Grudge Match Trailer Review

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So basically we have Rocky and Raging Bull in this film. This film despite clearly being a comedy has caught my curiosity. Not all comedy films are bad. For example I really like Crazy, Stupid, Love but its not a groundbreaking piece of art cinema. This film has potential for me but we just need to wait and see.

With these too actors who have portrayed iconic boxers in films it is great to see them face off against each other. This is not a sequel to Rambo or Raging Bull or anything like that but it is an interesting choice which will make a lot of people feel nostalgic. This wont win any Oscars or anything but I think it is going to be a fun film. The film also features Alan Arkin who is always good in the films he does. Last film I saw him in was Argo and his performance was not too in your face but he was still great. This may be a more like the performance he gave in Little Miss Sunshine.

Robert De Niro seems to be making a come back at the moment in my opinion. He was good in Silver Linings Playbook. Stallone also seems very active since bringing back Rocky and Rambo. I am also a fan of seeing older actors in lead roles because I really think that most young actors today are not that great. Another favorite film of mine is Analyze This which featured De Niro in a comedy role alongside Billy Crystal and for a serious actor he is really funny in it whilst being serious.

This is a film I will be checking out once it is released in the cinema. Do you like the trailer? Comment below.


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