Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor Trailer

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With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who coming closer and closer it is no surprise that a trailer would be shown to the viewers to wet our appetites. A few weeks ago we got a teaser however this showed us very little of what we were going to see. This new trailer shows off footage from the extended episode. It is still good because it does not give anything away. If you have been paying attention to what people have speculated it may or may not confirm what you think but the trailer does not show any spoilers. In face it has given me questions to ask. I am so looking forward to this now. We have under two weeks to wait now and I hope that the episode lives up to expectations.

The trailer shows that the 11th Doctor played by Matt Smith is running from his past and he feels that it has finally caught up with him. We all know by now that John Hurt is playing The Doctor. People are refereeing to him at the real 9th Doctor or 8.5. It is clear that he was The Doctor in between Paul Mcgann and Christopher Eccleston. I am glad that this trailer has shown off more of John Hurt. We have seen nothing of him other than some leaked set photos and I am glad to see some official footage of him playing The Doctor. The trailer also sees the return of both David Tennant and Billie Piper playing The Doctor and Rose.

The trailer does show David Tennant and Matt Smith together and I think fans are so excited to see these two perform together. They are both playing their own characters but they are still both The Doctor. From interviews it seems they have great chemistry and work really well together. It is also fantastic to see them alongside screen legend John Hurt. This much awaited by fans all over the worlds and for many generations and November 23rd is a day to save in your calendar.

What did you think of the trailer? Please comment below and thanks for reading.


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