Only God Forgives Review

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I saw Only God Forgives last night expecting a great deal from it. Another collabration between Ryan Gosling and Director Nicholas Winding Refn was sure to be a decent film. Drive for me is one of my favorite films of all time. Despite that being a sort of ‘Hollywood Indie film’ it still contained the Hollywood conventions that would make the film appeal to a wider audience. Only God Forgives is very different.

Drive had a very clear plot and motivation for its characters where as this film was rather vague. The film itself seems to be very artisitc and leaves a great deal for the audience to decide. The film does not have a clear ending at all and it is questionable why characters do certain things. I can also say that people expecting Drive will be dissapointed.

For what the film is however I did enjoy it and I am very intrested about it. I do think that I will need to see it again before I fully understand what happened. The film has also been criticised for its extreme violence and I agree that the film is ultra violent and gory but it does have an 18 certificate in the UK so that was expected. A fight scene that features in the film was really impressive and you can tell how much effort that the actors had to put into that scene. In interviews they say it took three days to shoot and about a month of training.

Another thing I noticed in the cinema last night was there were a lot of girls there. They were likely just their to see Ryan Gosling the Hollywod hunk to be in an action film. I think they were very suprised by it. I felt the film had a western feel to it and the Director describes the film as a contempory western set in Asia. I am a fan of westerns and I could definatly see the western feel throughtout this film.

Overall the film itself I enjoyed but was underwelmed because I expected it to match Drive. The film is not going to do well finicially but I am sure academics will be amazed by the epicness of this film. I can say the film is good but for a wider audience it will be lost on them completly and therefore 90% of all people who watch it will not enjoy or understand it.



One thought on “Only God Forgives Review

    CMrok93 said:
    August 15, 2013 at 5:05 am

    Good review Thomas. Yes, it is very weird, but that’s what I was expecting from Refn. Liked it a bit better than Drive, even if that isn’t saying too much considering I wasn’t a huge fan of that critical-darling.

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