I’m doing a Gaming Podcast!

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Hi everyone,

Obviously I haven’t posted any film reviews of news in a very long time now. Hopefully I will do some more reviews in the near future and start to interact with you guys again. One of the things I have done recently is a Video Game podcast for Flickering Myth. I would appreciate you guys to check it out and leave any feedback so I can improve for the future. Plus I will be sharing any future podcasts I do in the near future.

Thanks guys


Ant-Man Gets A Director And Plot Synopsis

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Many of you will know that a few weeks ago Edgar Wright, director of Shaun of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim Vs The World had announced his departure from Marvel’s Ant-Man project. This was a shock to many fans due to the fact that Wright had been attached to the project since 2006 as well as the looming release date. The film is due out in July 2015 and Marvel have assured us that they will make this release date.

When Wright left Marvel said hey already had a director to take over and many thought it would be Attack The Block director Joe Cornish who also co wrote the Ant-Man Script. However his name did not even come up on the original shortlist. Maybe this is due to his loyalty to Wright and the original script that had been changed by low key writers just a few weeks before production.

Shortly after Wright’s departure he shortlist of these directors were revealed. Rawson Thurber director of Dodgeball and We’re The Millers, Adam McKay director of Anchorman and The Other guys and finally Ruben Fleischer director of Zombieland and Gangster Squad. It was reported for a little while hat Thurber was the frontrunner until many reported Mckay had been chosen for the project. Mckay hen came out and revealed he had been approached but has other projects on the go that he had to turn down.

It had been revealed that Peyton Reed director of Yes Man has signed on to direct the film and Adam Mckay is said to be rewriting the script. The rewright will be done to discredit the original writers for walking away from the project unfortunatly. Many fans are curious to see what Edgar Wright had done with the story, many claimng that it would have been a more interesting film. Obviously we will never know now but fans will always wonder.

This brings up the issue of the decline of Marvel. This project has been in development or so long and now with a rewrite and a delayed shoot may the actors start dropping out due to the fact this is not the project they signed up for? We won’t know till a later date ofcourse but this may be unlikely. Recently Michael Douglas who is playing Hank Pym in the movie came out and commented on Wright’s departure saying ‘I was very disappointed. I’m a big fan of his movies [and] it’s a very disappointing situation.’

Marvel claim that the film can still make its release date in 13 months time but with a new director on board and script rewrites this late in the game, a delay is not unexpected. Even a company like Marvel Studios with all their resources will take time to salvage the damage caused by Wirght’s departure.

Marvel always seems to pick great directors and altough the original director had left the project, the excecutives and Marvel must have fait in Reed’s ability to get this film made. We just need to wait for things to develop now and hopefully this projct can get back on track.

Marvel released this new synopsis of the film:

Armed with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, con-man Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) must embrace his inner-hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), protect the secret behind his spectacular Ant-Man suit from a new generation of towering threats. Against seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Pym and Lang must plan and pull off a heist that will save the world.

What do you think of Peyton Reed as a Director? Are you upset of Wright’s Departure? Should the film be delayed or cancelled? Please comment and thanks for reading.

Who Gary Oldman could potentially play in Star Wars Episode VII

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Movie news keep reporting that every actor in Hollywood has been approached for a role in Star Wars Episode VII. Recently Gary Oldman has been reported to have been offered a role in the film but if he will take it or not has yet to be confirmed. In an interview Oldman seemed keen on the idea but would only believe it once he is on a plane to London to shoot the film. Who will he play though? Will he play a villain? He has played some really iconic villains in his time but not recently. Maybe he will play someone who already exists in the Star Wars universe.

Obi-Wan Kenobi. Here me out. Gary Oldman without a doubt is a great actor and would be able to pull the role off. Oldman is approaching the same age as Alec Guinness was when he played the role. Not to mention the fact that both Alec Guinness and Gary Oldman have played the character George Smiley in separate versions of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. People clearly saw something in Gary Oldman for him to play the role of George Smiley. Why couldn’t he play another character Guinness has played. I would really be up for seeing this. Other than having Ewan McGregor playing the role I think Oldman would be perfect. 

This is clearly just a suggestion but it may not be a million miles off. What do you think? Could Gary Oldman play the role of Obi-Wan? Please comment below and thanks for reading. 

