The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Review

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Sony has given a few images of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 but we have not had a trailer until now. We did get the comic con trailer which was leaked but never officially released. I did manage to watch it but the quality was poor and I don’t think the trailer was that good. Well I did like it at the time but the new trailer that has hit the web today has me very excited. I am a little annoyed that we did not get a trailer sooner. The film comes out in 5 months time and I feel that we should have got a trailer before December. Anyway I am just glad to have it now.

Something people have been complaining about in the trailer is the special effects. People say you can tell what shots are completely generated and which are mixes. People are defending this as they say this will be fixed by the time the film is released. Special effects is one of the last things the filmmaker will do so I don’t think we need to worry. Personally I liked seeing the special effects in the trailer as they were very bright and bold. They may not be the most incredible ever but I personally don’t think they are as bad as everyone on the web is claiming.

The trailer has revealed more information about the plot and revealed a third villain who will be in the film. It was rumored for a long time that Harry Osborn played by Dane DeHaan would be suiting up as the Green Goblin. This is clearly confirmed in the trailer but I don’t know how he will fit in. People are angry at the use of so many villains but they also want to see The Sinister Six. The trailer also drops lots of hints at the sinister six and we get to see Vulture’s flight suit and Doc Ock’s arms on display. I really hope that if the sinister six is happening and more than three villains appear in the film they are simply cameo’s.

Norman Osborn also features in the trailer played by Chris Cooper and in a recent interview he said his role is small and will go onto bigger things. I think he will become a goblin creature in the next film rather than a man in a suit. Harry will likely take something that will make him superhuman and will be on the glider. I think Norman will become a Goblin creature because as we see in the trailer and hear in the first film that he is dying and Dr Connors’ research is being used to save him. Therefore he will likely transform into something similar to the lizard.

I do really hope this film is not cluttered with villains. To my knowledge Rhino is a cameo and from what I have seen in the trailer Electro and Green Goblin will be the main antagonists. Marc Webb did say in an interview recently that the film would not be cluttered with villains but people criticize Spider-man 3 for three villains and if this is setting up the sinister six it will likely feature a few more. As I said I hope if other villains feature they will be cameo roles to set up for the 3rd Amazing Spider-Man film.

The trailer also features Peter discovering more about what happened to his parents mainly his father. His father is seen in the trailer at two points. He is seen to have left a recorded message warning about Oscorp’s  evil plans to use his work and we see him fighting someone on a plane. Peter’s parents were killed in a plane crash and this film will likely show the death of Peter’s parents and reveal more about their involvement with Oscorp.

Overall this is an action packed trailer and really has me excited for the film. It is quite easy to pick on a film before it comes out and I won’t lie about my concerns. I am happy to wait and see how the film is handled and I really hope that the film delivers.

What did you think of the trailer? Please comment and thanks for reading.


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