Why You Shouldn’t Buy Next Gen Console Straight Away.

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Since their announcemnt earlier this year the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have been most anticipated by gamers all over the world. Technology does advance a great deal and we have had the same consoles now for almost a decade. Many can’t wait to get their hands on these new consoles but is it really necessary? Here are some reasons why you should wait to buy the next generation console.

1. Support for old generation

Old generation will be supported for at least two years according to both Microsoft and Sony. So why would you want to buy a new console immediatly. I know many have anticpated the new consoles and have traded in their consoles already so will not be able to do so. Gaming on old consoles is far from obselite so why would you waste money on a brand new console? I understand that many people will not see this as a reason but combined with other reasons it may sway you.

2.Game line up

Whilst some are just happy to get their hands on the nex console, I don’t really see a point in it when there are very few games that I actually want at the moment. Most of the games I want are not due out till next year. It would seem silly for me to get the console with B-rate games that do not interest me at all. If I did this I may lose interest in the console completly and be reluctant to buy the games I did want when they are released next year.

3. Price

Both next generation consoles are very expensive, epecially the Xbox One. I originally thought that the Xbox One would flop. I do not think it will sell as well as originally thought but it has has enough pre sales to sustain microsoft. With the Christmas rush the consoles will remain at a high price in an attempt to make larger amounts of money. Personally along with the game line up you are better off waiting till next year to get a better bundle and the console cheaper.

4. Faults with Hardware and Software

We all know that technology can be unreliable and even after spending a lot of money it can break down for no reason. The Xbox 360 had a lot of issues with it and although Microsoft fixed it for free it is still inconvient to send of your console for repairs and software patches. Hopefully all faults will be caught in the next few months if any and they will be patched up for everyone buying the consoles next year. This acts like a canary down the mine. The technology may not have any faults but if it does it will inconvience the player greatly as they wait for it to be repaied.

So there are reasons that you should wait before purchasing the next generation console. Do you agree with what I have said? Or is it more important to have the latest console as soon as possible? Please comment below and thanks for reading.


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