Netflix Aims To Evolve

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A few months ago I talked about how Netflix is evolving to be the future of television. It now has a few shows of original content for its viewers as well as regular updates of new films and television shows. Over the summer Netflix took things a bit further. It is continuation to evolve and be the top of its game. Basically Netflix has taken a leaf out of HBO’s book and wants to produce original content but also show other content that viewers can enjoy.

I live in Britain and usually if I want to watch a television show I need to wait usually a week until it comes on British television or I can find it on the internet. I really like the show Breaking Bad and Netflix allowed streaming the next morning of when the show aired. I could watch it within hours of it being shown live in the USA. Also Breaking Bad is not shown on Television in Britain at the moment. Even though Season 5 Part 2 is over you can still not watch it anywhere but Netflix or find it ‘illegally’ on the internet. Also I have watched stuff on the internet before but it was of poor quality and it contained adverts. The great think about Netflix that it is perfect quality and all the adverts are taken out. That is amazing. Some people would want to watch the show at the same time although it is early morning on a Monday when Breaking Bad was shown and I was happy to wait just a few hours before watching it. Breaking Bad episodes became available the next day at 9am.

Being a member of Netflix I was asked to fill out a questionnaire about Breaking Bad on Netflix. The message I got implied that more shows from the USA will be exclusive to Netflix and be available the next day on Netflix. That would be fantastic. There are lots of shows that I would love to watch. For example another AMC show The Walking Dead is due to air on US television this week and the only way I can watch it will be on the internet or I think I have to wait a week before it is shown on television. I want to watch it as soon as possible so I would love for Netflix to do the same with The Walking Dead to what they have done with Breaking Bad.

Netflix has shown initiative and with its original content as well as its wide selection of films I am sure that the company will do well. If Netflix is able to secure more US shows to be shown the next day after airing I think this will secure more customers for Netflix. Also if they can make more money they will be able to produce more original content like House Of Cards. I may be wrong but I can only see this proposal as helping Netflix make more money and make more original content.


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