Grand Theft Auto V Review

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Grand Theft Auto V has been one of the most anticipated games of the year and is a sort of send of before the next generation consoles take over. First of all I will say that I am surprised that this game was not saved for the next generation consoles. I am glad we were not made to wait. This game has so much more to it than the previous game GTA IV. The graphics have improved so much and the world looks far more realistic and colorful than the previous game. GTA IV at times seemed dull and bleak.

For the first time we have three playable protagonists in this game as oppose to one. The characters are all very different. Michael who I guess is the main character of three who I would say is the main story arc. Michael is a former bank robber in witness protection. He represents the classy criminal in a way. Despite not being a part of a mob he seems to be mature and calculated. Trevor who is friends with Michael is a psychopathic criminal. He is a fun character to play as because he sort of doesn’t care about anything. He is the most dangerous of all the characters in my opinion. Finally Franklin is a black character who represents the lower class criminal who has to climb the ladder in the criminal empire. Personally I find Franklin quite bland but he does have his moments in the game. I have a tough time deciding who my favorite character is. Trevor seems the most interesting but maybe not my favorite.

The great thing about this game is that you can switch between characters throughout the game. Unfortunately you do not have all the characters to begin with. This is not really a problem. As the game is more story driven than ever before its okay to have to play as a certain character for a while. Also each of the protagonists have a special ability which helps the play through. An issue is though you can forget which special ability you have and cause some problems. Although this is not a major issue. Trevor has the ability to go into a rage mode which makes him immortal for a short amount of time, Franklin can slow down time whilst driving and Michael can slow down time when shooting which is identical to Max Payne’s ability in Max Payne 3.

This game is more mission heavy and really focuses on the story. Whereas many people who play GTA may just want to run about a commit crimes, people who play this game will be forced to play the story which I do not think is a bad thing at all. The game does focus on heist missions which are very fun but there are not enough in my opinion. I like the fact that heist missions require preparation. In GTA IV the one bank job that takes place is just one mission. No planning is required to do that mission. Also part of the heists you can do different options playing it smart or loud. This means there will be different preparation. The fact that there are different ways of playing the missions is really cool. I think this is a great perk in the game.

The scenery of the game is incredible, there are so many locations and places to explore, from the city of Los Santos to the deserts in San Andres to the mountains and the bottom of the sea. Some of the NPC’s are not in great detail but that does not bother me at all. When cars crash the damage to them is relative and really adds something. All of the small details really make the difference in this game. How NPC’s react in the environment is also cool. The fact that police chase people during game play and people are seen going about their daily activities. Also there are some references to popular culture. Some of the heist mission remind me of The Italian Job and Heat. Also Trevor in the desert cooks crystal meth and RV’s are seen driving about. This is a reference to Breaking Bad I think.

Overall this is an incredible and the best GTA game yet. Its one of the most detailed free roam worlds I have seen in gaming to date. The world is large and there is so much to do. I will spend more time exploring the world but like I said this is the first GTA game to be story heavy which is a great thing. Fans of the series will love this game and this would be a great introduction to the series for those who have not played the series. The game however is not perfect and has very few flaws.



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