Ant-Man Gets A Director And Plot Synopsis

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Many of you will know that a few weeks ago Edgar Wright, director of Shaun of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim Vs The World had announced his departure from Marvel’s Ant-Man project. This was a shock to many fans due to the fact that Wright had been attached to the project since 2006 as well as the looming release date. The film is due out in July 2015 and Marvel have assured us that they will make this release date.

When Wright left Marvel said hey already had a director to take over and many thought it would be Attack The Block director Joe Cornish who also co wrote the Ant-Man Script. However his name did not even come up on the original shortlist. Maybe this is due to his loyalty to Wright and the original script that had been changed by low key writers just a few weeks before production.

Shortly after Wright’s departure he shortlist of these directors were revealed. Rawson Thurber director of Dodgeball and We’re The Millers, Adam McKay director of Anchorman and The Other guys and finally Ruben Fleischer director of Zombieland and Gangster Squad. It was reported for a little while hat Thurber was the frontrunner until many reported Mckay had been chosen for the project. Mckay hen came out and revealed he had been approached but has other projects on the go that he had to turn down.

It had been revealed that Peyton Reed director of Yes Man has signed on to direct the film and Adam Mckay is said to be rewriting the script. The rewright will be done to discredit the original writers for walking away from the project unfortunatly. Many fans are curious to see what Edgar Wright had done with the story, many claimng that it would have been a more interesting film. Obviously we will never know now but fans will always wonder.

This brings up the issue of the decline of Marvel. This project has been in development or so long and now with a rewrite and a delayed shoot may the actors start dropping out due to the fact this is not the project they signed up for? We won’t know till a later date ofcourse but this may be unlikely. Recently Michael Douglas who is playing Hank Pym in the movie came out and commented on Wright’s departure saying ‘I was very disappointed. I’m a big fan of his movies [and] it’s a very disappointing situation.’

Marvel claim that the film can still make its release date in 13 months time but with a new director on board and script rewrites this late in the game, a delay is not unexpected. Even a company like Marvel Studios with all their resources will take time to salvage the damage caused by Wirght’s departure.

Marvel always seems to pick great directors and altough the original director had left the project, the excecutives and Marvel must have fait in Reed’s ability to get this film made. We just need to wait for things to develop now and hopefully this projct can get back on track.

Marvel released this new synopsis of the film:

Armed with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, con-man Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) must embrace his inner-hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), protect the secret behind his spectacular Ant-Man suit from a new generation of towering threats. Against seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Pym and Lang must plan and pull off a heist that will save the world.

What do you think of Peyton Reed as a Director? Are you upset of Wright’s Departure? Should the film be delayed or cancelled? Please comment and thanks for reading.

Hugh Jackman Retiring From Wolverine?

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Hugh Jackman is one of the highest paid stars of our generation. He is most famously known for his portrayal of Wolverine in the X-men films. He has now played the character of Wolverine 6 times if you include his brief cameo in First Class and soon to be 7th portrayal in next years film X Men: Days Of Future Past. Hugh Jackman first appeared as Wolverine in X-men back in 2000 and has played the character for 14 years on and off which is a long time to devote to any character. Jackman is approaching 50 and the role of Wolverine is physically demanding.

He has stated that he knows he will not be Wolverine forever and he knows he has an expiry date as the character. It has also been speculated that next years Days Of Future Past will be Jackman’s final portrayal of the character. What does this mean though? Will Wolverine be killed off? I know he cannot die but from what I understand about the character he would never walk away from doing what he does best. In The Wolverine he had been an outsider for years and was reluctant to return but when he got into the swing of things he was the same old Wolverine.

A reboot would have been perfect for recasting the role of Wolverine but now Singer is involved with Days Of Future Past and even Jackman’s cameo in First Class meant that clearly Jackman is here to stay as Wolverine, With the younger versions of the characters in First Class, Wolverine could have been ignored completely or recast with a younger actor like the other cast members. Also as Jackman has been playing the role for such a long time and most people know him for this role people will always see Jackman as Wolverine. Even if he is eventually recast people generally believe that Jackman is the only Wolverine and it would be hard for any actor to take on such an iconic role.

He will be accepted as Wolverine for as long as he lives and he may even be typecast for the rest of his career. Recently he has starred in Les Miserable and Prisoners which show his acting range but if you say Hugh Jackman to someone they will think Wolverine straight away.

As Wolverine is basically immortal he can be part of the new x-men team which he wasn’t initially a part of in the originals as he was a late comer to the team. Also because in Days Of Future Past, Wolverine will go back into his younger body and this will reboot the continuity of the series but not the actors who have played the characters. Time travel allows the character to have a rebirth and his character which is loved by fans can be explored more and more for years to come.

