The Amazing Spider-Man 2: What To Expect

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One of the most anticipated films for next year is The Amazing Spider-Man 2. After the success of The Amazing Spider-Man we were bound to get a sequel. Surprisingly we are getting it two years after the first one which is quite quick for a sequel. The studio does see money in this and that’s why it is going ahead so quickly. Also the release dates for two more sequels have been announced.

So after comic con some footage was shown to the audience but has not been released on the web just yet. We did get a teaser trailer featuring the main antagonist Electro played by Jamie Foxx. The director has also said that Electro is the main villain of this film. And I hope he is.

We also know that the villain Rhino will be featured in this film and Norman Osborn. It is confirmed by set photos that Rhino will appear in the suit but director Marc Webb assured us that Rhino has a very small role in the film. Maybe this is laying the ground for The Sinister Six?

Also there have been rumors that Harry Osborn will be the green goblin in this and not Norman Osborn. I really don’t know what to think of these rumors. Personally I think Norman does have to be the Goblin first, that’s the only reason Harry became the Goblin in the first place. I am also curious why they are bringing in characters who have already been done into this rebooted series. I guess Oscorp had involvement with Peter’s parents so Norman Osborn was bound to pop up at some point.

Also rumors have been going round as to who British actress Felicity Jones is playing. We know she is a villain, She revealed she is involved with the green goblin and now Avi Arad and Marc Webb have contradicted which Osborn she is involved with. Many suggested she was playing either Black Cat or Betty Brant. Brant is unlikely as the Daily Bugle wont likely appear. She still may be Black Cat they may have just made her character have an original origin. We just need to wait and see.


Electro is a fine choice as a villain for this film. We have not seen Electro appear on the big screen before so that is a good start. I think Jamie Foxx is going to play a great villain and some of the set photos really show his transition between the nerdy Max Dillon and the super villain Electro. As I said Rhino will appear in this film but will have a small role and may return to the series as part of the sinister six. We just have to wait and see how this film does before we start talking about the two more sequels.

Hopefully a trailer will be released soon to give the audience something until the films release. Are you looking forward to The Amazing Spider-man 2? Which villains would you like to see in the sinister six? Please comment and thanks for reading,


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