Walking Dead Companion Series In The Works.

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The Walking Dead is currently one of the most popular tv series on at the moment. Season 4 will premier this October and fans are excited to see what new trials these characters have to face in a world infested by walkers. It has been announced that AMC are currently working on a companion series which will follow another group of survivors. The tv series is based on the popular comic book and the new series will also be worked on by the comics creator Robert Kirkman.

As this is very early days we don’t know if this new series will link up with the current series or if it is completely separate. Maybe in another part of the country far away from Georgia. I really hope that this is separate and will allow us to see another part of America and how people may behave differently in different areas. Maybe setting it in California as that has the highest population of any state plus the terrain varies a lot so we could explore completely new areas. Or maybe even setting it in a foreign country? That is unlikely but who knows.

I do feel this is a little bit of a cop out but I and many other viewers have questioned what is happening else where? I love The Walking Dead and I would defiantly watch the companion series. Zombies are still a hot topic for many mediums at the moment, we recently got World War Z in the cinemas. What would you like to see from a companion series? Thanks for reading and please comment below.


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