minutes but it didn’t bother me. I think too long would mean it was boring and too short would have missed out a great many details that I would have wanted to see. I think the filmmakers got it right when making this film when it came to its length. A criticism of the first film was it took ages for the games to start. The games in this film started quite late on but I felt the first half of the story was interesting enough without throwing us into the action of the arena too soon. I think the first film waited too long till introducing the arena but I do think that film works fine.

I did also feel that along with a better story this film had better direction. Francis Lawrence took over from Gary Ross and Ross felt he needed more time to develop the film. I think Ross dropping out was a really good decision. Lawrence made the film more pleasing visually and something I hate in all films and something I really hated int the first film was the use of shaky cam. I don’t like the use of shaky cam and in a big budget film it seems silly to use. The Cinematography in this film was slick and clean and out did the first film. I think that Francis Lawrence is a better director than Ross. Visually the landscapes and the lighting throughout the film was a lot better. Both films had decent budgets and you can tell that this film was far better crafted than its predecessor.

Overall this is a fantastic film and although it will not be known as a cinematic great it really stands out to me as an interesting and engaging film as well as looking fantastic. Unfortunately the third book will be split into two films. I am personally not a fan of that but I can understand the reason for doing it. The main thing about this that annoys me is that there will be a large gap between part one and part two despite shooting back to back. I am glad that director Francis Lawrence is working on the other two films rather than Gary Ross as I felt this was a better film than the first one but that may just be down to the fact I liked to story of Catching Fire a lot more than the first book.


What did you think of the film? Please comment and thanks for reading.

The Walking Dead: Dead Weight Review

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As of last weeks episode we were able to have it all devoted to what happened to The Governor. This week is a continuation of that episode. I am really glad that we are getting standalone episodes that are following The Governor and not deviating on the group at the prison. I do think The Governor is one of the most interesting characters in The Walking Dead and I think that his character still has a lot more to offer. However I think next week’s episode will be the last time we see The Governor.

This weeks episode opens with The Governor and Megan playing chess and this scene inter cuts between this and when Martinez finds them in the pit. Martinez is intrigued to see The Governor. First he helps Megan out of the pit and then The Governor. Martinez lets him and the others go back to their camp even though there is some rejection.

When we cut back to the camp with Megan and The Governor he explains that his dad beat him when he was bad and Megan says her Dad beat her and questions if she is bad. When Megan makes her move she tells the Governor and he then says he is thinking. The shot before the credits will excite fans of the comic book as we see a long shot and The Governor is standing in between a trailer and a tank.

On patrol the next morning the Governor, Martinez and new characters Mitch and Pete who are brothers who are both former soldiers. When on patrol The Governor comes across a dead body with no head with a sign attached that says ‘liar’. Later they come across another that says ‘rapist’ and a third one in a hut that says ‘murderer’. The guy has killed himself and we assume he is the one who cut the heads off the others. They hear a walker in the hut but can’t see it so they assume it is stuck and go in to kill it.

As they are in the hut more walkers appear and attack all of them. The Governor saves them all by killing them with bashes to the head. They all stay at the hut that night and Martinez tells the Governor that he seems to have changed and if he was alone when he found him he would not have let him come with him. The brothers find beer and supplies in the hut and talk about what they previously did before the outbreak. Mitch explains when the outbreak happened he stole the tank.

Whilst away Lily has set up a nurses station and is treating someone a new character called Alisha. Alisha was also in the national guard. Tara comment on how bad the rifle she uses is and Alisha asks if she is full of shit. Tara and Alisha end up together.

When the Governor and the others get back they tuck into beers and most of them are drunk. Martinez reveals he has a surprise for the Governor and they go up to the roof of a trailer and start hitting golf balls. Martinez reveals that Shumpert died recently and maybe they could work together. The Governor then uses a golf club to bash him on the head. The Governor then drags his body to a pit and pushes him in to be eaten by the walkers.

The Governor then wakes up from having a bad dream. The next morning it is revealed that The Governor did actually push Martinez into the pit but the others believe that he fell in when he was drunk. It was interesting to see that despite all the development of The Governor last week and even in this episode he has not changed at all. Pete then elects himself as temporary leader and takes The Governor on another patrol to look for supplies.

