The Walking Dead: Indifference Review

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As of this week The Walking Dead has been renewed for Season 5 which is great news for fans. I don’t think that this is a big surprise though as it is clear that the show is popular and it has a large fan base who are loyal to the show. Things can change very quickly but Scott M. Gimple is the current show runner and will be the show runner for Season 5. IN the episodes we have already seen the tone of the show is better. Gimple was the show runner on the episode Clear which is a lot of peoples favorite episode from season 3. But anyway.

This weeks episode is also great. This season keeps on delivering and I am so glad this is the case. With the current show runner the audience feels like it is watching a different show entirely and that the show in question is fantastic. Not to say The Walking Dead has been bad but clearly some episodes are a lot better than others.  I am sure that is the case with most television shows. I do wonder how this can last and I am sure some episodes may slow down the pace to catch up on character development but as of yet characters are being killed off so until the time where things settle down we can keep on expecting episodes like the ones in season 4 so far. We are still getting character development from the episodes but to me it seems more focused on the characters facing the current obstacles. I do think that Carol did get a great deal of development in this episode. Also Bob a new character to season 4 got more story in this and we get to learn more about his past.

The episode opens with Rick and Carol preparing to go on a run to look for medicine. As the others have not returned back yet they are taking it upon themselves to go and look for medicine elsewhere. Before they go Carol tells Lizzie that she is going on a run as a precaution and tells her more about survival. Lizzie accidentally calls Carol mum and she is pissed that Lizzie says that. Rick investigates the area in which Karen and David are sick and we see flashbacks of Carol killing Karen and dragging out her body.

When we pick up with the others from last week they begin to search for a new vehicle as they were forced to abandon the car when they got stuck on a pile of walkers. Tyreese is washing his shirt in the river as it was covered in blood. Tyreese has lost hope because they have lost a day. He thinks that his sister and all the others will be dead from the illness. Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob continue to a small town to look for a new car.

As Carol and Rick drive to a settlement to look for supplies Carol tells him why she killed Karen and David. She says that they were suffering and she wanted to prevent them infecting the survivors with the illness.  Rick does not say anything it is clear he is conflicted. He knows Carol well and thinks that what she did is wrong but I do think he understands why she chose to do it. Carol And Rick arrive at the down looking for supplies. They enter one house and are confronted by a walker. The walker falls down the stairs and Carol quickly finishes it off. They here more noise coming from upstairs and two survivors come out offering Rick and Carol fruit.

Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob come across a cars in the bushes but they are attacked by walkers. Tyreese grabs one and does not let go. This shows that he still feels useless and wants to die. His character has been through a great deal now.

Rick and Carol meet a young couple who have been hiding in the bathroom upstairs for a few says. The guy has a dislocated shoulder and Carol is able to pop it back in place for him. The two ask where Rick and Carol are set up and Rick proceeds to ask them the three questions that they will decide if they can return with them or not. They pass the test and Rick tells them that the prison is unsafe because of the illness and he can not guarantee their safety their. They don’t mind and they offer to help Rick and Carol look for supplies before they head back to the prison. They all split up looking for the medicine.

Daryl Discovers that the battery is busted and they need to find a new one in order to get the car to start. Bob and Daryl go into a store and come across a battery. Daryl and Bob have a conversation about what happened in the supermarket. Bob says about how he wanted alcohol for when it becomes quiet. He blames himself for the death of Zack. Daryl says that he should not blame himself.

Rick and Carol search for supplies and Carol reveals to Rick that she learnt to fix a dislocated shoulder from the internet as it was easier than telling the nurse she fell down the stairs again. She talks a lot about Ed and Sofia and Rick knows she has changed completely from when they first met. Rick and Carol discover the young girls severed leg and see a few walkers eating someone who we assume is the girl. They go back to the house to meet the guy and he does not show up. They assume that he has also been killed or has just run off.

Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob arrive at the veterinary hospital and begin to look for medicine. Before going to the medicine cabinet Bob looks on the floor and is seen bent down. Later he identifies what medicines they need. Bob was a medic and knows the names of the pills that are needed. The four of them grab the medicine and leave. However they become surrounded by walkers and have to make a run for it. They escape by smashing a window and Bob nearly falls off the edge. He is trying desperately to save his back but wont let go. The others manage to pull him up and the back hits the roof and we hear a noise of a bottle. Daryl discovers that Bob has alcohol in his back and becomes furious that Bob endangered them all for a bottle of alcohol. Daryl then goes on to say he wishes that he had left Bob at the side of the road rather than bringing him to the prison.

