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Golden Globes 2014 Nominations.

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The Golden Globes is one of the most prestigious award shows for the film and television industry. Many people see it as second to the Academy Awards. The awards season finishes up with the Oscars but as the golden globes is considered the second best award show this will receive a lot of attention. Also this does give us an indication at who will be nominated for the Oscars however because the category is split between Drama films and Comedy and Musical films it does not give us a fair indication of who will be nominated for the Oscars.

The Oscars only has one category for performances and one for best film and a lot of these films will miss out on Oscar nominations simply because there are not enough slots. For example American Hustle is in the Comedy and Musical category however I think that it will get nominated for Oscars based on performances being dramatic. For example the film The Artist won for Best Picture as the Oscars but only won the Best Motion Picture Comedy and Musical and The Golden Globes. The Oscars is more prestigious and the nominees really need to fight and campaign to get nominated.

We can not just go on the Golden Globes for the Oscars though. I think Bafta and SAG also give us an idea of who will be nominated at the Oscars and usually who will win. Bafta does tend to be biased towards British films however but it is not new that British actors are able to pick up Oscar nominations and even win a great deal of the time. If you look back a few years, Geoffrey Rush won the Bafta for The King’s Speech but lost out on the Oscar to Christian Bale in The Fighter. I do like it when we are surprised at awards shows but they have become very very predictable and after the winners of the Golden Globes are announced the chances of the winners being nominated and winning increases drastically.

Here are the nominations for the Golden Globes in the films category.

Plan B Entertainment, New Regency Productions and River Road Entertainment; Fox Searchlight Pictures
Columbia Pictures; Sony Pictures Releasing
Warner Bros. Pictures / Esperanto Filmoj / Heyday Films; Warner Bros. Pictures
Pathe, BBC Films, BFI, Canal+, Cine+, Baby Cow/Magnolia Mae; The Weinstein Company
Universal Pictures, Cross Creek Pictures, Exclusive Media, Imagine Entertainment, Working Title, Revolution Films; Universal Pictures

Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine
Sandra Bullock, Gravity
Judi Dench, Philomena
Emma Thompson, Saving Mr Banks
Kate Winslet, Labor Day

Chiwetel Ejiofor, 12 Years A Slave
Idris Elba, Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom
Tom Hanks, Captain Phillips
Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club
Robert Redford, All Is Lost

Columbia Pictures and Annapurna Pictures; Sony Pictures Releasing
Warner Bros. Pictures / Annapurna Pictures; Warner Bros. Pictures
Mike Zoss Productions, Scott Rudin Productions, Studio Canal; CBS Films
Paramount Vantage; Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures and Red Granite Pictures; Paramount Pictures

Amy Adams, American Hustle
Julie Delpy, Before Midnight
Greta Gerwig, Francis Ha
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Enough Said
Meryl Streep, August: Osage County

Christian Bale, American Hustle
Bruce Dern, Nebraska
Leonardo DiCaprio, The Wolf Of Wall Street
Oscar Isaac, Inside Llewyn Davis
Joaquin Phoenix, Her

DreamWorks Animation LLC; Twentieth Century Fox
Universal Pictures, A Chris Meledandri Production; Universal Pictures
Walt Disney Animation Studios; Walt Disney Pictures

Quat’sous Films; IFC Films
Indigo Film, Medusa Film, BABE Films; Janus Films
THE HUNT (Denmark)
Zentropa Entertainment; Magnolia Pictures
Memento Films Production, France 3 Cinema, BIM Distribuzione; Sony Pictures Classics
Studio Ghibli; Touchstone Pictures

Sally Hawkins, Blue Jasmine
Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle
Lupita Nyong’o, 12 Years A Slave
Julia Roberts, August: Osage County
June Squibb, Nebraska

Barkhad Abdi, Captain Phillips
Daniel Bruhl, Rush
Bradley Cooper, American Hustle
Michael Fassbender, 12 Years A Slave
Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club

Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity
Paul Greengrass, Captain Phillips
Steve McQueen, 12 Years A Slave
Alexander Payne, Nebraska
David O. Russell, American Hustle

Spike Jonze, Her
Bob Nelson, Nebraska
Jeff Pope & Steve Coogan, Philomena
John Ridley, 12 Years A Slave
Eric Warren Singer & David O Russell, American Hustle

Alex Ebert, All Is Lost
Alex Heffes, Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom
Steven Price, Gravity
John Williams, The Book Thief
Hans Zimmer, 12 Years A Slave

Do you like the list of nominations? Has your favorite film or performance been snubbed this year? Please comment below and thanks for reading.

