X Men Days Of Future Past: What To Expect

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I am not the only person to show concern over this film. Many people are criticizing the project as it has too many characters. It appears from where I am standing that Bryan Singer simply just threw in many characters for the sake of it. I have not seen the film or read the script but this is what it looks like for an audience member. I do think the project can work but I do think Singer has to be careful.

I am also annoyed at the idea that they are likely going to ignore new chracters that were introduced in First Class in favor for more of the older mutants. I am all in favor of seeing Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen return. But why do we need Iceman, Storm, Rogue, Colussos. Shadowcat has a major part of the comic story so I am fine seeing her. But Emma Frost and Azazel have been cut from the film. Why introduce them if they do not use them. I do understand the ida of making the film too crowded upsetting people but why ‘semi reboot’ if you just bring back all the old cast.

I do think that the film will mainly follow the new cast the likes of Michael Fassbender and James Mcavoy. I really hope that it is not split 50/50. I loved First class and at the time it was considered a reboot and not a prequel. I am looking forward to seeing the end product of the film but this is a very ambitious project and I can see that it could go very wrong very quickly.


We know that Wolverine’s mind will be sent back to his younger body in order to prevent the seninal robots wiping out mutants. Wolverine will need to help young Magneto and young Xavier to prevent the genocide of mutants.

My biggest fear is that the film will be to crowded by characters and not enough time will be spent with the young characters. Singer coming on board may mean he just wanted to have a trip down memory lane and only put effort into the old cast members.

And for those of you who dont know The Wolverine end credits scene features a set up for Days Of Future Past. What do you think of Days Of Future Past? Is it too ambitious? Are there too many characters? Please comment below and thanks for reading.


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