Kick Ass 2 Review

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There was a lot of hype around Kick Ass 2 as the first one went down so well with audiences and I did not know what to expect. Also there has been a lot of attention surrounding the film over its use of violence. Jim Carrey did not want to promote the film after the Sandy Hook incident in the USA. So is the film worth seeing?

The film takes place a few years after the first film and shows Dave and Mindy aka Kick Ass and Hit Girl trying to live a normal life at high school. Dave asks to team up with Mindy and fight crime once again. Meanwhile Chris Red Mist/The Mother Fucker wants revenge on Kick ass for killing his father and starts to build an army. The film also introduces Colenel Stars and Stripes played by Jim Carrey.

The film is very sloopy in many places. The story is not as compelling as the first one and the film seems rather rushed. A lot of the characters are underused. Hit girl is why so many people loved the first one and she is hardly in it. Also Jim Carrey the biggest star of the film only appears in a few scenes. Also lots of new charcters are crowded into this and not given enough time to develop. For example Uncle Ralph played by Iain Glenn appears in one scene and seems to be the most evil guy ever. Maybe he will appear in a future kick ass film but I don’t know.

The film is not as funny as the first one and this film is a lot more violent. I do understand why Jim Carrey did not want to be associated with this film. I do think the film is fun though but was cleary rushed and needed more time to be developed into a better film. The experience of the film will be underwlming for mass movie goers and dare I say a sequel for the first one should not have been made.



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