The Walking Dead: Isolation Review

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We are only 3 episodes into Season 4 of The Walking Dead and this is looking like this could be the best season yet. I know that most shows will claim to get bigger and better each time but we all know that is not always the case. These first three episodes have really delivered. The plots of these episodes have great story, pace and character development along with plenty of action sequences which most people love.

I felt that this episode was a lot like a horror movie mixed with a whodunit. Basically we are looking for who killed Karen by burning her. This episode does contain some really gruesome moments not just from walkers but people. Many of the characters are ill and are seen coughing up blood.

The episode opens with Glenn digging graves for all the people who died from the outbreak in the cell block. We then cut to where last weeks episode left off with Tyreese discovering the bodies of David and his girlfriend Karen. They have been dragged off outside and been burnt to death. This is a really intense scene as we see how angry Tyreese gets and he even lashes out at both Rick and Daryl. Tyreese punches Rick twice in the face. Rick retaliated by beating up Tyreese and Daryl needs to pull him off of Tyreese. After this the credits role.

This was so intense and it was interesting to see Rick attack Tyreese, It is almost a shadow of the scene in Season 1 where Shane beats up Ed who is Carol’s husband. When he got out of control Shane needed to hurt him in order to protect others. Maybe Rick was simply doing this or gave Tyreese a beating in order to remind him and everyone in the prison who is the boss.

As a precaution to the illness, the sick survivors are separated into a new cell block. As the super flu continues to infect the majority of people Hershel asks that some people go to a veterinary college 50 miles away to find antibiotics. Hershel offers to go but Daryl says at some point they will need to run and they know that he wont be able to because of his leg. Glenn is seen with symptoms and is forced to go into quarantine.

Hershel takes on the role of the doctor as the real doctor is ill with the super flu. Hershel at one point goes out of the prison with Carl to find elder berries in order to make tea to relief the symptoms. Whilst out patrolling Carl is keen to kill a walker but Hershel stops him as he knows they will get away fine. Hershel then takes the responsibility to take the ill people the tea. Maggie asks him to stop but Hershel says he is happy to risk his life in order to try and save the others until antibiotics can be collected and administered. Maggie is clearly upset about the possibility of Glenn dying from the flu and does not want her father to also get infected.

Unfortunately when Hershel is giving the tea he is coughed on and blood goes on his face. Hershel was wearing a mask but takes it off when he realizes he is likely now infected with the super flu. This does mean that Hershel will likely be one of the causalities if the medicine is not administered in time. Many people think Hershel will be killed off this season but I feel that he wont be. As he has been given a fake leg in the story and this now allows the actor Scott Wilson to be more active rather than being on crutches. Also now Hershel is not on crutches he can now be more useful to the group so it is unlikely that he will be killed off but I could be wrong.

Tyreese discovers that Sasha is ill and decides to go on the medicine run with Daryl, Michonne and Bob in order to save everyone who is ill. Before he leaves with them he asks Carol to keep an eye on Sasha for him and Carol seems happy to do this but after Tyreese leaves she becomes uneasy.

Carol is seen trying to fix the water pump in order to help everyone and she is nearly killed by walkers. Rick gets angry with her and luckily saves her life in time. We also get to see Maggie in a vulnerable position and she confides in Beth her younger sister. Beth as we saw in the first episode simply expects people to die and seems less bothered by it now.

Whilst Daryl, Michonne, Bob and Tyreese are on the medicine run they get distracted by the radio as they think they hear something on it. Daryl who was driving loses control of the car as he swerves to avoid a walker. They run down a few walkers only to discover a massive heard in the road. Daryl reverses backwards and they get jammed on a pile of the walkers bodies. They decide to make a run for it although Tyreese does not exit the car immediately and becomes surrounded. Daryl, Michonne and Bob run away taking out walkers and see Tyreese surrounded by them. They continue to run.

Eventually the characters slow down and take up a defensive position and they are followed by Tyreese who survived the ordeal. I really thought that this was going to be the end for Tyreese. His character seemed to have lost the will to live and he was is a deadly situation and would not have got out alive realistically. This means that next week that Daryl, Michonne, Bob and Tyreese are going to have to make the journey to get the medicine on foot. That is going to cause some issues as they are more vulnerable and it is going to take them longer to get back so more of the ill people at the prison will die.

Rick is seen investigating the scene where Karen was burned to death and finds a hand print. Rick later approaches Carol and gives a speech about how caring she is about everyone and how she would do anything. Rick then asks her did she kill Karen. Carol simply answers yes. This was a really shocking ending.

I did feel it was unusual however I do think this action is not out of character for Carol. I don’t know what is going to happen next with this. I doubt Rick would tell Tyreese that she did it. Rick may be angry at her but he has known Carol from the beginning and in a way Rick may agree with her actions. I do think because of this shock that Tyreese will be killed off and never find out. I can’t see Tyreese killing Carol though. That is just my opinion but if Tyreese ever finds out he wont let it go.

As I have said this episode has continued to deliver and I am annoyed that we have to wait another week before more information is revealed. This episode has put some of the characters in a difficult position and we are getting to learn more and more about the new characters.

Here is the promo for next weeks episode ‘Indifference’


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