Doctor Who: The Night Of The Doctor Review

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If you have not see this already I suggest you check it out. At first I did not think this was real but this is a mini episode written by Stephen Moffat and starring Paul Mcgann. This is a perfect set up for the 50th anniversary special which is just over a week away. This mini episode is a prequel to the 50th Anniversary.

In this short episode we see The Doctor attempting to save a woman from a crashing ship. However when she discovers he is a time lord she will not go with him. The Doctor insists he has nothing to do with the war and says she can’t tell the difference between a Dalek and a Time lord they are both evil.

The ship crashes on a planet and is encouraged to take up arms to fight in the time war. The Doctor is angry that he couldn’t save the woman. The Doctor meets a group of women called the sisterhood of Khan and say they can make him regenerate that wont be random. They say that he is the only hope to end the time war.

The Doctor is convinced that he must fight, He decides to take an Exlixir that will make him a warrior. He claims there is no need for a doctor anymore, After The Doctor drinks the potion he begins to regenerate. We see Mcgann’s Doctor regenerate into a young John Hurt. This likely means that John Hurt’s doctor fought through the time war for decades and that is why he is aged.

This film helps with the chronology of who John Hurt is playing, We all know he is the Doctor but many thought he was a future version and not a past version. With Paul Mcgann reprising his role this may mean that Christopher Eccleston may appear in the 50th but we just have to wait and see,

I really enjoyed this and I feel this is a great teaser and s nice piece to set up the 50th. What do you think of this short? Did you like it? Are you excited to see John Hurt as The Doctor? Please comment and thanks for reading.


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