Marvel 4 Live Action Series Deal With Netflix

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I have spoken about Netflix before on my blog and I have talked about how this is revolutionizing television and will likely be the future of the television industry. New Media is making a large impact on our everyday lives and it makes sense that television and films are moving from the silver screen and the small screen to online viewing.

Academics argue why this is but I don’t want to go into that now. Like HBO and the BBC charging viewers a fee and allowing unlimited access to their broadcasting seems like a better idea. This takes advertising out of these TV shows and it would be better.

By 2015 Marvel aims to start 4 live action TV series. They will start with a Daredevil TV series and they want to lead it to ‘The Defenders’ mini series. The three other series will follow Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. I am excited to see these TV shows and to see how they turn out however I do have my concerns.

I have not seen Agents Of Shield but I have heard many mixed reviews and I feel that Marvel may only be able to sustain quality in motion pictures and should not focus on television series. The Daredevil film that was released was slated by the critics so maybe being able to explore the character of a longer period of time will help the audience enjoy the character.

Some of these characters are not that mainstream and I am sure that people would rather see other characters on the the small screen. However Marvel may be using these characters as a test and depending on how well these shows do this may green light more and more TV series. I will be optimistic however I do think Marvel should stick to motion pictures. I would like these shows to do well as TV shows do allow more character development and more investment in characters.

So are you excited about this news? Is there another character you would rather see a TV series on? Please comment below and thanks for reading.


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