Top 5 Guest Characters on The Simpsons

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Here are my top 5 guest characters on The Simpsons.

5. Coyote

The Coyote


The Coyote only features in one episode of the Simpsons. After Homer eats the Cash pepper he hallucinates and his conscience is represented by a talking coyote voiced by Johnny Cash. The coyote tells Homer he must find his soul mate. Although being part of Homers mind I really liked the use of the coyote.

4.. Fat Tony

Fat Tony

As a pop culture reference to the Italian- American gangster genre, Fat Tony is a likable yet sinister character. Fat Tony has featured many times in the series. Because of this the audience has got to know more about him. Sometimes he only appears as a character and is not portrayed by the voice actor. However when an episode centers around Fat Tony it is a lot of fun.

3.  Sideshow Bob

Sideshow Bob

Sideshow Bob has featured in many episodes. He is constantly trying to get revenge on Bart Simpson for him foiling his framing of Krusty the Clown. Sideshow Bob features in some of my favorite episodes. His schemes are funny and so is his characters personality. He only crops up ever so often but when we get a Sideshow Bob episode you know its going to be good. Also I have to say I love the rake gag.

2. Lionel Hutz


Lionel Hutz is a fan favorite for many fans of The Simpsons. He was voices by actor Phil Hartman who unfortunately was killed in 1998. Phil Hartman also voiced Troy McClure and Hartman still holds the record for more guest appearances on the Simpsons. Out of respect for Hartman the characters he voiced in the Simpsons have not returned. I think no other actor could portray Hutz. Hartman really brought something special to the character.

1.  Hank Scorpio

Hank Scorpop

Hank Scorpio is my favorite guest character on The Simpsons. Despite only appearing in one episode ‘You Only Move Twice’, to me he is iconic and sticks in my mind. He is a very funny character that doesn’t really make sense. Some of his lines in the single episode are priceless. Based on Richard Branson and voiced by Albert Brooks he is such a cool character and the episode he appears in is one of my favorites. Brooks also brought a personal touch to the character by improvising many of the lines. Although I would love to see this parody of a Bond villain return I think we should leave him how he is. I am glad to see him appear in The Simpsons Tapped Out.

Who is your favorite guest character on The Simpsons? Please comment below and thanks for reading.


One thought on “Top 5 Guest Characters on The Simpsons

    Tommo2304 said:
    July 8, 2013 at 12:03 am

    Absolutely perfect picture of Hutz haha. My favourite would be Sideshow Bob, but you’ve got a good list here!

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