Top 5 Assassins/Hitmen in Movies

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5. The Bride – Kill Bill

The Bride

I have only seen Kill Bill in the past year or so. I did really enjoy it. However for me it is not as good as Tarantino’s other work. However The Bride aka Beatrix Kiddo is one of my favorite assassins in movies. I have criticized the lack of decent roles for women in film and I think seeing a woman cut down her enimies and hunt down those who destroyed her life is very appealing to the audience.

4. Vincent – Collateral


Tom Cruise is known for his leading man roles and playing the good guy. In Collateral Tom Cruise does the opposite. Tom Cruise plays the villain. Now many Tom Cruise fans would think Tom can’t play a villain he is too nice. They are wrong. The character of Vincent is such a cool sleak hitman and weirdly likeable despite being the villain. You just need to watch the film to witness Vincents skills.

3. Jules and Vincent – Pulp Fiction

VINCENT and Jules

As they work as a pair I could not pick one of them. Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction are fantastic characters. In the film we do not get to see their crazy skills but thwy are both cold killers but also very likeable. The fact that we see they are normal people and talk about pop culture means we can relate to them. These two are fantastic and you wouldn’t want Jules quoting Bible verses if he came to see you.

2. Jason Bourne – The Bourne Trilogy

Jason Bourne

Now Jason Bourne is a highly skilled government assassin who after losing his memory becomes even more dangerous. It is fantastic to see a character who is a blank canvas but has amazing abilities. Without doubt Jason Bourne is a sleak assassin and can take on anyone who comes after him.

1. Leon – Leon: The Professional


Leon is a simplistic Hitman living in New York City. After fleeing his home country after killing his first target, he became a ‘cleaner’ in New York and never left the city. He leads a simple life and some audeinces consider him autistic as at times he seems dim and too innocent. Contray to that he is a skilled assassin and my favorite.

What do you think of this list? Who is your favorite movie Assassin/Hitman? Please comment below.


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