Magneto Assassinated President Kennedy?

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This year was the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination and to this day there is lots of speculation to what really happened. There are many conspiracies in the world and the JFK assassination is one of them. To this day people don’t know if Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone gunman or if he worked with others or if he was framed. New information and theories always come out but I guess we will never know. However in a marketing campaign, the X-men Days Of Future Past movie has stated that Magneto was involved. Obviously this is a fake story used to promote the film but it will likely attract lots of people to the upcoming film. People over the past week will likely be searching information about Kennedy being assassinated and when they search the internet for information they will likely come across the video. It will surprise some people and they may look into it further. Some people may even think this is real to start with.

From what I know about Days Of Future Past we see Magneto imprisoned by the government and assassinating the president would be a fair reason for his imprisonment in the story. I think that he will have been in prison for a few years until he is rescued by Xavier and Wolverine who need him to stop another assassination. The plot of Days of Future Past will involve the Wolverine going back in time to change an assassination of a prominent figure by Mystique. As the film is set in the 70s and JFK will be dead speculation is Mystique will attempt to kill Richard Nixon. Some state it will be Senator Kelly as it was in the comics but I think it is too early to tell.

Something interesting in the video is that Oswald claims to know nothing about the assassination. I think that Mystique took form of Oswald and fires the shots. Magneto either helped the bullet’s kill the president or as he claims in the trial that he was there to stop it. Maybe him and Mystique are not getting on at this point for whatever reason and Magneto was there in an attempt to save the presidents life. Only time will tell. The film will come out in a few months time and I hope that the marketing campaign releases more information like this to get fans excited.

Here is the link to the official website.



What did you think of this video? Do you think it is an interesting use of connecting History to the film? Please comment and thanks for reading.

The Counselor Review

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The Counselor has been a film I have waited for for a long time. It has a great cast, a great director and and great writer. Early reviews of the film are not good. People do not like the film at all. I can understand that but I cannot say I agree. I do not think the film is the greatest film ever made but I do think that it holds its place. People are calling this the worst film of the year. I can understand why some people did not get it.

At first I did not get the film at first but it was only after I thought about it more that I thought is was a good film. The film does seem slow and not much happens but there is a strong sense of realism in my opinion. Rather than having these characters do thinks that are completely mental they are grounded. Some things happen that are extreme but this brings a sense of style and art to the film.

One thing that has attracted people is the cast. Michael Fassbender, Penelope Cruz, Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem and Cameron Diaz. Fassbender is one of the most sort after actors at the moment and is starting to have a massive following. I don’t think he is quite there yet but he will be soon. Brad Pitt has worked with Ridley Scott before on Thelma and Louise. The others are also well known actors and for a small film. I am surprised that this cast was collected to star together. In interviews they say they were attracted to working with Ridley Scott and Cormac McCarthy.

Cormac McCarthy is a very famous writer and is considered one of the best writers of our generation. He has written books only and they have been adapted into films. This is McCarthy’s first attempt at a screenplay. I have not actually read any of his work but many people have recommended him. However to my knowledge people either like his work or don’t get it at all. So this film does go on to be the same thing. People tend to not like his writing style but for this film it is being turned into a film so that should not have bothered people as much as I thought it had.

Something I felt that was odd with the film was that the dialogue and conversations swapped from too perfect to quite simple. A scene between the Counselor and the diamond dealer seems to make no logical sense in my opinion. I felt that this sub-plot was too perfect and was just a tangent on the plot. People may think this is clever because it seems more real. I did not have an issue with it I just felt it was strange.

