Top 5 Badass Characters In Gaming Part 2

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Now I should have done a Top 10 characters in gaming but that ship has sailed. I have thought more about badass characters and there are many more I would love to include on the list. Here is 5 more badass characters.

5. Commander Shepard – Mass Effect Series


A fan boy favorite Commander Shepard from Mass Effect is a cool character. His appearance can be changed when starting the game and you can even make the character female if you choose. The fact that the character can be changed to make him more like the player is a great feature. I however chose to keep his appearance the same. I do think that the default character we are given is a badass and throughout the game play he demonstrates this through his combat situations his strong attitude and hostile actions during conversations with other characters and his charm with the ladies.

4. John Marston – Read Dead Redemption

john maston

Most characters created in Rockstar games seem quite generic and are really only there to play as. When Red Dead Redemption came out Rockstar gave us a believable character who we really cared about and invested a great deal of time into. He may seem wooden at times but I feel that the character does develop over time even if it is just a little bit. He is a family man which everyone likes that but he is a deadly gunslinger and a dangerous man to upset.

3. Sam Fisher – Splinter Cell Series

sam fisher breakdown

Sam Fisher is a former Navy Seal and he eventually he become an agent for Third Echelon at the NSA. Fisher is a seasoned soldier and a deadly man. In the early games he demonstrates his skills and his cold a cunning attitude. You do not want him grabbing you with a gun to your head. Fisher uses the darkness to his advantage and Splinter Cell is a defining game for the stealth genre. Splinter Cell Conviction changed the format of the game. Stealth was still used but  Sam became more agile and quick to get away and ambush enemies. Sam Fisher may be the ultimate spy and he is a total badass.

2. Nathan Drake – Uncharted Series


The Uncharted games have introduced us Nathan ‘Nate’ Drake. Drake is for those who don’t know a modern Indiana Jones. He is a treasure hunter looking for his fortune. He faces up against dangerous foes from both the modern day and the past. Drake is a fan favorite for the PlayStation games and is a mascot for Sony. Drake is a witty and fun character to play as and is basically an action hero. On his adventures he gets into so many dire situations and I will say the games look stunning and with all the other factors and the great character. Some of his lines in the games are fantastic and everything he does is badass.

1. James Heller – Prototype 2


James Heller is a downright badass, He cares for very little in Prototype 2. He is driven simply by revenge and has nothing to lose. Having nothing to lose makes you a dangerous person. When we meet Heller he has lost his family and is after Alex Mercer. Mercer infects Heller with the virus that grants him incredible powers. Throughout the game Heller gains more powers and becomes more and more powerful, He takes on hordes of the evolved and soldiers with no trouble at all.

Who is your top gaming badass character? Please comment below and thanks for reading.


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      thomasroach2008 responded:
      October 19, 2013 at 6:25 pm

      Thanks for this I liked your list 😀

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