Batman VS Superman Casts Lex Luthor and Alfred

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Batman VS Superman has just been delayed for 10 months and will now be coming out in 2016 rather than 2015. When Ben Affleck was cast as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman people took to the internet to complain. I don’t know how people will react to this current casting news as it is very fresh.

Jesse Eisenberg star of The Social Network has been cast as the main villain Lex Luthor. Now I was very surprised by this as everyone was saying that Bryan Cranston, Mark Strong and Joaquin Phoenix would be cast in the role. I understand that they wanted someone younger for the role as they aimed to have him the same age as Superman but I don’t think that Eisenberg has the presence to stand up against Cavill. I thought an older actor would have been more suited to the role.

Bruce Wayne’s Butler has also been cast. Alfred will be played by Jeremy Irons which I think is a great choice. I think he is a great actor and in some ways the role seems to small for him but I reckon he can pull off the same sympathy and conscious of Alfred that we saw from Michael Caine.

We are likely to keep on getting more rumors as well as casting updates over the next few months so watch this space.

What do you think of the casting? Who would you rather see play these roles? Please comment and thanks for reading.

Batman VS Superman Film Delayed

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One of the the most anticipated films of 2015 was Batman VS Superman. Was. Production on the Man of Steel sequel has been delayed for 10 months. Filming was due to start in February 2014 and the film was due for release in the summer of 2015. Rumors are that Ben Affleck has suffered a leg injury and this has caused filming to be delayed. The delay has also been put down to the trouble with casting and that people may end up getting recast due to scheduling conflicts. Or maybe this is to work around the scheduling conflicts.

The current rumors floating around on casting are that the villains of the film will be Lex Luthor and Doomsday. Bryan Cranston, Mark Strong and recently Joaquin Phoenix have been rumored for the role. For Doomsday Jason Mamoa was rumored but has denied involvement and recently it was announced that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is going to appear in the film and would be playing Doomsday.

Another rumor is that Synder needs more time to complete his vision and the film will be released in 2016.There were rumors a few days ago that stated that this film and the Justice League movie would shoot back to back. This delay may allow that to happen. Maybe this is just rumors for now we just have to wait and see.

All of these could be true or they could be exaggerated. I think that Batman VS Superman will now not be released until 2016 and it will likely shoot back to back with the planned Justice League movie which is scheduled for 2017 but that has not been set in stone.

How do you feel about the delay? Who would you recast? Please comment and thanks for reading.

Golden Globe Winners 2014

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So another year to wait for the golden globes 2014 but the awards season from this year is far from over. The Oscars is the big award show the one that people deem that matters but the nominations are not even out yet. The oscar nominations will be announced in a few days and the award show will take place on March 2nd which is very late this year. Anyway last nights awards have caused a stir in my opinion but I am glad that it has. People seem to be upset about the winners and the nominees so far and this makes me look forward to he oscars as I don’t think the people who won at the golden globes will necessarily win at the oscars. I was surprised to see that Chiwetel Ejiofor and Michael Fassbender lose out to Matthew McConaughy and Jared Leto. I do think awards shows are strange as 12 Years a Slave won best Drama but the actors did not win. If it was voted best film surely it should triumph  in all categories. It missed out on everything except best drama. I still predict that 12 Years a Slave will do well at the Baftas and I reckon at the oscars it may clean up as well.

I was also surprised to see Jennifer Lawrence win as I felt her role in American Hustle was very underwhelming. I do like her a lot but if she goes on to win an oscar this year she will just become the next Meryl Streep who gets nominated for the sake of a nomination rather than actually being one of the best roles. DiCaprio won for best actor in a comedy and took a jab at the Hollywood foregin press by joking about his fellow comedians who were nominated. Unfortunately I think DiCaprio may miss out on an oscar nomination and I feel that even if he picks up a nomination he will not win. So far in the film awards it is interesting and this may be one of the best awards seasons in years as it doesn’t seem to be predictable.

Bryan Cranston rightly won for his role of Walter White in Breaking Bad and the show itself won for best drama. This was a really fitting send out for the show. So many people were impressed by Breaking Bad and having Cranston win was predictable but it was what everyone including myself wanted. It was also good to see Robin Wright win for House of Cards which is due to return on Netflix in February.

Here is the full list of winners.


Winner: 12 Years a Slave


Winner: American Hustle


Winner: Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club as Ron Woodroof)


Winner: Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine as Jasmine Francis)


Winner: Leonardo DiCaprio (The Wolf of Wall Street as Jordan Belfort)


Winner: Amy Adams (American Hustle as Sydney Prosser)


Winner: Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club as Rayon)


Winner: Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle as Rosalyn Rosenfeld)


Winner: Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity)


Winner: Spike Jonze (Her)


Winner: Alex Ebert (All Is Lost)


Winner: Ordinary Love by U2 and Danger Mouse (Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom)


Winner: Frozen


Winner: The Great Beauty



Winner: Breaking Bad


Winner: Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Winner: Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad as Walter White)


Winner: Robin Wright (House of Cards as Claire Underwood)


Winner: Andy Samberg (Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Jake Peralta)


Winner: Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation as Leslie Knope)


Winner: Michael Douglas (Behind the Candelabra as Liberace)


Winner: Elisabeth Moss (Top of the Lake as Robin Griffin)


Winner: Jon Voight (Ray Donovan as Mickey Donovan)


Winner: Jacqueline Bisset (Dancing on the Edge as Lady Livinia Cremone)


Winner: Behind the Candelabra

Tarantino Next Film ‘The Hateful Eight’

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People are excited to hear that Tarantino will be writing and directing a new western called The Hateful Eight. With the critical and financial success of Django Unchained it is not a surprise that his next film would be another western. Django Uncahined is Tarantino’s highest grossing film to date. It may be premature to talk about this as it may fall through but I hope it doesn’t. Django Unchained was a really great film and I think that Tarantino will be able to deliver another great film. I do also think that this could allow Tarantino to make improvements. Django Unchained did have Taratino’s style stamped all over it but I would like to see him go a bit easier on his style and make a western that is more conventional. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens though.