The story seems very basic and to many people it seems non existent. This does create a sense of realism but it also hinders the realism. As the characters seem to achieve nothing throughout it can seem underwhelming. The Hollywood convention of happy endings is not seen here there is also no definitive task or anything to achieve. When the counselor tries to fix the issues he is shot down and realizes that he can do nothing more.

Some scenes are very visual and actually look so fantastic. At the same time there are scenes that will shock the audience a great deal. Malkina played by Cameron Diaz at one point does something with a car and the scene was not necessary as it is cut between Reiner describing it. It is quite a shocking scene and I am not sure if it was supposed to get a laugh but I am sure most people will find the scene humorous. The film also contains a few bloody scenes that may shock people a great deal.

Another thing I think that people may not like about the film is that the ending does not seem to close up everything. This is a spoiler but I feel that the characters have no resolution to the challenges they faced in the film. This is not a conventional Hollywood piece and I think that scares audiences greatly. I felt that the films Drive and Moonrise Kingdom did not follow the conventions of Hollywood and seemed to be more like an American art house film. The Counselor almost can’t make up its mind if it is art house or Hollywood and I do think that this is why a lot of people don’t like the film.

Overall the film is worth watching if you are a fan of these actors but I must warn you it is a hit and miss situation. It is interesting to see Ridley Scott direct a project like this as it is very different from his other work. This is not a popcorn movie at all. If you are going to watch this you need to pay attention and think deeply about it if you are to get anything from this. I liked this film and I think people should give it a chance. I can’t promise that you will be entertained.


What did you think of The Counselor? Did you like it? Please comment below and thanks for reading.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Trailer

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Back in July a trailer for X-Men Days Of Future Past was shown at comic con and was partially leaked. However the quality of the trailer was really poor. The trailer for this film was expected to be released on the web this month but I was expecting a different trailer to what we saw from the leaked comic con version. I am however not complaining as I am really happy to the trailer in high quality and I am able to make out all of the frames as well as new footage that was cut off from the end of the trailer that was released at comic con.

In the trailer it seems that the future X-men go to a temple somewhere. People are speculating that this will involve Apocalypse in some form which makes sense but I am not sure. It looks like the use of the temple is to send Wolverine back in time or at least his mind. Bryan Singer has said the future cast only take up 25-30% of the film so I do not think that will be enough time to introduce a major villain such as Apocalypse.

Despite what Singer said the trailer does not reflect the proportion. The footage from the trailer as well as the voice over is mainly from the future X-men. I however do not have a problem with that. This way Singer can show off footage without giving away primary plot points. Also I think by showing clips from both the future X-men and past ones, Singer is able to show the scale of the film. Singer claims this film to be a really ambitious project as the cast is so large. I for one was concerned about this when the cast went to comic con but I now have more faith in Singer to make a great film.

Wolverine is likely going to be the top billed actor for this film and despite people seem sick of Wolverine taking the lead in a film I am fine with it. I would rather see Magneto or Xavier lead but the nature of the plot does make sense for Wolverine to be the main character. Wolverine’s mind is going to be sent back in time and his character can act as a bridge between the two parallels. In the comics it was Kitty Pryde who time traveled but it makes more sense for Wolverine to go back in time as he has more experience and because of his slowed aging it would be an easier ask. From what Singer has said though I assume that Wolverine will be returned to the future rather than having to live 40 years to catch up.

Singer has described the use of time travel ‘It’s about figuring your rules and sticking to them. The principle I looked at is this theory that until an object is observed, it hasn’t really happened yet. The time-traveler whose consciousness travels through time I call The Observer, and until The Observer returns to where he traveled from, the result hasn’t occurred yet. So he can muck about in the past and it isn’t until he snaps back that the new future is set. As a result, we’re able to have parallel action, and there’s an underlying tension because there’s always that threat Wolverine’s consciousness could return and leave the world in an even darker place.’ This highlights that Wolverine will act as a bridge between the past and the future and explains a scene in the trailer.

In the trailer at the end we see young Xavier played by James MacAvoy and Older Xavier played by Patrick Stewart having a conversation with each other. I think that they will be able to communicate throughout the film. Apparently it only happens once but we will see. In the trailer we see young Xavier reading Wolverine’s mind and I assume he is still linked to his future self in some form. Because of this both young and older Xavier can speak to each other because they can read Wolverine’s mind in both the past and the future.