Whilst on patrol they come across another group of survivors who have lots of supplies and Mitch wants to kill them for it or at least steal them. Pete objects to this. They return later and find that they camp has been ransacked and Mitch says they should have just killed them all anyway. The Governor says nothing in this scene. Mitch and Pete argue because Mitch kills a wounded guy and Pete claims he may have survived. It is clear that Pete has a conscious and will not break the rules even in a lawless world where as Mitch is very much a do what has to be done guy.

When they return The Governor tells Lily, Megan, Tara and Alisha they need to leave. They drive off in the night and they come across lots of walkers stuck in the mud. They decide to return to the camp. The Governor then makes a decision to kill Pete. He goes into Pete’s trailer and kills him brutally. He then goes to Mitch and holds him at gun point. He tells Mitch how he agreed with what he wanted to do back at the other camp. Mitch and The Governor join forces to run the new camp. The Governor then dumps Pete’s body in the lake. They lie to the others saying Pete was killed on one of the patrols.

The Governor discusses about finding a better place for all these people to live but Lily claims they don’t need to. Suddenly Megan is attacked by a walker and Tara is trying desperately to save her. Just before the walker manages to bit Megan The Governor shoots it in the head. The Governor then goes down to the lake and looks at Pete’s reanimated body. The Governor comes to the conclusion that they are not safe.

The episode ends with The Governor driving through the woods by himself until we see he has arrived at the prison. He can see Carl and Rick and then hears some movement. He goes in for a closer look and outside of the prison fences Michonne and Hershel are stopped next to a car chatting. The Governor gets his gun out and aims at Michonne.

This was another great episode and I really like how this season has explored both what the prison has done which was expected and what The Governor has been up in the period of time that has passed. It will be interesting to see what happens next week and I think it will be the battle that we thought we were going to get at the end of season 3. This was a really solid episode and I have enjoyed this episode and the previous one very much because they have followed The Governor.

This episode did have a lot of character development but I feel the characters will not survive or at least they won’t be followed in the second half of season 4. I may be wrong but I just have to wait and see. It looks like next weeks episode will follow the comic storyline but it wont be set in stone. I am really excited for next weeks episode and I am sure that it wont disappoint.

Here is the promo for next weeks episode which is the mid season finale and it it called ‘Too Far Gone’.

The Walking Dead: Indifference Review

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As of this week The Walking Dead has been renewed for Season 5 which is great news for fans. I don’t think that this is a big surprise though as it is clear that the show is popular and it has a large fan base who are loyal to the show. Things can change very quickly but Scott M. Gimple is the current show runner and will be the show runner for Season 5. IN the episodes we have already seen the tone of the show is better. Gimple was the show runner on the episode Clear which is a lot of peoples favorite episode from season 3. But anyway.

This weeks episode is also great. This season keeps on delivering and I am so glad this is the case. With the current show runner the audience feels like it is watching a different show entirely and that the show in question is fantastic. Not to say The Walking Dead has been bad but clearly some episodes are a lot better than others.  I am sure that is the case with most television shows. I do wonder how this can last and I am sure some episodes may slow down the pace to catch up on character development but as of yet characters are being killed off so until the time where things settle down we can keep on expecting episodes like the ones in season 4 so far. We are still getting character development from the episodes but to me it seems more focused on the characters facing the current obstacles. I do think that Carol did get a great deal of development in this episode. Also Bob a new character to season 4 got more story in this and we get to learn more about his past.

The episode opens with Rick and Carol preparing to go on a run to look for medicine. As the others have not returned back yet they are taking it upon themselves to go and look for medicine elsewhere. Before they go Carol tells Lizzie that she is going on a run as a precaution and tells her more about survival. Lizzie accidentally calls Carol mum and she is pissed that Lizzie says that. Rick investigates the area in which Karen and David are sick and we see flashbacks of Carol killing Karen and dragging out her body.

When we pick up with the others from last week they begin to search for a new vehicle as they were forced to abandon the car when they got stuck on a pile of walkers. Tyreese is washing his shirt in the river as it was covered in blood. Tyreese has lost hope because they have lost a day. He thinks that his sister and all the others will be dead from the illness. Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob continue to a small town to look for a new car.

