Hollywood Is Not Overrated

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Many people criticize Hollywood so much. They say all they care about is money. In fact I have criticized the fact actors get paid to much and the pressure to make money forces cinema ticket prices to increase. That may be but people claim all Hollywood films are boring and dumb. I have to disagree.

Every other film industry in the world wants to be like Hollywood. The difference between Hollywood and individual countries cinema is that they do not appeal to wide audiences where as Hollywood does. For example a lot of European and world cinema is so specific to its own people the themes are not as clear to wider audiences. And even some of the themes are not universal at all.

World cinema often references its own countries history and the politics behind the country. If you did not grow up in the country during a regime or know about the history then it will be lost on the wider audiences.

I am British and despite having our own industry we are highly influenced by Hollywood. I do love Hollywood though. It is entertaining. Audiences usually are passive when it comes to movies but that does not mean we are stupid. The audience has to go through the trials of life everyday so having something entertaining which allows the audience to escape their lives is far more important than quirky foreign films.

And most foreign films that are at all decent do contain so many elements of the Hollywood genre and that makes it more watchable. Also I only speak English unfortunately. And I don’t particularly want to read subtitles when watching a film. I don’t hate it but id prefer not to. However saying that. I saw the dubbed version of Das Boot and I would have much preferred to read subtitles in that situation.

Overall I think Hollywood is the greatest film industry in the world as it is universal. They make money and entertaining products. Even a lot of Hollywood contained subtext and can break the typical conventions of genre but we are entertained by it and we recognize the constant themes and stars that we have seen many times before.

What do you think? Is Hollywood Overrated? What’s your favorite foreign film? Please Comment and thanks for reading.


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