Ian Mckellen To Play Sherlock Holmes.

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Recently Sherlock Holmes has been brought to the big and small screen. Robert Downey Jr plays Sherlock in two Hollywood films and Benedict Cumberbatch has portrayed Sherlock on the small screen in the BBC tv series Sherlock. We are now going to get another actor portraying the iconic detective. Ian Mckellen.

The film will be directed by Bill Condon who previously worked with Mckellen in 1998 on Gods and Monsters. The film is based on a novel by Mitch Cullin which follows Sherlock after he has retired and is haunted by a case he was unable to crack. In the story it follows Sherlock at 93 years old and is set in 1947. I am not sure if Mckellen will be portraying him as the 93 year old as Mckellen is still only 74.

The official synopsis is

‘The plot will follow an elderly Holmes, at age 93, long-since retired from adventuring and residing in rural Sussex, when he is drawn back to work by memories of an unsolved case from a half-century earlier. Since his former partner Dr. Watson is no longer with him, and his own mental faculties are suffering from the ravages of time, this version of Sherlock Holmes must struggle with his diminished capacity, including his faded memory and reduced powers of observation, due to old eyes. Despite his advance age, Holmes is determined to solve the long unsolved case while he still can.’

As an older Sherlock I think Ian Mckellen is a perfect choice for the role. A Slight Trick Of The Mind will begin shooting next year. Mckellen will be the 255th actor to portray Sherlock Holmes. What do you think of the casting? Has this news got you excited please comment below.


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