As Carol and Rick drive to a settlement to look for supplies Carol tells him why she killed Karen and David. She says that they were suffering and she wanted to prevent them infecting the survivors with the illness.  Rick does not say anything it is clear he is conflicted. He knows Carol well and thinks that what she did is wrong but I do think he understands why she chose to do it. Carol And Rick arrive at the down looking for supplies. They enter one house and are confronted by a walker. The walker falls down the stairs and Carol quickly finishes it off. They here more noise coming from upstairs and two survivors come out offering Rick and Carol fruit.

Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob come across a cars in the bushes but they are attacked by walkers. Tyreese grabs one and does not let go. This shows that he still feels useless and wants to die. His character has been through a great deal now.

Rick and Carol meet a young couple who have been hiding in the bathroom upstairs for a few says. The guy has a dislocated shoulder and Carol is able to pop it back in place for him. The two ask where Rick and Carol are set up and Rick proceeds to ask them the three questions that they will decide if they can return with them or not. They pass the test and Rick tells them that the prison is unsafe because of the illness and he can not guarantee their safety their. They don’t mind and they offer to help Rick and Carol look for supplies before they head back to the prison. They all split up looking for the medicine.

Daryl Discovers that the battery is busted and they need to find a new one in order to get the car to start. Bob and Daryl go into a store and come across a battery. Daryl and Bob have a conversation about what happened in the supermarket. Bob says about how he wanted alcohol for when it becomes quiet. He blames himself for the death of Zack. Daryl says that he should not blame himself.

Rick and Carol search for supplies and Carol reveals to Rick that she learnt to fix a dislocated shoulder from the internet as it was easier than telling the nurse she fell down the stairs again. She talks a lot about Ed and Sofia and Rick knows she has changed completely from when they first met. Rick and Carol discover the young girls severed leg and see a few walkers eating someone who we assume is the girl. They go back to the house to meet the guy and he does not show up. They assume that he has also been killed or has just run off.

Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob arrive at the veterinary hospital and begin to look for medicine. Before going to the medicine cabinet Bob looks on the floor and is seen bent down. Later he identifies what medicines they need. Bob was a medic and knows the names of the pills that are needed. The four of them grab the medicine and leave. However they become surrounded by walkers and have to make a run for it. They escape by smashing a window and Bob nearly falls off the edge. He is trying desperately to save his back but wont let go. The others manage to pull him up and the back hits the roof and we hear a noise of a bottle. Daryl discovers that Bob has alcohol in his back and becomes furious that Bob endangered them all for a bottle of alcohol. Daryl then goes on to say he wishes that he had left Bob at the side of the road rather than bringing him to the prison.

Rick at the end reveals to Carol that he thinks her actions were wrong. He says that Karen and David may have survived but she took away that chance by killing the. Rick tells her that when he finds out and that the others also wont want her there if they find out. Carol justifies her actions saying would he do it to save Carl and Judith. Rick says he doesn’t know but he wants Carol gone. Carol says she stepped up and did something for the good of the others. She also says that no one else needs to know. Carol gives Rick her watch which she says was a gift from Ed and she should have got rid of it years ago. Carol takes another car and leaves. This is quite a shocking departure and I really did not see her leaving the show.

This episode revolves around the tension brewing up between Carol and Rick. Rick knows what she did was wrong and does not want her around Carl or Judith anymore but he appreciates he has known her for a long time. He knows Tyreese would kill Carol if he finds out so Rick suggests that she leaves. It is the best for everyone if she leaves in Rick’s eyes. She will be able to get a fresh start with a new group of people. Carol has become a stronger character and her character would be able to survive on her own. Despite her departure in this episode I do not think this will be the last we see of Carol. I find her character a lot more interesting than before and I want to see more of her now. It may be it for her but I would not be surprised if she makes an appearance in a later season or even appearing in the companion series that is in the works.

The shocking revelation of last weeks episode was that Carol killed Karen and David when she found out they were ill. As I said before I felt this was out of character but this weeks episode did explain why she did it and it made more sense for the viewer. I do think this was another solid episode with a great plot and although it was not action packed it was still very interesting to watch and I enjoyed every minute of it.

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Here is the promo for next weeks episode ‘Internment’