The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smuag Trailer Review

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One of the most anticipated films of the year without a doubt is part 2 of The Hobbit series. Initially the series was only meant to be two films but has now been split into three. The final installment of the series will be released in December 2014, despite it originally due to be released in July of 2014.

This trailer is defiantly better than the first trailer we got for the film a few months ago. This may spoil more things but it will defiantly attract the audiences in with the new footage. We will still likely get a final trailer at the end of November just before the film is released as well as a couple of TV spots which may or may not contain more new footage.

The trailer opens in Erebor with Bilbo addressing Smaug claiming that the tales and songs do not do Smaug justice. He must look more sinister and be larger than expected for young Bilbo. Later in the trailer we see Bilbo and the dwarfs in the caverns of Erebor which does not look like it is from the book. One thing in particular is that we see Thorin running from flames and in the book Thorin never met Smaug only Bilbo did. However this may be added in because Thorin has a grudge against Smaug and it would make sense for him to confront the dragon.

We see a lot more of the Elves now especially Legolas and Tauriel. They defiantly have a close relationship in this and this will have been added in the film for a romantic sub story. Thranduil even says to Tauriel that Legolas is fond of her and she should not give him hope where there is none. It seems that Legolas was only put in the film for nostalgia and it does add a romantic sub plot but the book did not have it and I still think the book is good.

We see slightly more of Laketown and Bard the Bowman. Still we do not have much to go on but we see that Bard is furious with the fact that Thorin and company want to go into the mountain. Thorin claims he has the only right to go into the mountain which is fair enough as it is his home. We also see some of Smaug attacking Laketown but we see nothing that gives the plot away.

Gandalf is also seen on his own adventures in which he will take on the necromancer who is actually Sauron. In the trailer we do not the necromancer but we do see the eye of Sauron. This film and the final Hobbit film will contain some details and hints that will link The Hobbit to The Lord Of The Rings. The Fact that Legolas appears in this as well as Ian Holm’s Bilbo means that they definitely want to go full circle.

Something that I felt that was out of place in the trailer was Thorin being cruel about Bilbo. At the end of the first hobbit film Thorin was really grateful that Bilbo saved his life. So I feel that him saying he will not risk anything for a burglar was out of character and seems that all the character development on Thorin in the first film is now redundant.

The highlight of the trailer is hearing the voice of Smaug. Finally we get to hear Benedict Cumberbatch. His iconic voice can be heard but it is very different and really sounds sinister. We do not really get a good look at him still but hearing his voice is exciting.

Overall the trailer has me excited and I look forward to watching the film when it is released in December. What do you think of the trailer? Please comment and thanks for reading.


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