Bring Back Crash Bandicoot

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Crash Bandicoot

I remember growing up the best game was Crash Bandicoot. I absolutely adore the classic Crash Bandicoot on the PlayStation. The games were actually very entertaining and highly enjoyable. Crash remains a big part of my childhood when it comes to gaming. The first game I played on the PlayStation was Crash Team Racing.


The games remind me of a simpler time. It takes me back to my childhood when the world was a simpler place. I even got out the PlayStation recently and started playing these games again. They are still so good. So I have a question. What happened?

Crash games have been released since the originals and they were no where close to being as good. If you have plaid. Crash of  the Titans or Crash: Mind of Mutant you will know how the character has changed for the worse. Everything decent has changed. Crash no longer spins he punches. He looks terrible and the new games rely more on the powers of the monsters Crash rides to fight his enemies. Also some of the characters have been completely re-imagined and they are terrible. Just to mention one Tiny is now some camp army tiger. Rather than the ferocious mindless beast he was in the originals.

Crash 3

The term ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ applies to the Crash Bandicoot series so much. Naughty Dog did an incredible job making Crash Bandicoot and the series has since been ruined. Naughty Dog have now gone on to make the highly successful Uncharted series and The Last Of Us which people are saying is the best game ever.

Please Naughty Dog. Get Crash Bandicoot back. I want to see the old game style brought back. And really graphics don’t matter. I will go as far to say that the Crash Bandicoot games are some of the best games ever made. Now with next generation consoles well on their way, I think the gamers deserve a return of the triumphant Crash games. Crash remains a classic character and an icon. Even all the supporting characters and game play still remains in gamers hearts today.

What do you think? Should we bring Crash Bandicoot back to his original strength? Should we leave the series alone from now on? Should we keep the game a classic and leave it at that? Please comment below.

Thanks for reading.


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