Top 5 Action Films

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Action films can be highly entertaining. They are not short of explosions or shootouts and sometimes have an interesting story. Here are my top five action films.

5. Shoot Em Up

Shoot Em Up

Shoot Em Up worked as a homage to most action films. The great thing about this film is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. And whereas some people may just think it is too unrealistic, that is the point. The film was made to be over the top and silly. In the film Clive Owen’s character kills several people using carrots. Now that’s funny. This film is nothing short of incredible action sequences and shootouts.

4. Con Air

Con air

Con Air sticks out as one of my favorite action films. The premise may be simple and the fact that 90% of the film takes place on a plane the action is still awesome. Featuring Nicholas Cage as the protagonist and John Malkovich as a chilling and excellent villain the film is highly entertaining. Nicholas Cage does play similar characters in most films but he is an action star and its in these films where he gives his best performances. The film also has a great deal of wit in it. And one sequence that sticks in my head is when Cage’s character Poe proves to his friend that their is a god. Those of you who have seen the film will know what I’m talking about.

3. Terminator 2


I feel that Terminator 2 has far better action sequences than the first film. Although the first Terminator film is good, many people including me prefer the second one. And it is fair to say the action in Terminator 2 is a lot more dynamic than its predecessor. The premise of the film is fantastic and it is a brilliant continuation of the story. Unfortunately its sequels failed to capture the essence of the first two films. Rise of the Machines and Terminator Salvation lacked the human element and even at points were boring.

2. Die Hard

Die Hard

Die Hard is one of the best action films of all time and in a way defined the genre of action film. Unfortunately the sequels to the films lack the same human element story of this one. Not to say they are not entertaining though. The new ones rely too heavily on action rather than simply using it as a by-product of the story. The film is also interesting sub textually. Die Hard is considered by some a metaphor for the United States financial collapse. Using both Japanese and German characters in the film brings up the aftermath of world war two and this questions who really benefited from the war. Especially as at the time of release General Motors was going bankrupt and the Japanese and German car industries were booming. This is a must see action film and does make its way on to critics best films lists.

1. The Rock

The Rock

Many people criticize Director Michael Bay for creating movies that ignore story completely. Depending how you look at it this may be just another one of his actions films. Take a renegade Marine General, Add 16 chemical weapons, Add Alcatraz Island, Add Sean Connery as a former SAS solider and Nicholas Cage as the nerdy Chemical Weapons specialist. You get The Rock. The Rock is my number one favorite action film of all time. The story is fun, witty and it does have a human element to it. This is one of Nicholas Cage’s best films and it is great to see Sean Connery play a badass character well into his 60s. The film contains lots of tension between characters and in the plot itself and this is an incredibly entertaining movie to watch and if you have not seen it already please go and watch it soon.


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