I am glad to see that both young and older Magneto feature in the trailer played by Michael Fassbender and Ian Mckellen. I think Magneto is one of the best characters of the series if not the best and I liked both portrayals by the two actors. It will be intresting to compare the two of them in the same film. They will not share screen time but it will be interesting to see the link between the character and see what has changed and what has stayed the same.

We also get to see the first footage of Bolivar Trask played by Peter Dinklage although there is only one shot of him in the trailer. We do see a lot of single shots of the future X-men as well. We see Iceman, Rogue, Storm, Colossus and as well as new characters. Beast and Mystique from the past X-men appear played by Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence.

The trailer has got me excited despite I had already seen a great amount of the footage in the leaked comic con trailer but seeing it in high quality has made the difference. The film will be released in May of 2014 and I am think we may get another trailer by Christmas time or if not defiantly one early in the new year.

What do you think of the trailer? Please comment below and thanks for reading.

Do The Academy Awards Matter?

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Everyone likes to get praised for their work. Awards season for the film industry is important to so many people and winning an award really matters to them. The Academy Awards is considered the most prestigious film award a person can win. Actors dream of winning Oscars in particular and many not just actors but anyone who works in the film industry would be so honored to have their work recognized. However with mixed opinions on films and performances do awards really matter? There have been many roles by actors which I feel were undeserving of Academy Awards and many actors who have missed out on an Oscar nomination despite receiving praise by other awards for their performances. Some have actually made me really angry and even though some may be my personal opinion towards a performance or film I can still show my disapproval and approval of what happens at the Academy Awards.

Meryl Streep is a fantastic actress and has received so much recognition from the Academy Awards but one thing has really annoyed me recently. She won best leading actress for The Iron Lady. Now I can only say this is my opinion but I know many agree with me. In The Iron Lady it is not a powerful biopic about Margret Thatcher it is a pathetic attempt at a dementia awareness the film. He performance was so weak and she only got nominated because she gets nominated. There were better roles that year for the actresses who would have loved to have won an Oscar instead. Also many of Streep’s nominations mean that other new actresses are not getting recognized just because of the Academy’s stupid obsession with Streep. Some nominations are good but some are just put there for the sake of it and it is unfair.  I really don’t get how she won and it really makes me angry. I think this is one of the biggest mistakes the academy has ever made.

Tommy Lee Jones is a fantastic actor and gives great performances in all his films. However he won an Oscar for The Fugitive. Now if you have seen the film it is hardly a pioneering film in the world of cinema and Jones basically plays himself. Its not a terrible performance but its not an Oscar worthy performance. Compared to the other nominees in that category I am surprised that Jones came out on top. I personally would have awarded the Oscar to either Pete Postlethwaite for In The Name Of The Father or Ralph Fiennes for Schindler’s List. The other two nominees were John Malkovich for In The Line Of Fire and Leonardo DiCaprio for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. These were all worthy performances except for Jones who has done many better roles than The Fugitive that were worthy of Oscar nominations and even wins. What were the academy thinking when they gave the Oscar to him? I really don’t know.

There are many snubs made by the academy. Some have been nominated and still have not won whereas some great performances have been ignored  completely. As I said there were many better performances when Tommy Lee Jones won. Also more recently I felt Anne Hathaway was an unworthy winner of the academy award for Les Miserables.  I felt her role really lacked something but that is my opinion. Someone else should have won but I am torn at who should have though.

Gary Oldman finally received a Oscar nomination  for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy two years ago. However he did not win despite giving a fantastic performance. Jean Dujardin won for The Artist which I think is another overrated film. That is only my opinion. Oldman has been snubbed by the Oscars on many occasions but I would not have wanted him to win for just because the academy was trying to make up for snubbing him on in my opinion on 5 separate occasions. I feel that the academy did this with Russell Crowe. He won for Gladiator which was a great performance but I think he only won to make up for him not winning the previous year for the film The Insider.

