The Walking Dead: Internment Review

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The episode opens with Rick driving back to the prison after the intense ending of last weeks episode of sending Carol away. We then cut to the prison and we see Hershel trying to help those who are so ill. Hershel has taken on the role of doctor and is looking after all the sick and struggling to do so. If you remember last week he was coughed on with blood and decided to take his mask off.

Maggie wants to see Glenn desperately but Hershel claims that he is resting as he has been helping out a great deal. and Hershel covers for Glenn knowing that if Maggie saw him in that state she would come in and help. Neither Hershel or Glenn want that to happen.

A large herd of walkers are gather at the fence and Maggie is trying to stop them Rick arrives back and Maggie informs him that they need to do something about the herd. Maggie also asks about Carol and Rick tells her the truth. Rick does go and speak to Hershel and he sees that he is putting down the people who have died in order to prevent them from reanimating as a walker.

Maggie is struggling to kill off the walker herd at the fence so Rick helps her but up posts in order to stop the fence from falling over.

More people in the cell block are dying and they begin to reanimate. Hershel is threatened and the other survivors one of them has a gun and fires a shot at a walker. The shot alerts Rick and Maggie who are cutting wood to make more barriers. Rick tells Maggie to go because he knows something is wrong. Maggie runs off to the cell block but struggles to get in.

Rick then goes to Carl for help putting up the barriers but whilst they are doing this the fence collapses and they are forced to retreat. Seeing that the next fence is falling down Rick and Carl arm themselves with assault rifles and take on the large herd. This is a really nice father and son moment and this is something we have not seen for a long time in the show.

Meanwhile Hershel is trying his very best to stop the walkers from killing anyone else. He is distracting them and leading them away from Glenn who has started coughing up blood. After dispatching several walkers Maggie breaks through the window and takes a walker out. She then sees that Hershel is trying to get the breathing apparatus of a walker and Maggie aims to shoot it. Hershel is concerned as he doesn’t want her to hit the bag. Luckily Maggie takes the shot killing the walker. They get to Glenn and put the tube down his throat in order to help him breathe better.

Rick and Carl finish of the walkers and after the threat has been taken care of we see Daryl, Michonne, Bob and Tyreese arrive with the medicine.Tyreese asks if Sasha is still alive and Rick says he doesn’t know. They run the medicine to the cell block and begin to administer the medicine.

Glenn is given the medicine and we hear the next morning that he is doing a lot better. We also see that Sasha is doing better as well. Finally this threat of the super flu has been diminished but we know in this world that there is always a threat. I am not sure if they will use illness as a threat again however their is no guarantee that it has been wiped out. These first few episodes were a story arc in itself. They introduced the illness as a threat and the characters have overcome it.

The next morning Daryl is seen asking after Carol and Hershel informs him that he will need to speak to Rick. I am unsure what will happen with this. People know that Daryl and Carol are close but I do think Daryl would understand why Rick sent her away. However many fans feel he will not get it and try to hurt Rick in some way. Going off topic I do think Carol will return at some point in this season. Just before the final show we see Rick and Carl tasting some food from the farm and this represents a rebirth I think. It also may be a connection to Carol saying Rick is not a farmer. We also see that Hershel is going on a run with Michonne to presumably look for the Governor. We then get the final shot of the episode.

The ending was very very good because it teased something that I have wanted back for a long time now and I know a lot of other fans want this as well. The last shot of the episode we get to see The Governor. I am glad to see the Governor finally return and this is a great tease for him to appear in next weeks episode.

I did like this episode a great deal and I have loved this season so far. I did feel that the episode was quite slow to begin with but this may have been a method to throw off the audience. As it was slow I think the audience felt a level of safety and that allowed us to be far more surprised when things started to go wrong. I felt the episode was about Hershel and it was good to see him as the main character. I really like him a lot and he has become a fan favorite.

This season so far has been pretty much spot on and people are already calling this the best series and I have to agree. We know the characters well enough now to enjoy the story but we are still being introduced to new characters which makes things change and will make the story more interesting. Now with the Governor returning next week I am sure fans are going to so happy with the show more so than they already are.

Here is the promo for next weeks episode ‘Live Bait’


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