Michael Douglas cast as Hank Pym

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Ant-Man is an ambitious project for Marvel but president Kevin Fiege seems to think that it will work. People expected Ant-Man to appear in the Avengers 2 as in the comics Ultron who will be the villain for The Avengers 2 was created by Hank Pym. However it has been stated that Ant-Man will not appear in Avengers 2. 

A few weeks ago it was announced that Paul Rudd would be playing Ant-Man and we all assumed that he would be playing Hank Pym. Director Edgar Wright tweeted an image recently of a Scott Lang story line suggesting that both Lang and Pym would appear. I remember when Edgar Wright was announced as director he expressed interest in using both Lang and Pym. 

So the news was very exciting when veteran oscar winning actor Michael Douglas had been cast as Hank Pym. Therefore Rudd will be playing the younger Ant-Man Scott Lang. People seem outrages as Douglas’ casting saying he is too old which I think is ridiculous. If the rumors of the story are true his age is relevant and even though he is 69 years old does not mean he is useless and can’t do anything anymore. 

Not much more is known about the film but people have been speculating. Some believe that Pym played by Douglas will be the villain of the movie which is plausible but it is too early to tell. Some media websites reported he was playing the villain but that was dropped early so it may have been a mistake. 

I do think that Edgar Wright will bring something different to this film, something that the other Marvel films don’t have. I am excited to see how Douglas and Rudd are as there respective characters.

What do you think of the casting? Please comment below and thanks for reading.

Netflix Aims To Evolve

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A few months ago I talked about how Netflix is evolving to be the future of television. It now has a few shows of original content for its viewers as well as regular updates of new films and television shows. Over the summer Netflix took things a bit further. It is continuation to evolve and be the top of its game. Basically Netflix has taken a leaf out of HBO’s book and wants to produce original content but also show other content that viewers can enjoy.

I live in Britain and usually if I want to watch a television show I need to wait usually a week until it comes on British television or I can find it on the internet. I really like the show Breaking Bad and Netflix allowed streaming the next morning of when the show aired. I could watch it within hours of it being shown live in the USA. Also Breaking Bad is not shown on Television in Britain at the moment. Even though Season 5 Part 2 is over you can still not watch it anywhere but Netflix or find it ‘illegally’ on the internet. Also I have watched stuff on the internet before but it was of poor quality and it contained adverts. The great think about Netflix that it is perfect quality and all the adverts are taken out. That is amazing. Some people would want to watch the show at the same time although it is early morning on a Monday when Breaking Bad was shown and I was happy to wait just a few hours before watching it. Breaking Bad episodes became available the next day at 9am.

Being a member of Netflix I was asked to fill out a questionnaire about Breaking Bad on Netflix. The message I got implied that more shows from the USA will be exclusive to Netflix and be available the next day on Netflix. That would be fantastic. There are lots of shows that I would love to watch. For example another AMC show The Walking Dead is due to air on US television this week and the only way I can watch it will be on the internet or I think I have to wait a week before it is shown on television. I want to watch it as soon as possible so I would love for Netflix to do the same with The Walking Dead to what they have done with Breaking Bad.

Netflix has shown initiative and with its original content as well as its wide selection of films I am sure that the company will do well. If Netflix is able to secure more US shows to be shown the next day after airing I think this will secure more customers for Netflix. Also if they can make more money they will be able to produce more original content like House Of Cards. I may be wrong but I can only see this proposal as helping Netflix make more money and make more original content.

The Walking Dead: 30 Days Without An Accident Review

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After a fair few months of waiting The Walking Dead has returned to our screens. This episode was a great opening and was not too strong in introducing new characters and also gave the favorite characters enough screen time. This is only the first episode of many and it is unclear what the story is yet. We have plenty to go on from the trailers and frankly we know that things will get worse for these characters. And as much as it is annoying to see these characters suffer the story would not be as interesting without loss or tragedy.

The episode opens with Rick doing some farming and we get to see how the prison has developed over time. They have really built a new community within the prison similar to Woodbury. They have crops, animals, water and even story time. At the end of the last season the survivors were brought over from Woodbury and they are now all part of a thriving community.

