The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer

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So comic con is full of intresting films and tv programmes I want to see. Currently I have only been able to access the trailer for The Walking Dead. Trailers have been shown at the convention for other films but currently only The Walking Dead trailer has been released.

I am a big fan of The Walking Dead and the trailer really delivers. Im currently not sure about the timeline but I assume this season takes place months or even a year after the events of Season 3.

The trailer has shown us that a sense of community is being restored to the world that these characters live in. Producers have said that the zombie outbreak has been round for so long now that society has started to rebuild. At first that was a little disappointing to here as we had a human threat throughtout season 3.

However the trailer also shows the threat of walkers is very real. I assume in the first 8 episodes of the season the prison is going to be lost to walkers. In the trailer we see someone leading walkers to the prison. Maybe this is The Governor? Who knows.

With only five members of the original group left we have slowly been intorduced to new characters. We got to meet the Greene family in season 2 and they are now recurring cast members. The trailer has shown that there are plenty of new members in the group.

Something I wanted to point out in the trailer is that Hershel is not using crutches. I think maybe he now has a prostetic leg. This is so much better. Hershel can now stop being a burden to the group. For the actors sake and the writers sake Hershel can now be used again to his full potential.

Overall I can say the trailer has got me very excited for the new season. What do you think about the trailer? Please comment below. Thanks for reading.


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