The Wolverine Review

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Wolverine is one of my favorite comic book characters of all time. I have been looking forward to The Wolverine for a long time. X men Origins was no doubt dissapointing for fans and audiences. The Weapon X stories are fantastic but the film was made at such poor quality that people were left annoyed at Wolverine’s character.

The Wolverine for me allowed us to see a more character driven story which is something I wanted. Wolverine is such an intresting character that characterisation should be such a major part of the film.  This is something that fans deserved and something this film got right.

The overall plot of the film works well but some characters seem wasted. We do not know their mtivation behind what they are doing. For example Viper was underused and it was hard to understand why she was doing what she was doing. The Silver Samurai being a robot was undewelming and I would have rather seen something more loyal to the comics. Iron Man 3 also completly ignored the comics for the Mandarin. I think they should have just stuck to source material rather trying to be ambitious because its not working. Jean Grey was also pointless and I felt she added nothing to the film.

Another issue  I have with the film is that they didnt use Wolverine’s vulnerability to its potentialt. The film was pitched as ‘when he is most vulernarable he is most dangerous’. I felt that the fact that he is vulnerable we would see far more intense fighting skills because Wolverine can no longer be arrogant with his power if he wanted to survive he would need skill.

Visually is looked incredible and the sets and locations looked so much better than other X men films. The opening scene where the atomic bomb drops on Nagasaki looks so stunning.

The film does contain a great deal of violence which I am very pleased at but feel that it is not suitable to have a 12a certificate. James Mangold has stated an R rated cut will be released on DVD and Blu Ray. The fact that more violence was used is more loyal to the comics and I am pleased to se this in the film.

Overall I think this is a Wolverine film that we deserve but it is not without its issues. I think James Mangold has done a great job directing and I think more characterization for smaller characters could have improved the film and sticking to source material. If you like Xmen and Wolverine you will no doubt enjoy this. Also watch out for an after credits scene.



One thought on “The Wolverine Review

    CMrok93 said:
    August 3, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    Fine for what it is, mainly because it isn’t aspiring to be a heartfelt drama, made to have us sad. It’s meant to have us enjoy ourselves. Good review Thomas.

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