Rick at the end reveals to Carol that he thinks her actions were wrong. He says that Karen and David may have survived but she took away that chance by killing the. Rick tells her that when he finds out and that the others also wont want her there if they find out. Carol justifies her actions saying would he do it to save Carl and Judith. Rick says he doesn’t know but he wants Carol gone. Carol says she stepped up and did something for the good of the others. She also says that no one else needs to know. Carol gives Rick her watch which she says was a gift from Ed and she should have got rid of it years ago. Carol takes another car and leaves. This is quite a shocking departure and I really did not see her leaving the show.

This episode revolves around the tension brewing up between Carol and Rick. Rick knows what she did was wrong and does not want her around Carl or Judith anymore but he appreciates he has known her for a long time. He knows Tyreese would kill Carol if he finds out so Rick suggests that she leaves. It is the best for everyone if she leaves in Rick’s eyes. She will be able to get a fresh start with a new group of people. Carol has become a stronger character and her character would be able to survive on her own. Despite her departure in this episode I do not think this will be the last we see of Carol. I find her character a lot more interesting than before and I want to see more of her now. It may be it for her but I would not be surprised if she makes an appearance in a later season or even appearing in the companion series that is in the works.

The shocking revelation of last weeks episode was that Carol killed Karen and David when she found out they were ill. As I said before I felt this was out of character but this weeks episode did explain why she did it and it made more sense for the viewer. I do think this was another solid episode with a great plot and although it was not action packed it was still very interesting to watch and I enjoyed every minute of it.

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Here is the promo for next weeks episode ‘Internment’


Netflix Aims To Evolve

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A few months ago I talked about how Netflix is evolving to be the future of television. It now has a few shows of original content for its viewers as well as regular updates of new films and television shows. Over the summer Netflix took things a bit further. It is continuation to evolve and be the top of its game. Basically Netflix has taken a leaf out of HBO’s book and wants to produce original content but also show other content that viewers can enjoy.

I live in Britain and usually if I want to watch a television show I need to wait usually a week until it comes on British television or I can find it on the internet. I really like the show Breaking Bad and Netflix allowed streaming the next morning of when the show aired. I could watch it within hours of it being shown live in the USA. Also Breaking Bad is not shown on Television in Britain at the moment. Even though Season 5 Part 2 is over you can still not watch it anywhere but Netflix or find it ‘illegally’ on the internet. Also I have watched stuff on the internet before but it was of poor quality and it contained adverts. The great think about Netflix that it is perfect quality and all the adverts are taken out. That is amazing. Some people would want to watch the show at the same time although it is early morning on a Monday when Breaking Bad was shown and I was happy to wait just a few hours before watching it. Breaking Bad episodes became available the next day at 9am.

Being a member of Netflix I was asked to fill out a questionnaire about Breaking Bad on Netflix. The message I got implied that more shows from the USA will be exclusive to Netflix and be available the next day on Netflix. That would be fantastic. There are lots of shows that I would love to watch. For example another AMC show The Walking Dead is due to air on US television this week and the only way I can watch it will be on the internet or I think I have to wait a week before it is shown on television. I want to watch it as soon as possible so I would love for Netflix to do the same with The Walking Dead to what they have done with Breaking Bad.

Netflix has shown initiative and with its original content as well as its wide selection of films I am sure that the company will do well. If Netflix is able to secure more US shows to be shown the next day after airing I think this will secure more customers for Netflix. Also if they can make more money they will be able to produce more original content like House Of Cards. I may be wrong but I can only see this proposal as helping Netflix make more money and make more original content.

The Walking Dead: 30 Days Without An Accident Review

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After a fair few months of waiting The Walking Dead has returned to our screens. This episode was a great opening and was not too strong in introducing new characters and also gave the favorite characters enough screen time. This is only the first episode of many and it is unclear what the story is yet. We have plenty to go on from the trailers and frankly we know that things will get worse for these characters. And as much as it is annoying to see these characters suffer the story would not be as interesting without loss or tragedy.

The episode opens with Rick doing some farming and we get to see how the prison has developed over time. They have really built a new community within the prison similar to Woodbury. They have crops, animals, water and even story time. At the end of the last season the survivors were brought over from Woodbury and they are now all part of a thriving community.

We then see Carl join Rick on the farm and Rick tells him not to name the pigs. One of the pigs appears to be sick. This is revealed to be relevant later on in the story. We are introduced to the regular characters as well. We see Herschel walking about without crutches and it is later revealed that he now has a prosthetic leg. I however guessed this from the trailer that was released at comic con. We get to see Glenn and Maggie loving it up once again and even Beth has a boyfriend now, but its not Carl. We also get to see Tyreese loved up. So basically we get to see everyone in the prison happy for once and there is no peril. The characters have lost a lot and its nice to see things going well but we knew things would not go well for long.

