Uncharted Teaser Review

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On the PlayStation 3 we got a new series created by Naughty Dog called Uncharted. I felt that the game greatly evolved and became a highlight of owning a PlayStation 3. With the new generation of console released we are guaranteed some brand new series but we also want to see the return of some of our favorites. Without a doubt Uncharted is one of them. I felt that the Uncharted series utilized the console really well and the graphics and the game play was amazing on them. Imagine what we will get from the Uncharted series on a newer and more powerful system. It is defiantly what people want.

We got a teaser trailer which obviously gives us very little to go on. So naturally people will start speculating what we will get in this new game. In the trailer we see the camera panning over an old map of the African coast leading up to Madagascar. We also get to see a Jolly Rodger. For those who don’t know what the Jolly Rodger is it’s the skull and crossbones which is usually on a pirates flag or at least seen in popular culture in pirate films and games. Many people think this can mean either two things. Firstly the story will involve pirates around Africa. And some even think that the story will be set during the age of piracy in the 18th century.  I think this is unlikely but the story will defiantly involve pirates in some form. Assassins Creed Black Flag has recently had the setting of the Caribbean during the age of piracy and the game has been well received. Maybe pirates are back in fashion.

There may be a chance that the characters jump from the past to Drake in the modern day but it will most likely follow Drake in the modern day looking for pirate treasure. The other games did not feature Francis Drake, Marco Polo or T. E Lawrence as playable characters in their times but maybe this game will introduce that. I reckon Nathan Drake will still be the main character and it will follow him looking for pirate treasure. I am not against the idea of jumping back and forth. in Uncharted 3 we did get flash back missions when Drake was a child so maybe having a second character story arc is the developers next step.

An unknown character contributes a voice over in the trailer and says Some chains can never be broken. I lost 15 years. Buried alive. Erased. You left me, rotting in that hell hole and never looked back. But you can’t out run the past. And when it catches up and all your lies collapse around you I’ll be there: sifting through the wreckage. You owe me.‘ Now I don’t know what to make of what this character says. It is completely out of context and this may not even feature in the final game. However it appears this character is angry about being abandoned and is looking for revenge. It is too early to tell if they are addressing Nathan Drake or someone else. Only time will tell.

What do you think of the teaser? Are you excited for a new Uncharted game? please comment and thanks for reading.


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