I think Wolverine being part of the early X-men team in this semi rebooted series would be really cool and I am more than happy for Jackman to continue playing the role. More stories could be explored in standalone Wolverine films such as Old Man Logan which does include wider characters of the marvel universe but I am sure could be adapted specifically for the X-men universe.

Also that would allow Jackman to continue playing the role even into his 60s if he was still up for it. Also we may get more standalone Wolverine films, X-Men Origins was not received well at all and The Wolverine got mixed reviews but I personally think The Wolverine was a fantastic film that was more about the character. I would love to see a standalone Wolverine sequel involving the X-23 story line.

Maybe it is time for Jackman to give up the role of Wolverine and work on other projects but if Days Of Future Past is received well by audiences I think Jackman may still be around playing Wolverine for a few more years yet.

What do you think about Hugh Jackman’s potential retirement from Wolverine? Do you think he can still do more films? Is there a specific Wolverine storyline you would like to see adapted on the big-screen? Please comment below and thanks for reading.

Agent Carter TV Show In The Works.

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Marvel has dominated the film industry for the past few years. The Avengers is now the highest grossing film ever and all of its other films do pretty well at the box office. Joss Whedon has been working on the TV series Agents Of Shield which will follow non superhero characters as the battle the strange and unusual across the world. Now it has been announced that Peggy Carter from Captain America who was portrayed by Haley Atwell is going to appear in her own TV series.

An extra on the DVD of Iron Man 3 showed a short film of Peggy Carter in action. Haley Atwell is set to reprise her role of Peggy Carter despite being an older version of herself in Captain America: The Winter Solider. Other than expanding the Marvel universe further having a female to be the lead role in a tv series is good news. There are not that many female superheroes and the ones portrayed on screen so far have not been done in a way to suggest they lead the film. Like Black Widow in Iron Man 2 and The Avengers was a supporting character and I cannot see her getting her standalone film any time soon,

There are not many lead roles for women in films and especially not in television, Women actors always seem to be part of the supporting cast. The fact Atwell will be the lead in this new TV series may push for standalone female super hero movies. There is already a rumor of a Ms Marvel film in the works. The premise of the show is currently unknown simply because it is early days but I think it will likely be a prequel to Agents Of Shield and may set up further films in the Marvel universe. Agent Carter will likely be fighting super natural forces as well as the threat of communism in this new TV show which will likely be set a few years after the second world war.

What do you think of this show being made? Are you excited to see a female character lead for once? Please comment and thanks for reading.

Justice League Movie. Will It Happen?

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Studios always look to make money with big budget motion pictures which will usually make hundreds of millions if not cross the billion dollar mark. In recent years comic book movies have become popular and keep getting made. Marvel is currently in phase two of its film plan with the success  of phase one which included Iron Man, Captain America and now the highest grossing film ever Avengers Assemble. They have now moved on to Phase two which is including Iron Man 3, Guardians Of The Galaxy and Avengers 2.

DC comics and Warner Brothers also had success with Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. With the success of its own films and the success of Avengers Warner Brothers is now developing a Justice League movie.The Justice League movie is being set up with Man Of Steel and initially Warner Brothers wanted Nolan’s Batman in the Justice League.

I am glad that Nolan’s Batman will not be in the Justice League as that version of Batman was grounded in reality and could not exist in a wider universe. I do personally think that Nolan’s version of Batman being in the Justice league would ruin the lore of the trilogy. I do think that Man of Steel was the perfect set up for the Justice League movie but now it has to be handled in the right way.

I do not think that they should make a Justice league movie for the sake of competing with the Avengers, I think that will be a big mistake and it will be far too rushed. Warner Brothers want the film out by 2015 however I reckon it wont get made until 2017 at the latest or maybe not at all. At first Zack Synder did not want his version of Superman in the Justice League and having now given in he has still said he would want a second Superman film before a Justice League movie to explore the character more.

And the way Marvel did it was to introduce all the characters in their own films first and then bring them all together. Rather than just copying this Warner Brothers and DC need to go at a slower pace before tackling the Justice League Movie. Others have said we should get a second Superman Film, a new Batman Film and then Superman and Batman should team up at first. People feel it will be too unbelievable that all these superheroes have appeared coincidentally at the same time.

Its obviously up to the studios who would fund the projects but I think rushing the film will mean less sucess at teh box office and less appeal to people who would watch the sequels. If they take it slower a Justice League movie can work but I really don’t think they will wait that long before making the movie.

What do you think? Should a Justice League Movie be released by 2015 or should the filmmakers have more time to create and explore characters? Please comment and thanks for reading.