Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer Review

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A landmark in television history is due next month and if you don’t know then here it is. Doctor Who will celebrate its 50th anniversary on 23rd November 2013. Now not much has been shown of the upcoming 90 minute episode but most people have practically pieced it together. I will get to theories in a moment,

First of all this is just a teaser trailer and contains no footage of the actual episode itself. This is frustrating yes but it will be nice to be surprised when watching it live in a few weeks. It is good to see that the BBC is keeping this project secret as they do not want it spoiled for anyone. I do hope we get a proper trailer at some point in the next month but I expect that may not be till the week before.

This trailer is interesting as it shows all of the Doctor’s and Matt Smith’s Doctor is performing a monologue talking about how he has been waiting for this day all his life. ‘The Day Of The Doctor’. Despite not giving anything away I felt that the trailer flowed really well as if it was a single piece of footage. I was really impressed to see the quality of this as Doctor Who does not always have the best special effects.

Anyway, in the previous episode we were introduced to a new Doctor played by John Hurt. And we do know that he will be appearing in the 50th along with Matt Smith and David Tennant. We are to assume that John Hurt’s portrayal of The Doctor is the real 9th Doctor or as many people have put him 8.5. He was the Doctor during the time war and his actions caused the death of all the time lords and Daleks. His actions were not how the Doctor usually is so he is not considered the Doctor even by his future self.

John Hurt’s costume is a mix between Paul Mcgann’s and Christopher Eccleston. I would be surprised if John Hurt is not playing 8.5 in this film. I think everyone will be. The plot of the film is likely going to revolve around the time war but may not dwell on it too much. I think the time war was covered enough in ‘The End Of Time’ episode. This episode is going to involve 3 incarnations of the Doctor and maybe more. We have seen the photos of Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt together.

Overall I don’t have much more to say. I am really looking forward to the landmark moment of the 50th anniversary and I hope it will match or exceed my expectations. I think it has a great cast and the writer Stephen Moffat is also fantastic and writing these stories. I think this will be fun for not just die hard Doctor Who fans but anyone who chooses to watch it. I would tune in if you can to be part of this moment.


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