Michael Fassbender received recognition for his role in Shame at the Golden Globes but was snubbed at the Oscars. He gave a really intense and powerful performance but the academy deemed the topic too sensitive and ignored his fantastic performance. Will Ferell a well known comedy actor gave a brilliant performance in Stranger Than Fiction which I felt was Oscar worthy as well as actor Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. I thought that range would be recognize range in performances.  I worry this will be done again for this years academy awards with Steve Carell. He is playing a serious role in the film Foxcatcher but because of his body of work the academy may snub him. I think the Academy needs to look at range of actors performances and not just the performances they are being marked on.

Snubs are not just for actors but it has been done for directors as well. Martin Scorsese winning for The Departed seemed to make up for snubs for his films such as Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Raging Bull and Casino. Although I liked The Departed I felt some of his other films are more deserving of recognition. The Departed is actually a remake which most people don’t know.

It has also been done for best film at the Oscars. The Hurt Locker won Best Picture a few years ago and I don’t think it was the best film of that time. I felt District 9 was more deserving of recognition. Also it is controversial that Forrest Gump won Best Picture over both Pulp Fiction ans The Shawshank Redemption. There two films are considered some of the best pieces in cinema history and The Shawshank Redemption is number one on Internet Movie Data Base’s top 250 list. I personally did not like Forrest Gump and I think most people would say that both The Shawshank Redemption and Pulp Fiction are much better films despite the Academy disagreeing.

Overall I do like to keep up with the Academy Awards and other awards but I do think they have made the wrong decisions on many occasions to the point that if you work in the industry that winning an award is a bonus and may help your career but sometimes the voters don’t have a clue and it is down to personal preference and if something is good but not recognized critically it does not mean it is any lesser than a film that has received recognition.

What do you think about the Academy Awards? Do you think they are unfair and they make the wrong decisions often? Please comment below and thanks for reading.

Early Oscar Predictions 2014: Best Picture

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There are many films that will likely be nominated for best picture this year at the Academy Awards. I have not seen some of these but they are ones that are currently getting a lot of attention and hype. Here are some of my predictions for the nominations.

12 Years A Slave


This seems a highly likely choice to be nominated for Best Film. Django Unchained was popular last year but this film will take slavery more seriously as it is based on a real life person and rather than being glorified to be entertaining I think this film will deal with heavy issues seriously. Slavery is ignored a great deal in the world and following such an intense and true story of Solomon Northrup will allow audiences to understand the hardship of slavery whilst being compelled by someones real life survival story. I think this film has the makings to get recognition from the academy and early reviews are positive and I am sure it will get a nomination.



Like most of these films I have not seen this yet but early reviews are praising Gravity as the new Avatar. It is also doing extremely well at the box office. If I had to make a bet now at this years winner I think I would have to say Gravity. I have not seen the film or anything but people are loving it. I am not a fan of Sandra Bullock but I do like George Clooney is some films and the director Alfonso Cuaron directed Children Of Men which is a film I really enjoyed. I will have to see it as soon as it becomes out in the cinema for me.

American Hustle


American Hustle seems like a film that will get nominated. It has a lot of Oscar power behind it. It is directed by Silver Linings Playbook and The Fighter director David O’Russell who has been nominated for directing for both mentioned films. Maybe the academy will reward him for this film. Also the film has two oscar winners starring in lead roles as well as the other leads all being nominees in the past. Jennifer Lawrence won Best Actress last year and Christian Bale won best supporting actor a couple of years ago. Jeremy Renner, Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams have also all been nominated for Oscars. This is bound to pick up attention form the academy and will likely get a best picture nomination.

The Monuments Men


Frankly this film seems to have been made for the purpose of attracting the attention of the academy awards. I know very little about this film but I think its major theme will appeal to the academy. It is set in world war 2 and about soldiers who preserve art. Now I would think the academy would love to preserve art. The film has a great cast including George Clooney, Matt Damon, John Goodman, Hugh Bonneville, Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett and Jean Dujardin. Nice to see Jean Dujardin in something. Its been a while. But this film will get nominated just because of Clooney’s involvement I think.

Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is a favorite at the Academy Awards and this film is already getting a great deal of recognition. The film is based on real life events and its themes are due to get audiences attention as well as its intense story. I do think the academy loves films based on real life and this is very recent. Pirates have been in the news over the past few years so it is a subject that cinema should deal with. The fact that Tom Hanks stars does not hurt its chances of receiving a nomination.

Wild Card

The Counselor


For me The Counselor is a wild card because I think it is going to be a hit or miss film. I think it has the makings of being a nominated picture but unlike other films its content is a heavy contributor. Where as a film may just get nominated for its subject this could be a generic crime films or one of the greatest films ever made. We don’t know. It has a great cast and had Ridley Scott directing as well as being penned by Cormac McCarthy. I will make my decision when the film comes out and reviews are in.

Hugh Jackman Retiring From Wolverine?

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Hugh Jackman is one of the highest paid stars of our generation. He is most famously known for his portrayal of Wolverine in the X-men films. He has now played the character of Wolverine 6 times if you include his brief cameo in First Class and soon to be 7th portrayal in next years film X Men: Days Of Future Past. Hugh Jackman first appeared as Wolverine in X-men back in 2000 and has played the character for 14 years on and off which is a long time to devote to any character. Jackman is approaching 50 and the role of Wolverine is physically demanding.

He has stated that he knows he will not be Wolverine forever and he knows he has an expiry date as the character. It has also been speculated that next years Days Of Future Past will be Jackman’s final portrayal of the character. What does this mean though? Will Wolverine be killed off? I know he cannot die but from what I understand about the character he would never walk away from doing what he does best. In The Wolverine he had been an outsider for years and was reluctant to return but when he got into the swing of things he was the same old Wolverine.

A reboot would have been perfect for recasting the role of Wolverine but now Singer is involved with Days Of Future Past and even Jackman’s cameo in First Class meant that clearly Jackman is here to stay as Wolverine, With the younger versions of the characters in First Class, Wolverine could have been ignored completely or recast with a younger actor like the other cast members. Also as Jackman has been playing the role for such a long time and most people know him for this role people will always see Jackman as Wolverine. Even if he is eventually recast people generally believe that Jackman is the only Wolverine and it would be hard for any actor to take on such an iconic role.

He will be accepted as Wolverine for as long as he lives and he may even be typecast for the rest of his career. Recently he has starred in Les Miserable and Prisoners which show his acting range but if you say Hugh Jackman to someone they will think Wolverine straight away.

As Wolverine is basically immortal he can be part of the new x-men team which he wasn’t initially a part of in the originals as he was a late comer to the team. Also because in Days Of Future Past, Wolverine will go back into his younger body and this will reboot the continuity of the series but not the actors who have played the characters. Time travel allows the character to have a rebirth and his character which is loved by fans can be explored more and more for years to come.

I think Wolverine being part of the early X-men team in this semi rebooted series would be really cool and I am more than happy for Jackman to continue playing the role. More stories could be explored in standalone Wolverine films such as Old Man Logan which does include wider characters of the marvel universe but I am sure could be adapted specifically for the X-men universe.

Also that would allow Jackman to continue playing the role even into his 60s if he was still up for it. Also we may get more standalone Wolverine films, X-Men Origins was not received well at all and The Wolverine got mixed reviews but I personally think The Wolverine was a fantastic film that was more about the character. I would love to see a standalone Wolverine sequel involving the X-23 story line.

Maybe it is time for Jackman to give up the role of Wolverine and work on other projects but if Days Of Future Past is received well by audiences I think Jackman may still be around playing Wolverine for a few more years yet.

What do you think about Hugh Jackman’s potential retirement from Wolverine? Do you think he can still do more films? Is there a specific Wolverine storyline you would like to see adapted on the big-screen? Please comment below and thanks for reading.

Early Oscar Predictions 2014: Best Leading Actor

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Tom Hanks – Captain Phillips

captain phillips

Having won 2 Oscars in the past as well as earning many other nominations, Tom Hanks is known for being one of the world’s best actors and movie stars. In Captain Phillips he plays a real captain who had to protect his cargo ship from pirates. I have not seen Hanks in anything recently so I am very much looking forward to seeing his performance in this film. I do however think that he does not stand a chance of winning the Oscar even if he gets nominated. That is nothing to do with how good an actor he is it is to do with the politics of the academy awards.