Nothing in this project is a fact yet but the early rumors state that Christoph Waltz and Bruce Dern will star in the film having roles written specifically for them. The rumors also speculate that the film will shoot this summer. People are disappointed that Tarantino will not be working on Kill Bill Volume 3, however I would rather see an original film rather than a sequel to a film series that I felt had a definitive ending. The title of the film also suggests that it is a reference to the 60s film The Magnificent Seven.

I assume the film will come out in 2015 but we may have to wait a bit longer  as the film currently has no studio or distributor backing it. I also hope that this film will see Tarantino reunite with Tim Roth who he has collaborated with before but not in recent years.

Are you excited about this announcement? Let me know what you think by commenting below.

Thanks for reading.


Magneto Assassinated President Kennedy?

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This year was the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination and to this day there is lots of speculation to what really happened. There are many conspiracies in the world and the JFK assassination is one of them. To this day people don’t know if Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone gunman or if he worked with others or if he was framed. New information and theories always come out but I guess we will never know. However in a marketing campaign, the X-men Days Of Future Past movie has stated that Magneto was involved. Obviously this is a fake story used to promote the film but it will likely attract lots of people to the upcoming film. People over the past week will likely be searching information about Kennedy being assassinated and when they search the internet for information they will likely come across the video. It will surprise some people and they may look into it further. Some people may even think this is real to start with.

From what I know about Days Of Future Past we see Magneto imprisoned by the government and assassinating the president would be a fair reason for his imprisonment in the story. I think that he will have been in prison for a few years until he is rescued by Xavier and Wolverine who need him to stop another assassination. The plot of Days of Future Past will involve the Wolverine going back in time to change an assassination of a prominent figure by Mystique. As the film is set in the 70s and JFK will be dead speculation is Mystique will attempt to kill Richard Nixon. Some state it will be Senator Kelly as it was in the comics but I think it is too early to tell.

Something interesting in the video is that Oswald claims to know nothing about the assassination. I think that Mystique took form of Oswald and fires the shots. Magneto either helped the bullet’s kill the president or as he claims in the trial that he was there to stop it. Maybe him and Mystique are not getting on at this point for whatever reason and Magneto was there in an attempt to save the presidents life. Only time will tell. The film will come out in a few months time and I hope that the marketing campaign releases more information like this to get fans excited.

Here is the link to the official website.!/home


What did you think of this video? Do you think it is an interesting use of connecting History to the film? Please comment and thanks for reading.

Star Wars VII Release Date and Casting

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Star Wars Episode VII has faced some issues lately with J.J Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan were forced to finish the script due Michael Arndt dropping out. Apparently due to this producers wanted to delay the film till 2016 but Disney did not approve. However they have announced the film will hit cinemas on December 18th 2015. At least the film will still come out in 2015 but I am upset that it wont have a summer release. I do think that the film will do fine financially with this date anyway.

Disney has also released a casting call for two leads. The casting call does not specifically say these are for Star Wars but I think it is safe to assume that they are. They are looking for a young female actress in her late teens and a male actor in his early twenties. This is an open casting call to actors and actresses in the UK. I do think that it is a good idea to cast unknown actors as we will not compare these actors to their other roles. Casting a famous lead would make us associate these characters with their other roles.

The open casting will wrap up at the end of November and I assume that we will get a casting announcement before Christmas. This may change but I do think that we are due something to tease us. D23 and Comic Con showed nothing to do with Star Wars. As the Script has likely just been finished I assume that once casting is complete we will get something. An announcement at least.

Star Wars is due to start production in Spring 2014 at Pinewood Studios in the UK. Due to the release date and schedules of those involved I reckon we will get a teaser trailer at the end of 2014, maybe exactly a year before its release. We still have a really long time to wait for the film to be released but I am sure it will come round fairly quickly.

What do you think of the release date? Are you annoyed about it being pushed back? Are you happy about open casting? Please comment below and thanks for reading.

Marvel 4 Live Action Series Deal With Netflix

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I have spoken about Netflix before on my blog and I have talked about how this is revolutionizing television and will likely be the future of the television industry. New Media is making a large impact on our everyday lives and it makes sense that television and films are moving from the silver screen and the small screen to online viewing.

Academics argue why this is but I don’t want to go into that now. Like HBO and the BBC charging viewers a fee and allowing unlimited access to their broadcasting seems like a better idea. This takes advertising out of these TV shows and it would be better.

By 2015 Marvel aims to start 4 live action TV series. They will start with a Daredevil TV series and they want to lead it to ‘The Defenders’ mini series. The three other series will follow Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. I am excited to see these TV shows and to see how they turn out however I do have my concerns.

I have not seen Agents Of Shield but I have heard many mixed reviews and I feel that Marvel may only be able to sustain quality in motion pictures and should not focus on television series. The Daredevil film that was released was slated by the critics so maybe being able to explore the character of a longer period of time will help the audience enjoy the character.

Some of these characters are not that mainstream and I am sure that people would rather see other characters on the the small screen. However Marvel may be using these characters as a test and depending on how well these shows do this may green light more and more TV series. I will be optimistic however I do think Marvel should stick to motion pictures. I would like these shows to do well as TV shows do allow more character development and more investment in characters.

So are you excited about this news? Is there another character you would rather see a TV series on? Please comment below and thanks for reading.