The set piece of this episode is an incident that occurs at the mall. The survivors go on a supply run to the mall. Daryl, Michonne, Sasha, Tyreese, new character Bob and Beth’s boyfriend Zach are all involved. Beth does not say goodbye to Zach knowing that he will be okay. They go to the mall looking for supplies and things seem to be going well until Bob makes a row of shelves fall on him and gets his leg stuck. The noise of the shelve falling over attracts walkers and walkers start to fall through the roof. The survivors dispatch the many foes but as Bob is being freed Zach is bitten in the leg by a walker and is dragged to the ground and bitten in the neck.

Carol is seen reading stories to the children and eventually starts to teach them how to defend themselves using knives. Carl sneaks in on this and Carol asks him not to tell his father. This implies that Rick is against having any form of weapon in the prison. Patrick another new character who is seen with Carl at the beginning of the episode leaves story time claiming he is feeling really ill and he may throw up.

Meanwhile Rick goes out on a patrol on his own and comes across a hungry woman who asks for his help to get a rotting dear corpse back to her husband. At first we are to believe that this woman is a walker but she explained how she has not eaten in days. Rick agrees to let her come back to the prison if he can meet her husband. Rick arrives at this woman’s camp to find no man and she tries to kill him. Rick then pulls the gun on her and she explains her husband needs fresh meat. The woman then kills herself and claims she wants to be with her husband. We then see movement under a cover and it is implied that her husband is a walker and she has been keeping him alive.

The survivors return with supplies and Daryl informs Beth of Zach’s death. Her reaction is very interesting. First of all this may simple be a ploy to eventually set up Beth and Carl but she does seem to care about Zach. She says she was glad to know him and is glad that she didn’t say goodbye because it would have been difficult for her. Like Carl with naming the pigs and the little kids naming the walkers, she knows people can die at any second and does not want to get attached to anyone as the pain is too much to deal with. She then changes the 30 days without an accident sign in her room to zero.

Throughout the episode walkers are gathering around the prison and it is not known but a guess from the trailer that someone is leading them there. I thought the Governor was going to make an appearance in this episode. We do see that Michonne is still hell bent on finding the Governor. She goes out searching for him on her own.

Patrick who was seen earlier now looks really sickly and goes into the shower to cool off most likely due to a high temperature. He then faints to the floor. We then see that the pig from the beginning of the episode is even sicker than before and she is most likely dead. Patrick is seen seen on the floor and then his eyes open. He has reanimated and then the show ends. This does leave the question why did he die?

So I thought that someone is poisoning the food and that caused Patrick to fall ill. Or because of the pig being sick the virus may very well have spread to animals and maybe eating the meat may make you ill cause you to die and reanimate. I think this is likely as Patrick thanks Daryl for bringing in a deer at the beginning of the episode and when we see another dead deer its carcass is rotting away. The title of next weeks episode is ‘Infected’. This will likely answer the question to what caused Patrick to die. If the virus has spread to animals this posses a new threat for the survivors.

Overall this is a really good opening to the new season and has really got me excited for next weeks episode. I have lots of questions that need answering and lots of theories to what is going on. We see in next weeks promo that things are starting to go down hill and I think it is highly likely that someone else will die in next weeks episode if not multiple people.  The season premiere attracted 16.1 million viewers and AMC hopes that it will exceed 20 million viewers next week.

What did you think of the episode? Please comment below and thanks for reading.

Here is the promo for next weeks episode ‘Infected’

Breaking Bad Felina Review

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Breaking Bad has now finished, no more episodes unfortunately. Breaking Bad came onto our screens back in 2008 and after 5 fantastic seasons it has come to a conclusive end. I am upset that the show has ended but I am glad that it ended well. It is good that the story came to a conclusive end rather than dragging out and ending by cancellation. The show has constantly delivered and surprised its audience and I’m sure the writers could have written more but I personally think that the show ended at the appropriate time. The show is one of my favorite shows due to its great stories and characters and I think that the show has left a fantastic Legacy and people who are not born yet will watch this show and it will be known as one of the greats.

This weeks episode starts off with Walt in New Hampshire breaking into a car and fearing he may be caught. Walt then arrives back in Albuquerque and confronts Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz.  Initially you think he is going to kill them but he gives them all of his money and asks them to set up a grant for his family. His family must not know the money is actually from Walt. in Granite State Walt sees the Schwartz’s on Charlie Rose talking about a trust they have set up to support people addicted to Meth. Walt believes that Skylar and Junior will accept the money from the Schwartz’s if they think it is from them. Walt says if they fail to do so he has hired two hit men to kill them if they fail to. Laser sights point at the Schwartz’s and they take Walt seriously. We later find out that Walt was just tricking them as the guys pointing the lasers were simply Badger and Skinny Pete. It is then established that after this Walt goes to the Denny’s to pick up the machine gun and back to his house to pick up the ricin.

