The LEGO Movie Trailer Review

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Lego has been a popular toy for generations and there have been many stop animation films on the web created by fans. The LEGO Movie is due out early next year and I have to say I’m excited. Like many other people I grew up with Lego and despite I do not buy it anymore I will always have a look in the Lego store if I am passing by. This film has its own narrative and is going to follow a specific story but features many of the classic and new Lego min figures.

The trailer does have a great deal of humor in it and I do think that is down to the cast as well as good writing. Chris Pratt is playing Emmet the main character and his voice is so perfect for this role. The mannerisms of all the characters in the trailer looks cool and adds a comedy element to it. The film also features Morgan Freeman, Elizabeth Banks, WIll Ferrel, Will Arnet and Liam Neeson. For an animated movie this does have a great ensemble cast.

This film may just be an attempt to make money through merchandise but I don’t really care if it is. If I can feel a sense of nostalgia to my childhood that would be a great experience. I hope this film is fun for both adults and children. I will definatly be seeing this when it is released.

How about you? Do you want to see this film? Please comment below and thanks for reading.


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