Breaking Bad Granite State Review

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For those of you who don’t know Breaking Bad is in its final season in fact we have just had the penultimate episode. Breaking Bad is a show that keeps delivering and this episode is no exception. Many people may belief the episode is too slow and the jumps in time are unnatural but I feel this is the perfect bridge for the Walter White we have seen so far to who we will see in the final episode next week. Also with only one episode left Breaking Bad picked up the Emmy for Outstanding drama. Breaking Bad is so popular now but still people seem to not like it. I personally feel in the shows five seasons we have got what I am going to call the best character development I have seen on television and maybe ever. It is strange now to watch the pilot episode to see how much has changed in the life of Walter White.

The episode picks up almost immediately where the last episode left off except we are deceived at first to who was in the car. Saul is now disappearing just like Walt. Saul in this episode seemed to be very different from the Saul we have seen over the years. He has almost lost his drive and is scared. Walt is trying to find a way to kill Jack and his men for killing Hank. Saul informs him there is no point. Robert Forster guests stars in this episode and I was really surprised to see him appear. Simply because I heard no rumors or any hints he would be the extractor. In this episode he has a close relationship to Walt as he is essentially going to be looking after him until he dies. We see a jump forward in time in this episode when Walt is now living in a secluded cabin in New Hampshire. As he has stopped the chemotherapy his hair is growing back. We see the Walt we saw at the very beginning of Season 5 looking rough and weary.

The Jessie story line in this episode is interesting as he is still kept prisoner and in an attempt to escape Todd teaches him a lesson by killing Andrea. This was one of the most shocking moments of the show and I hope Jessie is able to come out on top in next weeks episode but frankly I have no idea what is going to happen to him in the final episode. Because Walt is considered evil if he is going to kill Jack and Todd and the others they need to have done something equally as bad. Jack already killed Hank and Gomez but many blame Walt’s actions to leading to their deaths.

The one think that made this episode epic for me was the last five minutes. Walt managed to call his son who informs him that he hates him and wishes he was dead. He also rejects Walt’s offering of money. Essentially Walt sees no reason to do anything anymore so he calls the DEA and informs them he is on the phone and gives them the opportunity to trace the call. As Walt waits for the police to arrive he sees his old friends Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz on television. They discredit his involvement in Grey Matter technologies and Gretchen highlights the good man they once knew is gone. We see Walt who is raged by this is also a transition to Heisenberg once again, Walt is dying, his friends and family hate him, he has nothing to lose so he is now more dangerous than ever. As the police arrive at the bar Walt is gone. I feel that this is one of the best episode endings we have ever had in Breaking Bad and I look forward to seeing the shows outcome next week.

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