We then see Carl join Rick on the farm and Rick tells him not to name the pigs. One of the pigs appears to be sick. This is revealed to be relevant later on in the story. We are introduced to the regular characters as well. We see Herschel walking about without crutches and it is later revealed that he now has a prosthetic leg. I however guessed this from the trailer that was released at comic con. We get to see Glenn and Maggie loving it up once again and even Beth has a boyfriend now, but its not Carl. We also get to see Tyreese loved up. So basically we get to see everyone in the prison happy for once and there is no peril. The characters have lost a lot and its nice to see things going well but we knew things would not go well for long.

The set piece of this episode is an incident that occurs at the mall. The survivors go on a supply run to the mall. Daryl, Michonne, Sasha, Tyreese, new character Bob and Beth’s boyfriend Zach are all involved. Beth does not say goodbye to Zach knowing that he will be okay. They go to the mall looking for supplies and things seem to be going well until Bob makes a row of shelves fall on him and gets his leg stuck. The noise of the shelve falling over attracts walkers and walkers start to fall through the roof. The survivors dispatch the many foes but as Bob is being freed Zach is bitten in the leg by a walker and is dragged to the ground and bitten in the neck.

Carol is seen reading stories to the children and eventually starts to teach them how to defend themselves using knives. Carl sneaks in on this and Carol asks him not to tell his father. This implies that Rick is against having any form of weapon in the prison. Patrick another new character who is seen with Carl at the beginning of the episode leaves story time claiming he is feeling really ill and he may throw up.

Meanwhile Rick goes out on a patrol on his own and comes across a hungry woman who asks for his help to get a rotting dear corpse back to her husband. At first we are to believe that this woman is a walker but she explained how she has not eaten in days. Rick agrees to let her come back to the prison if he can meet her husband. Rick arrives at this woman’s camp to find no man and she tries to kill him. Rick then pulls the gun on her and she explains her husband needs fresh meat. The woman then kills herself and claims she wants to be with her husband. We then see movement under a cover and it is implied that her husband is a walker and she has been keeping him alive.

The survivors return with supplies and Daryl informs Beth of Zach’s death. Her reaction is very interesting. First of all this may simple be a ploy to eventually set up Beth and Carl but she does seem to care about Zach. She says she was glad to know him and is glad that she didn’t say goodbye because it would have been difficult for her. Like Carl with naming the pigs and the little kids naming the walkers, she knows people can die at any second and does not want to get attached to anyone as the pain is too much to deal with. She then changes the 30 days without an accident sign in her room to zero.

Throughout the episode walkers are gathering around the prison and it is not known but a guess from the trailer that someone is leading them there. I thought the Governor was going to make an appearance in this episode. We do see that Michonne is still hell bent on finding the Governor. She goes out searching for him on her own.

Patrick who was seen earlier now looks really sickly and goes into the shower to cool off most likely due to a high temperature. He then faints to the floor. We then see that the pig from the beginning of the episode is even sicker than before and she is most likely dead. Patrick is seen seen on the floor and then his eyes open. He has reanimated and then the show ends. This does leave the question why did he die?

So I thought that someone is poisoning the food and that caused Patrick to fall ill. Or because of the pig being sick the virus may very well have spread to animals and maybe eating the meat may make you ill cause you to die and reanimate. I think this is likely as Patrick thanks Daryl for bringing in a deer at the beginning of the episode and when we see another dead deer its carcass is rotting away. The title of next weeks episode is ‘Infected’. This will likely answer the question to what caused Patrick to die. If the virus has spread to animals this posses a new threat for the survivors.

Overall this is a really good opening to the new season and has really got me excited for next weeks episode. I have lots of questions that need answering and lots of theories to what is going on. We see in next weeks promo that things are starting to go down hill and I think it is highly likely that someone else will die in next weeks episode if not multiple people.  The season premiere attracted 16.1 million viewers and AMC hopes that it will exceed 20 million viewers next week.

What did you think of the episode? Please comment below and thanks for reading.

Here is the promo for next weeks episode ‘Infected’

Do The Academy Awards Matter?

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Everyone likes to get praised for their work. Awards season for the film industry is important to so many people and winning an award really matters to them. The Academy Awards is considered the most prestigious film award a person can win. Actors dream of winning Oscars in particular and many not just actors but anyone who works in the film industry would be so honored to have their work recognized. However with mixed opinions on films and performances do awards really matter? There have been many roles by actors which I feel were undeserving of Academy Awards and many actors who have missed out on an Oscar nomination despite receiving praise by other awards for their performances. Some have actually made me really angry and even though some may be my personal opinion towards a performance or film I can still show my disapproval and approval of what happens at the Academy Awards.

