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I have previously said in some of my other blogs that I am not a big fan of foreign cinema. I have justified reasons and I do not think they are unreasonable. Some foregin films can be decent though. I ususally think those are the ones that still follow Hollywood conventions. I watched the Frech film Untouchable the other day and I have to admit I was really impressed with the film.

I may even say this is cinema at its best. The film does not rely on explosions or a hugh budget, it simply relies on the story. The fact that the film is based on a true story really makes it more appealing. The story itself says a lot about the class system as well as the way disable people are treated.

The film follows Phillipe a wealthly quadriplegic and Driss a rather lazy unfulfilled African Man. The film starts with Driss trying to get benefits from the government and he goes in for a job interview just to show he is trying. In the interview he is dressed poorly and is very rud. Phillipe hires him and the story follows their growing friendship of people from two very different worlds. The film is not doom and gloom it is really uplifting and cheery. The films themes are universal so anyone can enjoy it.

I don’t speak any other languages other than English and I get annoyed reading subtitles but in this film I really didnt mind. The film is intresting enough to both read the subtitles and pay attention to the actions on screen. With Hollywood the audience is passive usually and being an active viewer can be difficult. For this It is not. I may even say this is the best foreign film I have ever seen and it is a definate must see for anyone who loves films.



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