The Walking Dead: Infected Review

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Last weeks episode of The Walking Dead ended on a cliffhanger. We saw Patrick a teenager die after being ill and reanimate. We are able to learn more about why he died this week and it adds a new threat to the survivors. Illness is now a new threat to the survivors. Regardless of how they die they will reanimate as a walker. The characters have become arrogant in a way as they feel safer than before but in this episode due to a character being ill this threatens the survivors at the prison and causes a few casualties.

The episode opens with someone placing rats on the outer fence of the prison. We don’t get to see who this person is but I think it is safe to say that this is an inside job. I have my theory of who it is but I will explain a bit later. We then see Patrick who has turned into a walker wonder into the cell block and starts to eat one of the minor characters from Woodbury. The next morning we see Rick and Carl go out to the farm to start their work for the day, Michonne is seen leaving the prison in order to look for supplies and to most likely look for the Governor.

Gun shots are heard from the prison and Michonne returns and Rick runs to the cell block telling Carl to stay with Maggie. There is a massacre at the prison and a fair few of the lesser characters are killed. One of these characters is the father of two children one being Lizzie who was featured in the previous episode and she was seen naming the walkers and almost humanizing them. Lizzie offers to put her father down but is unable to do so. Carol puts Lizzie’s father down.

After clearing the threat out of the cell block, the bodies are buried but they notice that the walkers are causing the fence to give in and if they are not sorted the fence will collapse. Rick and the others try to take out as many of the walkers as possible and when killing them they discover a pile of dead rats. Rick decides to sacrifice the pigs who were ill in order to distract the walkers. This is a very dark scene and for some reason it seems that Rick is sacrificing his own children.

The survivors discover that Patrick died in his sleep of a flu and in order to keep everyone safe they separate the ill from the healthy. Karen is one of the people showing symptoms and is forced to stay in the death row cell block. Tyreese is not happy about this but he accepts it. After the attack Rick burns the pig farm as a precaution against the illness from spreading. Rick and Carl take up arms again because of the massacre in the cell block. It is good to see that Rick will be more involved now with fighting rather than taking a back seat.

Carol is then seen comforting Lizzie. Lizzie regrets not putting her father down and she learns from Carol that the Walkers are not people and I think this is an important part of what happens next. The episode ends with Tyreese visiting Karen in the death row corridor only to find a bloody trail leading outside. He discovers that Karen has been burnt to death along with another person who I cannot identify. This is a really horrific scene and this heavily implies that their is someone within the prison who may become a major antagonist.

I think that Lizzie is the one who put the rats on the fence and maybe the one who killed Karen and the other ill person. This may be slim but because she regrets not killing her father and no longer sees the walkers as people, she may feel that killing these ill people to be the right thing to do. Another theory I have read is that Rick killed Karen. He was last seen with the petrol canister. I do think this is even more unlikely than Lizzie though.

Overall this episode has delivered a great story with intensity and more issues are arising that may cause the survivors way of life to change a great deal. I am glad to see that Rick is back to his normal self or this may just be a small step to seeing him become a strong leader again. The series is off to a great start and I am very excited for next weeks episode. More and more problems are occurring that the characters must overcome. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

What did you think of the episode? Who do you think killed Karen and attracted the walkers with the rats? Please comment and thanks for reading.

Here is the promo video for next weeks episode titled ‘Isolation’.


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