Do Actors Get Paid Too Much?

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Actors and Movie stars have always earned so much money for roles in films. However I will point out the unfortunate truth that many non famous actors will be out of work and struggle to get gigs. This is an important point to make though. The film industry works like capitalism rather than communism.

Screen actors guild works as a union for actors, if they pay 1% of their income to the guild then they have the right to earn a certain amount of money for each days work. Being part of the guild means earning a lot more than minimum wage. For example the actor who portrayed Niko Bellic in GTA IV earned $100,000 and this was bellow SAG standards. It is an incredible amount of money for just one role. Actors part of SAG will earn thousands of dollars for each role. This is unfortunately the way it is. More money is spent on the ‘talent’ than any other part of production. Personally actors should take a pay cut in order to spread the wealth to all the other workers part of the production and this may also mean less pressure to make money at the box office to break even and may lower cinema ticket prices.

Movie stars without doubt earn ridiculous amounts of money for just one role. Johnny Depp got paid approximately $50 million for the fourth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean, Robert Downey Jr Earned $50 million for The Avengers. Why do they need that much money? Surely if they love their trade so much they would work for a lot less. I mean $1 million dollars is still a lot of money. Again because of the big paychecks there is more pressure for the studios to break even and therefore bump up ticket prices. I am however aware that some stars only receive these high pay checks if they work for very little and receive the box office gross as payment instead.

There then comes the point that movie stars, actors and anyone in the public eye have a responsibility to their fans. They are only wealthy because of the fans. Therefore they do have a to be nice to them. Not all stars are gracious, they can be really rude to fans. It comes to the point that if you saw a famous person eating dinner you may get a photograph with them because chances are you will never meet them again. I can understand it is rude to interrupt anyone but these people make their living off fame more than acting. So maybe the high pay is for them to work all the time? They should always be kind to fans and willing to sign autographs and pose for photos. However if actors are going to get annoyed by fans, they should earn less money and fin another profession.


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