My Top 5 Most Badass Characters In Gaming

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Gaming has given us some of the most interesting, coolest, badass characters ever conceived. I may get a lot of stick for some of these but please remember this is just my opinion this is not fact. So here are my top 5 most badass characters in gaming.

5. Master Chief – Halo Series


Being on our games since 2001 Master Chief for me is the most badass character in gaming. I remember Halo was the first game I got on Xbox and I loved it and continue to love the series. Master Chief is an unstoppable super soldier who will not give up and die. Fighting hordes of Covenant, Flood and Prometheans he is a remarkable soldier and a total badass.

4. Marcus Fenix – Gears of War Series


Cutting through hordes of locusts with his lancer and with a great deal of wit. Marcus Fenix is without doubt a badass character. His look, his attire and his attitude all contribute to this characters rating as a badass. I personally want to see Marcus return in a game soon despite his apparent story arc is over.

3. Ezio Auditore – Assassins Creed Series


Ezio is the coolest of the three assassins so far. He is witty, charming and a brilliant assassin. Despite Altair and Connor being in the series Ezio still sticks out as the face of the Assassins Creed Franchise. If you have played as Ezio in the games you will know he is badass. Even in Revelations when his character is approaching 60 years old he is still able to take out his enemies swiftly.

2. Snake – Metal Gear Solid Series


Snake is without doubt a legendary character in the gaming world. He is a super spy/soldier who has defined stealth gaming.  In the game series he is portrayed by two different people. Big Boss is Snakes Father also known as John and David who is known as Solid Snake. Even in Metal Gear Solid 4, Old Snake maintains his skills and remains a badass. I am looking forward very much to the next game with Big Boss who will be played by Kiefer Sutherland.

1. Kratos – God Of War Series


Kratos is simply badass. He is a beast when it comes to fighting and is generally a macho man. He slays the gods and the titans. He is mostly considered an anti hero but that is what makes him more badass. Play the games and watch him unleash his wrath on the gods.

Who do you think the most badass character in gaming is?


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