Chiwetel Ejifor – 12 Years A Slave


Chiwetel Ejifor has been in many feature films and has worked on both television and the stage. He plays the real life figure Solomon Northrup who was kidnapped in New York where he lived and was forced to become a slave. This will be a very different film from that of Django Unchained which brought the issue of slavery to popular cinema once again. This film will be a more accurate interpretation of slavery than that of Django Unchained. I am very much looking forward to this film as well and looking forward to not just Chiwetel’s performance but the great ensemble cast the film is going to feature.

Idris Elba – Mandela: A Long Walk To Freedom


Idris Elba is an esteemed actor who came to my attention in the BBC series Luther. He was also in The Wire, American Gangster and Thor. In this film he plays Nelson Mandela. This will be the story of Mandela’s life before he was imprisoned and will go up to him becoming president. This film is not about him being president. It is about the journey he needed to take to become president of South Africa. it is clearly a story people are interested in and I feel that Elba will win the academy award this year.

Christian Bale – American Hustle


Christian Bale is famous for his ability to change his appearance and weight for roles. We have seen this in The Machinist where he got his weight down to 7 stone. He has also bulked up as Batman on three occasions and jumping in between a skinnier role in The Fighter. Bale teams up again with The Fighter director David O’Russell. He plays a con artist who teams up with an FBI agent for a sting. Bale has put on weight for this role and is donning a comb over. Obviously we cannot base his chances of getting nominated by just how he looks but Bale is a great actor and from what I have seen in the trailer and the team behind the film. I have faith that he will pick up a nomination.

Michael Fassbender – The Counselor


Michael Fassbender is one of the most popular actors around at the moment and after having been snubbed for Shame he may pick up a nomination in The Counselor. The story follows a lawyer who gets caught up in the underworld of drug trafficking. It is written by Cormac McCarthy who wrote No Country For Old Men and is directed by Ridley Scott. However I think Fassbender may only get nominated for supporting actor in the film 12 Years A Slave in favor of this.  Only time will tell.

Wild Card

Leonardo DiCaprio – The Wolf Of Wall Street

Leonardo Dicaprio in The Wolf Of Wall Street

DiCaprio is cursed to never win an Academy Award it seems. He has been nominated a few times and missed out on each occasion. He has also been snubbed many times by the Academy. He is overlooked for some great films he has starred in. Maybe this year he will get nominated for this role but even if he does I guarantee he will not win. He is playing a real person so this is almost a biopic depending on how you look at it. He has played real people before well and this still does not make a difference. The film follows Wall Street Banker Jordan Belfort on his rise and fall in the banking world.

Early Oscar Predictions 2014: Best Supporting Actor

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The Oscars is still a few months away but that does not stop people predicting who will be nominated. Here are some of my predictions for Best Supporting Actor.

Michael Fassbender – 12 Years A Slave

michael fass 12 years

Michael Fassbender is currently one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood. He has been busy doing many projects for the past couple of years starting in both big budget and independent movies. This year he is re collaborating with Shame and Hunger director Steve McQueen. After his snub at the Oscars two years ago for his role in Shame it is highly likely he will receive a nomination for 12 Years A Slave. Last year Django Unchained brought slavery back to the attention of filmmakers however whereas Django Unchained contained many sub genres 12 Years A Slave will be more focused and more dramatic. Despite being leads in McQueen’s other motion pictures Fassbender will likely receive a best supporting nomination for this role as he is not the focus of the film but i’m sure he may steal the show.

Bradley Cooper – American Hustle


I didn’t think much of Bradley Cooper as an actor until I saw Silver Linings Playbook and I was able to go back and watch some of his other films. I do think he is a really good actor and I am annoyed that he did not get more recognition for his role in Silver Linings Playbook for playing a man suffering from mental illness. I personally feel his performance was stronger than that of Jennifer Lawrence who won her category at the Oscars last year. Cooper is teaming up again with David O’Russel the director of Silver Linings Playbook. Cooper plays an FBI agent who teams up with a con artist. I don’t know much about the plot of American Hustle but its cast and production team is enough for me to go see it. After not winning last year Cooper should at least get a second nomination for this film.

