The Walking Dead: Too Far Gone Review

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So far this season has really delivered. I feel that the show has changed a great deal and that some seasons were going to be better than others. I have not been disappointed with a single episode this season and I feel the show now knows what it is and where it is going.

The episode opens with The Governor talking to his new group convincing them to take the prison, This is inter cut with the Governor knocks out Michonne and has Hershel at gun point. The Governor says that he has taken the two of them hostage and that his plan is to take the prison without firing a single shot. Obviously the Governor is lying to the group as he claims that the group in the prison destroyed his old camp. It is good to see that The Governor is the same one that we know from season 3 but also we can see that he is trying to build a new life. I think that the Governor has really had a great deal of development and even though he is essentially playing two characters he is really interesting. After the credits The Governor delivers more reasons to why they should take the prison and all the others agree. Lily confronts the Governor saying that they would not kill people. The Governor tells Lily that they are looking for a better place and that he is doing this to protect everyone.

The Governor then has Hershel and Michonne locked up in an RV and offers them food. The Governor claims that he understands why Michonne killed Penny. Hershel tries to negotiate with The Governor. The Governor does not like that fact that Hershel called him the Governor and Hershel points out he can see that he has changed and explains Rick has changed. Hershel tries to explain that they could learn to co exist however The Governor knows that Rick and Michonne would never get on with him. Hershel then explains that if The Governor wants to take the prison peacefully that he must be willing to kill and explains about his daughters at the prison. The Governor says that he does not care as they are not his children. This was a very interesting scene. I felt that the Governor was trying to be sincere and I believed him. However by the end we realize that he is the same old Governor.


Lily once again tries to convince The Governor not to go ahead with the attack. The Governor then speaks with Megan who is playing in the mud. He asks Megan for a hug before he goes. She says her hands are dirty but The Governor does not mind having his jacket covered in mud. This scene is likely symbolic to the fact The Governor does not mind getting dirty to get what he wants. He wants to have a connection with Megan as it reminds him of Penny. He wants to protect her in whatever way he can. He also does not mind killing to get what he wants. This we know already but with the previous episodes we have seen that The Governor has changed.

We cut to the prison and we see Rick telling Daryl about him sending Carol away, Daryl is furious about this and there is a lot of tension in this scene. I felt that he would react worse than he did. They talk about telling Tyreese and Daryl is more than happy to tell him. Daryl seems so angry that Carol got sent away however he does not use violence against Rick. We then get some character development from Sasha and Bob. Sasha is grateful that Bob helped to save her life. However we can see that Sasha is still very weak.

Tyreese is looking around the tunnels looking for evidence. Tyreese finds that there is someone leaving dead animals to attract walkers. He claims it is the same person as who killed Karen. Rick says that it is not the same person and is about to reveal that Carol killed Karen when a loud explosion is heard from outside. Rick and the others run outside and see The Governor and his men outside of the prison, They have used the tank to blow up one of the towers. Rick reveals that he needs permission to talk to him from the council. The Governor then asks if Hershel and Michonne are on the council and he reveals that he has them as hostages. The Governor says that Rick must make the decisions today and that he must come and talk to him. The others tell Rick that he should go down and speak to The Governor. This is a very tense moment in the episode and this is the first time we see Rick and The Governor together in season 4.

The Governor gives Rick an ultimatum. He tells him to leave the prison by sun down or die. Rick reveals that there are sick children at the prison and lots of the Governor’s crew seem sympathetic. Daryl and the others take up arms in case things kick off. We cut back to The Governor’s camp and we see Megan still playing in the mud and Lily looking out over the river. Lily notices a walker on the other side of the river and it begins to cross. Lily prepares to kill the suspected walker but sees that it falls in the river. Where Megan was digging we see a walker emerge and it bites Megan. Lily pulls Megan away and kills the walker that emerged from the mud.

We then cut back to the prison. The Governor says that he knows that the prison could fight back but the Governor outnumbers them and had greater fire power. Randomly two walkers emerge and The Governor shoots them. He reveals that the noise will attract more walkers and that he should leave as soon as he can. Carl tells Daryl that he could try and shoot the Governor and Daryl tells him that would start a massacre. Rick tries to convince the Governor that they should try and co exist. The Governor reveals that it wont work but Rick keeps trying to convince him. Rick tells him that if they try and take the prison they will fight back. The Governor then takes out Michonne’s sword and prepares to cut off Hershel’s head. Rick tells the others than if they put down their weapons and enter the prison they would be welcome in the prison. He would let this go. Rick then gives a speech about how people can change. The Governor then slices Hershel’s neck and then the shots begins. Rick manages to shoot the Governor in the arm but is wounded in the leg himself. Michonne then managed to break free. Hershel tries to crawl away but the Governor hacks him to death with Michonne’s sword.


Lily then arrive with Megan and the governor shoots Megan in the head. Alisha tells Tara that she will find her after the fighting stops. The Governor then orders them to kill everyone in the prison and the tank rolls through the fence. Hershel’s death was really sad and this makes you really hate The Governor. He has become himself again and is nothing more than a cold killer. He also proved that by killing Megan after she has been bitten. He did not try to comfort Lily at all. He simply shot her in the head. Hershel was a great character and was the father figure of the group. We can see both Beth and Maggie is a great deal of distress. I felt Hershel deserved a better death but the point of this was to make you hate the Governor.

The Governor and his men role into the grounds of the prison and a few of his men are gunned down but he has greater numbers. The group prepares to make a getaway. The Governor is then attacked by Rick and the two have an intense fist fight. We are given a really intense action scene and the fact that any of these characters could die at any second is really scary. I have never felt so on edge whilst watching The Walking Dead before. All of the civilians are on the bus but they are missing people. Maggie runs to get Sasha and Bob and then Bob is shot. The leaves without them as they are under heavy fire. Tyreese gets surrounded by The Governors men and it about to be killed when the children take up arms and kill the attackers. The Governor had critically wounded Rick and his face is all bloody. The Governor is about to kill Rick when he is stabbed by Michonne. Michonne then stands over the Governor but instead of putting him out of his misery she leaves him to bleed out.

Daryl uses a grenade to destroy the tank and kills the operator. He then escapes with Beth. Rick is able to find Carl and they look for Judith. They then find Judith’s carrier and she is missing and there is a lot of blood. We assume she has been eaten by walkers. The prison is destroyed and lays in ruins and the groups are all separates. The Governor lays dying but Lily come over to him and shoots him in the head. As well as seeing the prison in ruins hundreds of walkers are attracted and it is lost.

This episode was really bleak but despite this it was so powerful. I think this is one of the best episodes that we have got to see in The Walking Dead. The action sequences of the prison attack are incredible. This is the prison attack that we were expecting at the end of season 3. The characters are now put into a really difficult situation and seems to be following the story line of the comics now. I know people have complained that the show deviated from the comics but that has now been put right. The characters have been through a lot. We got to see the characters in the prison survive the epidemic and then for the characters to be thrown out of their comfort zone. It will be really interesting to see how the characters do in small groups now and if they will meet up at any point. This is a great episode that really delivered and as I said the this season delivered and I am unsure if the second half of season 4 will be able to match the high quality of the show. I do have faith in the show so much. I have really enjoyed the first 8 episodes of season 4 and I hope that the same writing and cast will be able to consistently deliver.

What did you think of the episode? Are you upset about certain characters departures? Please comment and thanks for reading.


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