The Zombie Survival Guide Review

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I had been a fan of The Walking Dead since it our screens in 2010. This made me more intrested in the Zombie genre. Back in May Author Max Brooks came to my hometown to do a book signing and I was able to meet him and get a signed copy of The Zombie Survival Guide by him. He informed me I had a rare copy as on the front was a man with a chainsaw and they were all recalled except for 100 or so copies that had already been sold. The book clearly states that using a chainsaw in a zombie outbreak is suicide. Anyway here is my review of the book.

The reason the book works so well is because it is written not as a fiction but a non-fiction. This book addreses the reader and tells them the signs of a zombie apocalpse and how to prepare. It starts of informing you how to prepare for the oncoming apaplcyse, what supplies you will need, where you should set up base, what weapons are best use for killing zombies and a whole lot more.

The book is really hard to put down once you have started reading it. It is so intresting and you want to keep learning more and more about how to survive an outbreak. Also the book contains possible signtings of Zombies throuout history and describes how they were handles. One of my favorites includes that Hadrians wall was built by the romans to house an army of scottish cannibals.

Overall this book is highly entertaining and a must read for any fans of the zombie genre. The book is so much fun and Brooks has said in interviews that it is subtextually about how society should be run which is a very intresting concept but the book does work as a highly entertaining read on its own. Who knows it may also keep you alive one day. Thanks for reading.


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