Daniel Bruhl – Rush

Rush Dabiel Bruhl

Daniel Bruhl is a bit of an unknown to me however I am aware that he was in Inglorious Basterds and more recently The Fifth Estate. He seems like the generic foreign nominee for this year however from the trailer it looks like he gives a powerful performance as the formula one drive Nicki Lauda. I will be seeing Rush soon hopefully and I will judge whether he gets nominated on the performance in the film once I’ve seen it. However there is lots of talk already about him receiving a nomination. Rush is directed by Ron Howard who has won two Oscars for A Beautiful Mind. The fact he is directing the film may give the academy the chance to see Daniel’s work and hopefully he will receive a nominated.

Steve Carell – Foxcatcher


Now I’m not sure if this role will be nominated for Leading or supporting but I think most likely supporting. This may seem like an unlikely nomination but from what I have heard of the story this will be a very unusual performance from Steve Carell. Carell is well known for his portrayal of Michael Scott in The Office and is known for working in Comedy. In Foxcatcher he will play John Du Pont a millionaire schizophrenic who murdered his best friend. The film will follow the Schultz brothers story up until Du Pont commits the murder. I am surprised that Carell took this role but I think this shows his determination to stop being typecast. He even wears a lot of make up and a fake nose and is almost unrecognizable in this role. This is the role that I am most looking forward to seeing this year. I think The Oscars will give him a nomination because in this he will show how much range he really has as an actor.

Jonah Hill – The Wolf Of Wall Street


Jonah Hill who as many of you know started off in comedy movies but has moved into more serious films such as Moneyball which he also received a supporting actor nomination a few years ago. Hill has not left his comedy roots having recently stared in 21 Jump Street bit is also starring in The Wolf Of Wall Street directed by acclaimed director Martin Scorsese. The film will likely receive some attention from the Oscars but Hill may miss out on a nomination.

Wild Card

Javier Bardem – The Counselor


The Counselor seems to me to be a wild card at the Oscars this year and I would not be surprised if it is overlooked completely. It has a star studded cast, Ridley Scott is directing and the story was written by Cormac McCarthy who wrote No Country For Old Men which also featured Javier Bardem who won a best supporting Oscar for that film. Javier Bardem is also supporting another crazy hair cut as he did in No Country For Old Men, but will this be enough to get him noticed? Probably not. I will have to see the film before I can judge how good his performance but if Bardem delivers I can defiantly see him picking up a nomination.

12 Years A Slave Trailer Review

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Slavery is not a major part of US cinema. Django Unchained came out last year but and was more light hearted on the past slavery issue in the US. I liked Django Unchained but it did miss some points on slavery and was very much focused on sub genres and therefore the issue may be ignored by the wider audience.

12 Years A Slave looks very different to Django Unchained. Firstly it is not a western but that us stating the obvious. This film looks to be a more realistic interpretation of a slaves life on a plantation. The film is based on the real life story of Solomon Northup a black man born free in New York in 1808 who was kidnapped and subjected to slavery for 12 years in 1841. This is a very intresting story and think this film is really going to say a lot about race in America.

The film is directed by Steve McQueen who directed such films as ‘Hunger’ and ‘Shame’. In this film he reunites with actor Michael Fassbender who starred in both his previous feature films. Solomon Northup is played by English actor Chiwetel Ejifor and from the looks of the trailer he gives a powerful and intense performance of a man who has had his freedom taken away from him.

The film also has a fantastic ensemble cast featuring Michael Fassbender as the who I assume runs the plantation in this, Brad Pitt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Dano and Paul Giamatti also feature in this film.

The film is already getting hype for awards season and this will likely pick up some nominations for acting, directing and writing. I am very much looking forward to seeing this and I think films like this should have more attention than popular cinema. This story is really worth telling and I think people will want to learn about it.

What did you think of the trailer? Please comment and thanks for reading.