Walt then confronts Todd and Lydia and says he needs money and wants to sell some new formula to create meth without methlamine. They reluctantly agree to Walt’s proposition but plan to have him killed as they know he is dangerous, wanted from the police and dying. Lydia then looks for more Stevia to put in her tea. The waiter hands her one from the table Walt was sitting at before he approached them. Walt then goes to see Skylar and admits everything he did was not for the family but for him, he said it made him feel alive. Walt  is then seen testing out a mechanism for the machine gun. He also gives Skylar the location of where Hank and Steve are buried and informs her that he is going after his old associates. Walt arrives at the Aryan compound at night and drives up to the club house. Jack and Todd tell him they are not interested in his proposition and are going to kill him. Walt shouts at them saying they did not kill Jesse and are now partnered with him. Jack is furious and brings out Jesse to prove they are not partners but Jesse is his slave. Walt attacks Jesse tackling him to the ground. As this happens Walt reaches activates his keys and the machine gun from his boot begins to fire and kill the Aryans.

Walt is then wounded by the gun and so is Jack. Todd avoids getting hit but in the aftermath Jesse kills Todd. Walt approaches Jack who says if he kills him he will never find the money. Lydia then calls Todd but Walt answers the phone. Lydia has flu like symptoms and Walt informs her he poisoned her with ricin and she only has a few days left to live. Walt simply shoots him in the head. Walt throws the gun to Jesse asking him to kill him. Jesse asks him to say that’s what he wants. Walt says so .Jesse sees that Walt is wounded and says he should do it himself if he wants it. Jesse then drives off crying into the night. Walt is left wounded at the compound and walks into the meth lab that he designed. The police can be seen arriving at the scene. Walt looks at his reflection which resembles himself when he lost his hair. He then falls the ground leaving a blood hand print on the container. Walt is seen lying dead on the ground and the police arrive in the room and surround his dead body.

For me the series has come full circle. Walt has achieved what he wanted to by leaving some of the money he made to his family. He was also able to save Jesse from the hell he had been living for a few months. He also avenged Hank’s death and secured Skylar’s name. Despite in his final moments Walt was Heisenberg it makes me think that Heisenberg is nothing but a name and the good man who is Walter White was always there. Walt had a difficult journey and although he was not able to leave his family all the money he had ever made he left them enough which was his original intent when he started cooking meth.

Jesse and Walt reflect each other in this episode in my opinion. They both look worn out and rough. They are both bearded and have longer hair. At the end they are equals. Jesse was now an experienced cook even though it was against his will. Also they both proved that they were good people. Walt saved Jesse and Jesse spared Walt’s life. I am very glad that Jesse did not kill Walt as I do think their inner goodness and their father and son relationship was stronger than vengeance.

Overall the show is fantastic and it came to an appropriate end. The show made me sad as well. I was so sad to see Walt admit he was selfish as well as seeing him accept his death. The show was emotional and it worked so well. I am glad too have watched this show and although the suprise will be gone I will re watch this show again and again for its brilliant content.A Saul Spin off is also being talked about at the moment but will be a prequel to Breaking Bad. I did like Saul as a character but I think his standalone story will not be as interesting as the Breaking Bad storyline. Breaking Bad is the best show on television in my opinion and I don’t know if anything will be able to replace it ever.

What did you think of Breaking Bad? Was the finale a good end to the story? Please comment and thanks for reading.

Walking Dead Companion Series In The Works.

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The Walking Dead is currently one of the most popular tv series on at the moment. Season 4 will premier this October and fans are excited to see what new trials these characters have to face in a world infested by walkers. It has been announced that AMC are currently working on a companion series which will follow another group of survivors. The tv series is based on the popular comic book and the new series will also be worked on by the comics creator Robert Kirkman.

As this is very early days we don’t know if this new series will link up with the current series or if it is completely separate. Maybe in another part of the country far away from Georgia. I really hope that this is separate and will allow us to see another part of America and how people may behave differently in different areas. Maybe setting it in California as that has the highest population of any state plus the terrain varies a lot so we could explore completely new areas. Or maybe even setting it in a foreign country? That is unlikely but who knows.

I do feel this is a little bit of a cop out but I and many other viewers have questioned what is happening else where? I love The Walking Dead and I would defiantly watch the companion series. Zombies are still a hot topic for many mediums at the moment, we recently got World War Z in the cinemas. What would you like to see from a companion series? Thanks for reading and please comment below.