Meryl Streep is a fantastic actress and has received so much recognition from the Academy Awards but one thing has really annoyed me recently. She won best leading actress for The Iron Lady. Now I can only say this is my opinion but I know many agree with me. In The Iron Lady it is not a powerful biopic about Margret Thatcher it is a pathetic attempt at a dementia awareness the film. He performance was so weak and she only got nominated because she gets nominated. There were better roles that year for the actresses who would have loved to have won an Oscar instead. Also many of Streep’s nominations mean that other new actresses are not getting recognized just because of the Academy’s stupid obsession with Streep. Some nominations are good but some are just put there for the sake of it and it is unfair.  I really don’t get how she won and it really makes me angry. I think this is one of the biggest mistakes the academy has ever made.

Tommy Lee Jones is a fantastic actor and gives great performances in all his films. However he won an Oscar for The Fugitive. Now if you have seen the film it is hardly a pioneering film in the world of cinema and Jones basically plays himself. Its not a terrible performance but its not an Oscar worthy performance. Compared to the other nominees in that category I am surprised that Jones came out on top. I personally would have awarded the Oscar to either Pete Postlethwaite for In The Name Of The Father or Ralph Fiennes for Schindler’s List. The other two nominees were John Malkovich for In The Line Of Fire and Leonardo DiCaprio for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. These were all worthy performances except for Jones who has done many better roles than The Fugitive that were worthy of Oscar nominations and even wins. What were the academy thinking when they gave the Oscar to him? I really don’t know.

There are many snubs made by the academy. Some have been nominated and still have not won whereas some great performances have been ignored  completely. As I said there were many better performances when Tommy Lee Jones won. Also more recently I felt Anne Hathaway was an unworthy winner of the academy award for Les Miserables.  I felt her role really lacked something but that is my opinion. Someone else should have won but I am torn at who should have though.

Gary Oldman finally received a Oscar nomination  for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy two years ago. However he did not win despite giving a fantastic performance. Jean Dujardin won for The Artist which I think is another overrated film. That is only my opinion. Oldman has been snubbed by the Oscars on many occasions but I would not have wanted him to win for just because the academy was trying to make up for snubbing him on in my opinion on 5 separate occasions. I feel that the academy did this with Russell Crowe. He won for Gladiator which was a great performance but I think he only won to make up for him not winning the previous year for the film The Insider.

Michael Fassbender received recognition for his role in Shame at the Golden Globes but was snubbed at the Oscars. He gave a really intense and powerful performance but the academy deemed the topic too sensitive and ignored his fantastic performance. Will Ferell a well known comedy actor gave a brilliant performance in Stranger Than Fiction which I felt was Oscar worthy as well as actor Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. I thought that range would be recognize range in performances.  I worry this will be done again for this years academy awards with Steve Carell. He is playing a serious role in the film Foxcatcher but because of his body of work the academy may snub him. I think the Academy needs to look at range of actors performances and not just the performances they are being marked on.

Snubs are not just for actors but it has been done for directors as well. Martin Scorsese winning for The Departed seemed to make up for snubs for his films such as Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Raging Bull and Casino. Although I liked The Departed I felt some of his other films are more deserving of recognition. The Departed is actually a remake which most people don’t know.

It has also been done for best film at the Oscars. The Hurt Locker won Best Picture a few years ago and I don’t think it was the best film of that time. I felt District 9 was more deserving of recognition. Also it is controversial that Forrest Gump won Best Picture over both Pulp Fiction ans The Shawshank Redemption. There two films are considered some of the best pieces in cinema history and The Shawshank Redemption is number one on Internet Movie Data Base’s top 250 list. I personally did not like Forrest Gump and I think most people would say that both The Shawshank Redemption and Pulp Fiction are much better films despite the Academy disagreeing.

Overall I do like to keep up with the Academy Awards and other awards but I do think they have made the wrong decisions on many occasions to the point that if you work in the industry that winning an award is a bonus and may help your career but sometimes the voters don’t have a clue and it is down to personal preference and if something is good but not recognized critically it does not mean it is any lesser than a film that has received recognition.

What do you think about the Academy Awards? Do you think they are unfair and they make the wrong decisions often? Please comment below and thanks for reading.