Godzilla Teaser Trailer Review

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Hollywood keeps on dishing out blockbuster movies with massive budgets and amazing special effects. Also There are lots of reboots in effect at the moment either due to be released or being developed. Some people say this is selling out and I do think it is unoriginal however due to the advancement in visual effects it is great to see stories retold with better visual and special effects.

Godzilla has been shown on screen a few times from films in the 1950s to the big budget film that came out in 1998 starring Matthew Broderick. Despite receiving mixed reviews Godzilla from 1998 left the story on a cliffhanger and people did want more. 16 years on we are going to get a new film. This is not a sequel but may have references to the previous film.

The trailer for me was really impressive. Despite this is called a teaser trailer I felt we got plenty of information. and we did actually get a good look at the monster. I thought the silence towards the end of the trailer followed by the iconic roar of the monster was really cool and I already know lots of people are really excited for this film just on the roar of the monster.

The teaser is made up of many different clips that don’t give the plot away but it is clear that Godzilla has come from somewhere and is wrecking havoc. Pacific Rim came out recently and dealt with giants monsters attacking cities but I know that was not well received at all. I have not seen Pacific Rim yet but I am sure Godzilla will be very different and be more appealing to the audience as this is a familiar story using a very iconic monster.

The film stars Arron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Ken Wantanabe and David Strathairn. The film is due to be released 16th May 2014 so we only have a few months to wait before seeing this iconic monster hit the big screen again. We will also get a few more trailers by then so those unsatisfied with the teaser will be able to see more before its footage before it is released.

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Reboots and Remakes

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Hollywood is struggling to come up with new fresh ideas and in order to make money many films are being remade or rebooted. There are still so many stories and potential that is yet to be explored though even films that seem original usually follow a narrative structure and genre which makes the film experience less fresh.

With Reboots this seems to be a new way to make money and is usually used with comic book movies. As you may know when a film series wants to start again they will reboot the series taking it in a different direction. If you look at the Batman series that started in 1989 with Tim Burton’s Batman and finishing with Joel Schumacher’s Batman and Robin it has a very different tone from the reboot created by Christopher Nolan in 2005 with Batman Begins. Nolan created a series which was far more grounded in reality than its predecessors. Comic book movies are easy to reboot because there are so many published stories from comic books which can take characters in a different direction.

Films however can be remade as well sometimes for good reason. For example a lot of foreign films get remade by Hollywood in order to make the story more appealing to a global audience. For example The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was made in Sweden and received a Hollywood remake in 2011 directed by David Fincher. For filmmakers this seems to be a easy way to make money as a lot of foreign films are difficult to follow and cinema audiences are passive and when at the cinema are not interested in watching a foreign language film.

Many big budget films are remade and rebooted. We have recently seen Superman, Star Trek, Spider-man and Judge Dredd rebooted. And over the next year we will see Reboots of Robocop, Godzilla and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Remaking and rebooting films does however allow dated films to be shown to a brand new audience and this creates appeal to new generations. Even films from the 90s that are being remade can be remade today with better special effects and hopefully learn from the mistakes of the original. Remakes and reboots may be considered to be quick and easy money and defile the art but they do hold a purpose in the film industry.