The World’s End Review

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So the final in the three flavors cornetto trilogy has been released. This was a highly anticipated film for so many people. Both Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz were fantastic films and they would be very hard to top. Very hard to top indeed.

First off I did enjoy the film it was a lot of fun. It was not as consistantly funny as the previous two films but would not fail to get a laugh when it needed to. I think that this is an ensemble piece and the five guys all work together so well. However Simon Pegg does steal the show as Gary King.

At London Comic Con I went to see Edgar Wright talk about this film and he said that it was based on a script he wrote years ago called ‘Crawl’ Which would have followed the younger characters as they go on an epic pub crawl. To be honest I think that could have worked as a film without the sci fi element thrown in. However if there was no riduclous obstabcle to overcome I dont think this idea would have fit into the cornetto trilogy.

I also find the ending of the film very underwelming and I wont spoil it but I just felt that the characters lives were wasted essentially by how the film ended. Although the ending could be considered by some a powerful metaphor about greed and consumerism.

The film is no doubt funny and it is always great to see Simon Pegg and Nick Frost on Screen, along with a British Ensemble cast. I do however think that the cornetto reference was so subtle that it may be lost on people and maybe this film would be more appealing as a stand alone that making it part of the trilogy.

Overall the film does fit into the trilogy just fine but I feel the whole story lacks the same ‘magic’ that we had in both Hot Fuzz and Shaun Of The Dead. If you loved these two films then The World’s End is a must see but I do no think this should be someones first introduction to the cornetto trilogy as you will be dissappointed. The film has its purpose and does it well enough to merrit seeing it.



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