Top 5 Tarantino Characters

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Tarantino has created a vast amount of crazy and colourful characters that are now iconic in the world of cinema. I think there are many great characters to mention but these are my top 5.

5. Aldo Raine


I personally think Brad Pitt is a great actor and people give him stick for being this Hollywood A lister. I think Inglorious Basterds shows Pitt’s range as an actor. I think Aldo Raine is one of Pitt’s best performances. It is interesting to see him in a sort of comedy role.  I would not call Inglorious Basterds a comedy but it certainly has its light moments. I feel that the character Aldo Raine brings comic relief to the film.

4. Django


Jamie Foxx was not the first choice for the role of Django but I am certainly glad he got the role. Jamie brought an innocence to the role as first and as the film progresses we seem him develop into a strong character. I am not sure if this was the intent of Tarantino but I felt the film allows Django to create an identity. As he is freed from slavery he is almost an object rather than a person. With the guidance of Dr King Schultz, Django becomes a bounty hunter and gets revenge on those who have wronged him.

3. Mr. White

mr white

Mr White is one of my favorite characters created by Tarantino. He is portrayed by Harvey Keitel who has also played The Wolf in Pulp Fiction. As Mr White is the lead in Reservoir Dogs. He is the father figure of the film and I do feel that his performance carries the film. Not much character history is given to this character along with many of the other characters in the film but I think he gives the best performance in the film out of a great ensemble cast.

2. Hans Landa

hans landa

Maybe this performance should be number one but for me I have to keep Hans Landa at number 2. Christoph Waltz came to the attention of the Hollywood audiences after his performance as Hans Landa. He won an Oscar for his role and even received a second one for playing another Tarantino character King Schultz. I do think he gives the better performance in this however and I find him a more interesting character. As this was my first introduction to Christoph Waltz and he was surprisingly brilliant and I wondered why has Hollywood not come across him already. He defiantly steals the show in Inglorious Basterds.

1. Jules Winnfield


Possibly most people’s favorite characters created by Tarantino Jules Winnfield. Being known for being a quick witted and vicious criminal he defiantly stands out to most people and is likely the most re memorable. His lines are the most iconic and this role highlights how badass Samuel L Jackson is. Jules is likely most peoples favorite Tarantino characters as well as one of the favorite roles that Samuel L Jackson has portrayed.


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