J.J. Abrams Won’t Direct Star Trek 3

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J.J. Abrams is now a popular director and writer. For most people he is the creator of Lost. For others he is the man who directed the Star Trek Reboot. It was announced that his next project will be the controversial Star Wars Episode VII. So people assumed that he would not have time to direct the third installment of the Star Trek franchise. He has now confirmed he will not direct the next film.

Many Star Trek fans will be disappointing at this news but he has said in an interview that he will still be involved in writing the script. It is understandable that he would have to drop directing the film as he is now going to take on the other biggest sci-fi film series Star Wars. I personally prefer Star Wars to Star Trek but I don’t hate Star Trek. It seems a lot of die hard fans will be angry that Abrams is dropping Star Trek to so Star Wars.

I have also expressed my concerns of a Star Wars sequel as have many other people. The fact there is no concrete casting news as of yet is annoying a lot of people. At comic con this year we got nothing about Star Wars and nothing from D23. This is a very ambitious project for Abrams to take on. The only solid information about Star Wars so far is the director, the writer. John Williams will be scoring and the film will be shot in 35mm instead of digital.  There are the rumors of the original cast returning but that is not concrete.

Overall this is going to upset a lot of people but the fact he will still have some involvement in Star Trek is good news for fans. Star Wars can be a hit or a miss and it may have been a mistake for Abrams to jump on a different franchise. We just have to wait and see what Star Wars Episode VII holds for us.

Are you upset over Abrams stepping down from directing Star Trek? Please comment below and Thanks for reading.


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