The Walking Dead: Dead Weight Review

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As of last weeks episode we were able to have it all devoted to what happened to The Governor. This week is a continuation of that episode. I am really glad that we are getting standalone episodes that are following The Governor and not deviating on the group at the prison. I do think The Governor is one of the most interesting characters in The Walking Dead and I think that his character still has a lot more to offer. However I think next week’s episode will be the last time we see The Governor.

This weeks episode opens with The Governor and Megan playing chess and this scene inter cuts between this and when Martinez finds them in the pit. Martinez is intrigued to see The Governor. First he helps Megan out of the pit and then The Governor. Martinez lets him and the others go back to their camp even though there is some rejection.

When we cut back to the camp with Megan and The Governor he explains that his dad beat him when he was bad and Megan says her Dad beat her and questions if she is bad. When Megan makes her move she tells the Governor and he then says he is thinking. The shot before the credits will excite fans of the comic book as we see a long shot and The Governor is standing in between a trailer and a tank.

On patrol the next morning the Governor, Martinez and new characters Mitch and Pete who are brothers who are both former soldiers. When on patrol The Governor comes across a dead body with no head with a sign attached that says ‘liar’. Later they come across another that says ‘rapist’ and a third one in a hut that says ‘murderer’. The guy has killed himself and we assume he is the one who cut the heads off the others. They hear a walker in the hut but can’t see it so they assume it is stuck and go in to kill it.

As they are in the hut more walkers appear and attack all of them. The Governor saves them all by killing them with bashes to the head. They all stay at the hut that night and Martinez tells the Governor that he seems to have changed and if he was alone when he found him he would not have let him come with him. The brothers find beer and supplies in the hut and talk about what they previously did before the outbreak. Mitch explains when the outbreak happened he stole the tank.

Whilst away Lily has set up a nurses station and is treating someone a new character called Alisha. Alisha was also in the national guard. Tara comment on how bad the rifle she uses is and Alisha asks if she is full of shit. Tara and Alisha end up together.

When the Governor and the others get back they tuck into beers and most of them are drunk. Martinez reveals he has a surprise for the Governor and they go up to the roof of a trailer and start hitting golf balls. Martinez reveals that Shumpert died recently and maybe they could work together. The Governor then uses a golf club to bash him on the head. The Governor then drags his body to a pit and pushes him in to be eaten by the walkers.

The Governor then wakes up from having a bad dream. The next morning it is revealed that The Governor did actually push Martinez into the pit but the others believe that he fell in when he was drunk. It was interesting to see that despite all the development of The Governor last week and even in this episode he has not changed at all. Pete then elects himself as temporary leader and takes The Governor on another patrol to look for supplies.

Whilst on patrol they come across another group of survivors who have lots of supplies and Mitch wants to kill them for it or at least steal them. Pete objects to this. They return later and find that they camp has been ransacked and Mitch says they should have just killed them all anyway. The Governor says nothing in this scene. Mitch and Pete argue because Mitch kills a wounded guy and Pete claims he may have survived. It is clear that Pete has a conscious and will not break the rules even in a lawless world where as Mitch is very much a do what has to be done guy.

When they return The Governor tells Lily, Megan, Tara and Alisha they need to leave. They drive off in the night and they come across lots of walkers stuck in the mud. They decide to return to the camp. The Governor then makes a decision to kill Pete. He goes into Pete’s trailer and kills him brutally. He then goes to Mitch and holds him at gun point. He tells Mitch how he agreed with what he wanted to do back at the other camp. Mitch and The Governor join forces to run the new camp. The Governor then dumps Pete’s body in the lake. They lie to the others saying Pete was killed on one of the patrols.

The Governor discusses about finding a better place for all these people to live but Lily claims they don’t need to. Suddenly Megan is attacked by a walker and Tara is trying desperately to save her. Just before the walker manages to bit Megan The Governor shoots it in the head. The Governor then goes down to the lake and looks at Pete’s reanimated body. The Governor comes to the conclusion that they are not safe.

The episode ends with The Governor driving through the woods by himself until we see he has arrived at the prison. He can see Carl and Rick and then hears some movement. He goes in for a closer look and outside of the prison fences Michonne and Hershel are stopped next to a car chatting. The Governor gets his gun out and aims at Michonne.

This was another great episode and I really like how this season has explored both what the prison has done which was expected and what The Governor has been up in the period of time that has passed. It will be interesting to see what happens next week and I think it will be the battle that we thought we were going to get at the end of season 3. This was a really solid episode and I have enjoyed this episode and the previous one very much because they have followed The Governor.

This episode did have a lot of character development but I feel the characters will not survive or at least they won’t be followed in the second half of season 4. I may be wrong but I just have to wait and see. It looks like next weeks episode will follow the comic storyline but it wont be set in stone. I am really excited for next weeks episode and I am sure that it wont disappoint.

Here is the promo for next weeks episode which is the mid season finale and it it called ‘Too Far Gone’.


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